My Homeschooling Nightmare

My daughter is going to turn 5 in a few short months. Yesterday she placed an enormous, glittery, pink , princess, backpack on herself and loaded it up with junk. She said, “I’m going on vacation,” but all I could think of was her eventual first day of kindergarten.

She is going to need to attend school and that scares me, for a few reasons. For one thing, I don’t want her to get bigger. I’d like to invent a child “pause” button for both of my children.

Secondly, the decision of where to send your child to school can be a daunting one.  I have friends who have struggled, prayed, been put on waiting lists, been rejected by schools they liked, only to start  all over again.

There is also the issue, however, of homeschooling. This word used to sound like a dirty word to me. Homeschool. Still sends shivers down my spine. My husband and his brother were both homeschooled through high school and all things considered, are two of the most normal, healthy, Godly guys I know.

But I’m no homeschooling mom. I imagine all homeschooling moms wear denim jumpers and have hair down to my butt. I don’t have a baseball team worth of children or drive a mini-van. Do those things automatically disqualify me or is there more to this homeschooling thing than I assume? Continue reading My Homeschooling Nightmare

Favorite (Duo) Things

There is nothing quite like a good duo–a perfect pairing. We have the undeniable power of peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, and Batman and Robin.

Nothing beats the greatness of the perfect duo, whether it be food, comedy, sports, or real-life. I am appreciating more and the more the need for teamwork and compromise and heck, just plain old chemistry.

From a ridiculously gross cartoon, to a dancing duo, and some sports legends, these partnerships have it. Here are my Favorite (Duo) Things for Friday… Continue reading Favorite (Duo) Things

What Do Men Want?

Happy He Said/She Said day. What do men want? I know what you might be thinking. I certainly would have said the same thing only a few short years ago.

We all know the quips about what men want. They only want one thing, we hear: sex. Television, the movies, and popular culture seem to consistently and and carelessly confirm this theory.

We are told sex is the driving force behind men. The reason they chase women and the reason they want women. I agree, men like sex. They even need sex, but is sex alone what men want?

While I believe men are simple, that does not mean they are ignoramus, ape-like, sex-crazed beasts. So, if they don’t just want (or only want) sex, what do men really want? Continue reading What Do Men Want?

The Dread of Miscarriage and the Mighty One

So, I didn’t post yesterday, and here’s why:

A week and a half or so ago, many of my pregnancy symptoms vanished. It was as if, overnight, I went from puking in the kitchen sink, to merrily going about my day.

Sure, I was still tired–exhausted really–and peeing every 15 seconds, but my other, more obnoxious mother-to-be symptoms had packed there bags.

I wasn’t worried…at first. Then, I started to just feel funny. I didn’t “feel pregnant.” I had expressed concern (mildly and inconspicuously expressed concern) to my husband. He told me to call the doctor. I didn’t.

And then, the wave of  what “could be” and what “might be” crashed over me like a tsunami. I went from “keeping it cool” to emergency mode. Suddenly, my husband and I were praying for the life of our unborn child. How did we get here? Continue reading The Dread of Miscarriage and the Mighty One

Can Men and Women Really Be Friends?

(from the archives) It’s Wednesday again and that means it’s also He Said/She Said time.

It’s an age old question (sorta). Men, women, and friendship. Is it legit? I don’t know if I have known of many genuine friendships between men and women. It seems like it is much more of a novel and progressive idea than it is a practical possibility.

I’m suspicious. And I’m curious. Can men and women really be friends? Continue reading Can Men and Women Really Be Friends?

Getting Personal

I don’t really like getting personal. When I started Modern Reject, I didn’t have a clear plan or vision, I just started writing. As I started writing, the direction and voice came (and is still coming since I basically feel like a novice on most days).

In the first few months of writing, as my husband would proof-read my posts, he would always suggest that I add something about myself. I was always resistant. He would remind me though that without injecting myself into my writing, I was sharing or encouraging or edifying…I was just preaching.

Every post I write, I still have to remind myself to well, add myself. I don’t know exactly why that is, but I think I’m figuring it out. At any rate, I know that I desire for Modern Reject to be more personal, not to feed my ego or because I think you guys want to read it, but because I feel that is where God is moving me. So I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s me, getting personal… Continue reading Getting Personal

Favorite (Link) Things

I was fully intending on writing about my Favorite (Food) Things today because my pregnancy brain is consumed with thoughts of rotisserie chicken and sweet potatoes. However, in my infinite wisdom, I thought that you all might not like to read about my adventures in refrigerator diving, so I’m giving you something else to nibble on, so to speak.

With that said, here are some of my Favorite (Link) Things for Friday, from horoscopes, to piles of dog poo, to Justin Bieber–there really is something for everyone…Don’t worry, there is a a lot about God too. Enjoy the picnic. Continue reading Favorite (Link) Things

Christian Women and "S Word"–The Why and the How

Yesterday, I talked about the issue of  “submission” and asked why it is that some Christian women have a difficult time submitting to their husbands (or even the thought of submitting to their future husbands).

Today, I’m talking about the “why” and the “how” of submission: Why should women submit and how do women submit?

Firstly, the husband is to the love his wife as Christ loves the Church, so let’s assume that is the case in my discussion of the “why” and “how” (perhaps a follow-up post about what to do when a man isn’t following the Lord in marriage might be helpful).

So, first off, the “why.” Well, it’s a pretty obvious one… Continue reading Christian Women and "S Word"–The Why and the How

Christian Women and the "S Word"

Recently in my hormonal pregnant state, I began trying to convince my husband that he should just turn the other cheek about something I wanted to do and just let me do it already.

He told me “no” to which I responded, “You’re not the boss of me.”

“Actually,” he started, “I am the boss of you.”

I paused. “Yeah, you’re right. You are the boss of me.” I smiled. He smiled. Of course our exchange was just playful banter and I know too that some people reading this might be completely tuned off or repulsed by the idea of my husband being my “boss.”

Truth is, I like the whole idea and practice of submission. I have heard far too many Christian women snicker, sneer, grumble, roll their eyes, or downright reject the “s word.” But why? Why are women hung up on “submission” when God asks us to do it? Continue reading Christian Women and the "S Word"

The Worst Kinds of Parents

Some of you may have heard about the recent buzz surrounding a new book titled Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua, wherein she offers an unnerving and controversial account of raising her children as a Chinese mother.

Regardless of your personal thoughts or knowledge of the book, it certainly has done one thing: start conversations.

The term “tiger mom” is now being used to describe overly-protective, hyper-involved, strict mothers. I have to say that I don’t see too many of these moms on the playground, but I do see a whole slew of other unhealthy types of parents.

It seems that more and more parents these days just don’t know how to parent and, instead, resort to unhealthy and even irresponsible types of parenting. There are 8 patterns of problem parents. Are you one or do you know one? Continue reading The Worst Kinds of Parents