Ahhh, Vacation

Ahhh, Vacation

Hi friends. It’s official, I am on vacation.  This is the first vacation I have taken from writing since starting Modern Reject…and it couldn’t come at a better time.

I am off to Vegas with the hubster for some much needed R&R. Yes, you can rest in Vegas, especially if you are preggo like me.

BUT, come back on Thursday, when I will be sharing an exciting announcement. Yes, I have another announcement and surprise! I am a girl of mystery and intrigue…what can I say?

In the meantime, during your Modern Reject withdrawals, be sure to follow my Twitter stream as I will be tweeting it up from the Strip and giving some clues about my big surprise. I will also be posting from my archives, so there will be plenty of good stuff to peruse and read still as you return.

Enjoy the next 3 days and I’ll see you back here on Thursday for the big announcement.


Favorite (Grown Up) Things

Happy Friday! With all the baby talk this week, I have begun to feel old. I mean, I’m having my third kid and I’m in my thirties. It’s a little depressing, I’m not gonna lie.

Yet, despite my feeling old, I still have trouble thinking of myself as an adult. Why is it that the things we despise as  kids like baths, naps, going to bed and sleeping in, are the things we relish as adults?

I may feel too young to be an adult, but adulthood does have its benefits. Here are my Favorite (Grown Up) Things for Friday: Continue reading Favorite (Grown Up) Things

5 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Last Wednesday on He Said/She Said, I asked, why do men cheat? I then gave 5 reasons why I think men are tempted to fall into adultery.

Today, we are shifting over to the ladies. Adultery among women is up significantly from years ago. More and more women today are cheating. Some believe this is true because of more lax adultery laws against women and the topic of adultery being more openly discussed in general.

Perhaps this is true, but I suspect  that  some of the very same reasons men cheat, compel women to cheat, as well. There are also more complex reasons as to why more and more women are seeking adulterous relationships. The reasons may surprise you… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Women Cheat

If God Had a Tagline…?

My husband is a marketing guy. Some would even say a marketing genius. I’d agree. Since being married, he has opened my eyes to all that is marketing, from the good, to the bad, and the ugly.

Once, a commercial for a new car or a deluxe meal deal would  gloss over me, as I sat dazed in an advertising overload induced stupor, now I actually pay attention.

“Ooh, that’s bad,” I’ll catch myself saying. Or perhaps an ad will flash upon the screen that is so slick, so streamlined, and so sophisticated that I will be legitimately impressed by a group of random advertisers somewhere.

Really, it’s all in the tagline though, isn’t it? That is what we remember. Some of the greatest taglines in history have practically sold a product themselves. Words can mean so much and have so much impact.

What about one of the greatest taglines in history? Can this simple little phrase meant to sell shoes speak into our spiritual lives? You know the one I’m talking about? Continue reading If God Had a Tagline…?

Peeing on a Stick and Other Adventures

I hinted to you guys on Friday that I would be sharing a really big and really cool surprise today. Well, the time has come.

Some of you may be shocked, flabbergasted, amazed…and others of you might not be too excited considering the news. However, I was floored when I found out.

Here’s a hint: It’s small, the size of a lentil bean, is confirmed by peeing on a stick, and is currently making me extremely nauseous. Continue reading Peeing on a Stick and Other Adventures

Favotite (Creepy) Things

There are some things in life that just creep me out and give me the heebie jeebie’s, like clowns. How ’bout you? So no, this is not really my favorite creepy things, so much as the creepy things that creep me out best.

I hope you add your own skin-crawling, freaky, weird, sorta-makes-you-uncomfortable, things to the list. With out further ado, my Favorite (Creepy) Things for Friday: Continue reading Favotite (Creepy) Things

Oprah, Suicide, and Second Chances

I just recently saw this video of Oprah Winfrey discussing her pregnancy at age 14. I had no idea she had ever been pregnant as a young girl. Did you?

I knew she had been sexually abused and promiscuous, which she mentions in the video, but had no clue that her decisions and abuse led her to an unwanted pregnancy.

Can you imagine what a young, scared, 14 year-old black girl in the South, during the 1960s, must have felt? Total fear. Total desperation. She admits, in the clip, a horrific outcome, which was that she actually considered suicide.

I’m not the world’s biggest Oprah fan. I admire her for her charity work and what she has accomplished in a wordly sense, which is unmatched. I do disagree with her in regards to God, faith, and the purpose of life in general, but can you imagine a world with no Oprah?

She mentions “second chances” in the video, which got me thinking about the biggest second chance God ever gave me. Continue reading Oprah, Suicide, and Second Chances

What Makes You an Adult?

I am still not used to the word “adult.” I’ll occasionally hear people refer to me as an adult and I’ll think, “Huh? Who are they talking about?”

I guess for some people, it is normal to still think of yourself as a kid. I look over the last 5-10 years of my life, however, and realize that in terms of “growing up,” I’ve done a lot.

But does doing grown up stuff really make you an adult? In today’s culture where children grow up all too fast and take on the pressures of adult life too soon, and “maturity” is a dying word, what actually makes someone an adult?

Continue reading What Makes You an Adult?

Favorite (Arizona) Things

I grew up in Arizona. I left and traveled to the east coast for college and yet, somehow found my way back to Arizona.

I was married here, had my children here, and most of my family lives here. I have not always loved Arizona. Like many young people growing up, I only saw the bad in this state. I found it boring and dull, uneventful and ordinary.

As an adult however, I have grown to appreciate this state. In light of the recent horrific events in Tucson, Arizona has understandably been in the news. Yet, despite the tragedy that occurred here, there is so much to love about this desert. To honor Arizona, here are my Favorite (Arizona) Things for Friday…

Continue reading Favorite (Arizona) Things