My Porn Story

My Porn Story

Last week, I posted a video called Ted Bundy’s Dirty Little Secret. The comments that followed were impassioned and varying. The dirty little secret is pornography. I promised to do a follow-up post discussing my own personal views and story regarding the subject, so here I am, ready to talk porn.

I imagine that almost all of us, in one way or another, have been affected by pornography. It is so rampant and so prevalent that it is difficult to escape.

My porn story is probably very much like other porn stories, and it begins on a warm Arizona afternoon… Continue reading My Porn Story

What the %&*#? Christians Cussing

What thye $%^*: Christians Cussing

Profanity is a long standing phenomena in history. Cussing, obscenities, cursing, swearing, dirty words–whatever you want to call it–exists in all languages.

Profanity in American culture has become commonplace, from our movies to our televisions. I have even heard children under the age of 6 cuss like sailors while out grocery shopping with their mom. Potty mouths are everywhere, it seems.

Americans love their curse words and they love to use them, but what about Christians? Should believers be out and about dropping F bombs? Is Christian cursing prohibited? Or are we free to cuss away?
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Favorite (Post) Things

Favorite Posts Friday

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I am admittedly still coming down from my sweet potato high. Today, however, I am home with my bambinos, baking, and relaxing. The hubster, unfortunately, has to work today on this little thing he started.

On a holiday weekend, one of my favorite things to do is read–books, magazines, catalogs, and even my favorite blogs. If you are relaxing today and have a chance to catch up on some reading, I thought I’d share some of my favorite blog posts from other blogs over the last week or so. Make a leftover turkey sandwich,  put on your Snuggie, curl up with your laptop, and read away.

Here are my Favorite (Posts) for Friday…

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Happy Turkey Day

Turkey Day

I don’t know why you would actually be reading this on Thanksgiving, but if you are, let me say Happy Thanksgiving to you! I am thankful for you. Really I am. Now, navigate away from Modern Reject. Heck, turn off your computer and go eat! Go enjoy time with family, or friends, or a football game. And may your mind be filled with all that you have to be thankful for this year. Blessings.


Modern Reject

Your Husband is NOT a Pervert, Part 2: Top 3 Ways to Help Her Understand

This is a guest post from none other than my hubster, Jonathan, in follow-up to last week’s first-parter. It’s a doozy.

Well I’m glad to know that my wife doesn’t think I’m a pervert. I would’ve guessed that, but it’s always good to have her own written words to point back to in our future discussions about sex. Ah, the joys of a blogging wife.

But what about you poor fellas out there that don’t have my same fortune? You men out there with wives who think you’re just a plain sick-o that thinks about sex “all the time” and happens to be “in the mood” at the absolute worst times. Or perhaps you have a wife that gets the general gist, but could still use some coaching on what you want in the bedroom. This one’s for you, gentlemen.

Your mission, whether you choose to accept it or not, is to help your wife understand your sexual needs and wants. Easier said than done, right? Well, let’s brainstorm, guys (and ladies, we’ll even let you listen in and provide your thoughts, too)…

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Ted Bundy's Dirty Little Secret

I saw this video a week or so ago over at Human 3rror. I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Please take a few minutes to watch. It is extremely powerful and devastating.

Then consider these questions: How do you see Bundy’s “dirty little secret” affect the world? The church? Individual homes? Marriages? Have you ever struggled with the same “dirty little secret” or known people who have? How do we battle this “secret”?

Next Tuesday I will be doing a follow-up post on this topic, discussing my own personal experiences with the same “dirty little secret.”

Sorry, But You CAN’T Have it All

You Cant Have it All

Today’s post is the third in the Don’t Believe the Lie series. Americans are constantly fed the line that we deserve everything and we can have anything. We are told that, when it comes to career, family, finances, and material possessions, we really can have it all.

The sad thing is, this is simply not true. “Having it all” is a cultural myth that people have spread in order to justify the numerous and varying priorities in life, constantly pulling us in different directions.

Having it all conjures up ideas of a perfect life, filled with things and stuff, while simultaneously holding your dream job and being married to your soul mate. I hate to say it, but I’ve got to: Sorry, but you can’t have it all. Continue reading Sorry, But You CAN’T Have it All

Daily 3some: Muggles, Mashup, and $

Welcome to the Daily 3some. On today’s menu: Hogwarts and muggles, MySpace wants to have Facebook’s baby, and some good ol’ racial tension. Yum.

Daily 3someMySpace (uh, who? oh yeah) announced profile data sharing and login information with Facebook. They even have “Like” buttons and friending. Is this the future of the company? Is this mashup enough to save MySpace? Probably not, and I’m okay with that. You?

Daily 3someHarry Potter 7 opened last night and thousands of geeked out muggles lined up at midnight, drooling at the mouth. I’m not that into  HP  (don’t shoot me) and not for any reason, really. Some Christians get in a tizzy over Harry and his pals, though. Should Christians watch, or turn away in disgust?

U.S. Senate to award black farmers a settlement reaching $1.1 billion, following an 11 year-old settlement. Black farmers say this money is “long overdue justice” and is needed to rectify claims of racial bias. I can’t comment fully, but I will say this: how about instead of a Black Farmers Association, or a Black Caucus, or a Black Pages (that’s real), there are just people, coming together for a common goal? Disagree?

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Favorite (Personal) Things

Favorite Personal Things

Tuesday was Modern Reject’s 6 month anniversary, as some of you may know. I had asked all you lovelies to take a survey, telling me what you love and could do without on Modern Reject. Turns out, much to my husband’s surprise–you all really like Favorite Things Friday. To be honest, I was thinking of scratching it from my repertoire, but I think there might be a revolt if I attempted that. (I will tell you, though, that I may not be doing it every single Friday anymore; but it will still be a feature).

I always learn so much about you guys from Favorite Things, too. Your comments are filled with all of the things you love and care about. I thought that, this Friday, I’d like to get to know you all even more. Since next week is Thanksgiving, I also thought today’s Favorite Things would incorporate some of what we are thankful for. Let’s get a little personal. Whadya say?

I’ll start. Then you go. Cool? Cool. Continue reading Favorite (Personal) Things

I Quit…

I Quit

I had another post written for today, but as I sat typing it, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to say.  You see, yesterday I read a blog post that sort of took me by surprise. It was about being a Christian blogger. It’s weird, because I don’t consider myself a “blogger,” I just happen to have a blog.

Anyway, the post talked about making your blog–and thus, your writing–your service, worship, and art, unto  the Lord. I felt like I had done that when I first started blogging 6 months ago. I “gave” Modern Reject to the Lord. Over the last month, though, my focus has shifted. I have been distracted by numbers, page views, comments, tweets, and all the rest.

I realized that I have been striving versus serving and I don’t like it. So I did what any healthy girl would do–I swallowed hard and said the words to the Lord that were so difficult for me to say… Continue reading I Quit…