Favorite (Rebel) Things

Yes, it’s that time again… Favorite Things Friday! I have kind of been waiting for this post all week. Last week my husband and I celebrated our five year anniversary with tattoos (no, not matching ones).

I debated heavily over exactly where to place my new tattoo. My shoulder? My husband quickly nixed that idea. My foot? Kinda boring , I thought. I decided I would place one right smack dab on my forearm. The tattoo artist expressed some hesitation on wanting to place one there, since I don’t have any other tattoos. “It’s kind of a serious spot,” he said. I liked that. Here was my logic: when I am 50, a tattoo on my hip or foot would look like I was an older lady who once got a young woman’s tattoo. But if I got one on my forearm, it would always  look punk rock… now, or even when I’m 60. Hey, it may not be the most rational line of thinking, but that is what I did nonetheless.

Since I call myself a reject, I also consider myself to be a bit of a rebel. I’m no anarchist, of course, but I do dabble in a bit of danger (well, danger for a mom of two who happens to also be a believer). I think it is fun and freeing  to, every once in a while, show your rebellious side.

So, in honor of my new tattoo and the streak of rebellion in me, here are my Favorite (Rebel) Things for Friday: Continue reading Favorite (Rebel) Things

Women in Ministry, Part 3: A Portrait of Bianca Juarez

Women in Ministry Part 3

Today is part 3 of the Women in Ministry series on Modern Reject. I have written about the different schools of thought on the subject, as well as my personal stance. Through the ongoing conversation regarding women serving in ministry, some great questions were raised, like: Can women teach men? Is that possible without them exerting authority over them? Today, I am writing about one particular woman in ministry named Bianca Juarez who happens to speak in front of many different audiences, from high schoolers to women’s groups. Today’s post is a portrait of Bianca, a young woman called to a specific ministry by and through the Lord’s direction. My hope is that, in examining her ministry, it will open our eyes to the possibilities of women in ministry, both now and in the future.

Last week, I had the chance to hear Bianca speak in my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Her ministry is called In the Name of Love and she says this about her calling: Continue reading Women in Ministry, Part 3: A Portrait of Bianca Juarez

The Trouble with My Mouth

The Trouble With My Mouth

“Edgy,” “fresh,” “sharp,” those are some of the words that have been used to describe Modern Reject. I like those words. I like to think they describe me, as well. But how about these words…

“Controversial,” “scandalous,”, and a “boat-rocker,”? I like those descriptions… only, maybe a little less. Since I started blogging a few months ago, I have quickly had to learn how to handle  those who disagree with my opinion or stance on a particular issue.

I have been surprised by the comments I have received. Some loving, some not so much. Some people really do desire to understand and discuss. Some people just want to pick a fight. I’m game for a fight, always have been, but somehow I don’t think that is what the Lord has in mind for me.

Last Friday, for instance, I wrote a post called (Un)Favorite Things, in which I poked fun at people who are one-uppers, folks with shaggy hair, and {duh duh, duh duh, insert jaws music here}… liberals. Shriek! Turns out, people don’t like jokes about liberals, especially if they are one. Who knew?

The trouble is, my mouth… Continue reading The Trouble with My Mouth

Check It Out…

Today I have a guest post up over at Scottsdale Moms Blog called 15 Ways Moms Can Use Social Media. Of course, I’m no social media expert, but I offer some practical and fun advice for women wanting to get started in the social media world. It is a 3-part series, so please stop by, check it out, and show some love.

Also, today’s Modern Reject post is part 2 in the Women in Ministry series. I answer the big questions today: Can women be lead pastors? Can women teach men? Is Jesus a feminist? Please offer your thoughts. I’d love to hear how you answer these questions, as well.

hugs and smooches,

Women in Ministry, Part 2 of 3

Women in Ministry Part 2 of 3

To many outside of the Church, Christianity represents some kind of oppressive, anti-female, pro-male culture. I would have to say  that, if that were true, I would probably have walked away from Christianity a long time ago. My personal experience with Jesus has been something quite different from what feminists would have you believe. I believe the Apostle Paul when he wrote the Galatians:

“…for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Last Wednesday, I wrote a post on the topic of women in ministry, which was the first in a 3-part series. I presented the three (or so) different schools of thought on the subject. I was curious to see what opinion you all hold on the subject, as well. It was a mixed crowd, however most of you identified yourselves as moderates. Today’s post, Women in Ministry Part 2 answers the question:

Where do I fall on the subject of women in ministry? Continue reading Women in Ministry, Part 2 of 3

(Un)Favorite Things

(Un) Favorite Things

Today, as some of you may know is my 5 year wedding anniversary. And how would I happen to be spending today, you may ask, to celebrate? I am having oral surgery. That’s right, like any sane girl, I am getting knocked out, cut open, and then stitched up as a way to celebrate 5 years of love and bliss. So today’s Favorite Things Friday, is actually a list of some of the things that really are not my favorite–the things that bug me, irk me, or I find just plain ‘ole annoying. Here are my (Un)Favorite Things for Friday… Continue reading (Un)Favorite Things

5 Years of Bliss, Babies, and Baldness

Tomorrow is my 5 year wedding anniversary with my husband Jonathan. Can I get a “woot, woot!” It seems like only yesterday we were two young kids crazy-in love, ready to spend forever together. Yet, in other ways, it feels like we have been married 50 years already, especially when we act like some old, married couple.

A lot has happened, though, in 5 years. For instance… Continue reading 5 Years of Bliss, Babies, and Baldness

Women in Minstry, Part 1 of 3

Women in Ministry Part 1 of 3

The role of women in ministry within the church can be a touchy subject. People start asking questions like, “Can women teach men?” or “Can women be head pastors?” To be honest , I never spent too much time thinking abut it. I knew what I felt about the subject, but had never gone beyond that. I hadn’t  examined the scriptures, for example, or prayed to see where perhaps God was leading me on the subject. Until recently…

I am currently enrolled in a Women in Leadership Development course (that’s right, it’s W.I.L.D.). It is 2 year program designed to encourage, train, and raise up female Christian leaders. A few weeks ago we  heard a lecture on “women in ministry”. I realized then, how much of a divisive issue this truly is.  Today’s post is part one of a three part series, discussing women and their role in ministry. Since today is Wednesday–and that means it is He Said/She Said day, where I write about all things related to men, women, or both–I thought I’d talk about this somewhat controversial issue… cause that’s how I roll… Continue reading Women in Minstry, Part 1 of 3

101 Random Facts About Nicole, The Modern Reject

101 Random Facts about Nicole Cottrell

In an attempt for you all to get to know me better, I compiled this list of 101 random facts about me, filled with trivial and tantalizing tidbits. I hope you enjoy and Happy Friday!

1. When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer or a magazine editor

2. I love, love roller coasters, but hate rides that drop you straight down.

3. I’m an only child.

4. Maybe as a result of being an only child, I had dozens of imaginary friends while growing up.

5. I majored in political science in college and received a B.S., which comes in really handy (sarcasm). Continue reading 101 Random Facts About Nicole, The Modern Reject

How to Be a Dream-Executor

How to Become a Dream Executor

What things have you always wanted to do, but felt were just out of reach? A dream, a plan, a business? What trip have you wanted to take? Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

Dreaming is good. I believe God made us to dream, to weave ideas in and out, and to imagine the endless possibilities. I am good at dreaming. Dare I even say, I am great at dreaming.

It is the execution, however, where I tend to be a bit of a nadda. Sure, I’ve got the ideas, plans, hopes, and wishes, but when it comes time to actually do something about them, well, that is a whole ‘nother story. Realizing my dreams is where I fall flat… on my face.

I am married, though, to a big-time dreamer who is also a masterful dream-executor. He gets the dreams done. I have watched him in disbelief, fear, and wonder, as he plows forward towards what seems to be often unachievable goals. He then not only gets close, but he actually achieves his desired goal.

Since marrying Jonathan, I have become better and better at not just dreaming the dream, but doing the dream, so to speak. God has led me along and been pressing upon me the need to not only have my head in the clouds, but to also place my nose to the grindstone (sorry for two sorta cheesy phrases in one sentence).

So, how do dreams move from one’s mind to become a reality? How do you become a dream-executor? Continue reading How to Be a Dream-Executor