Favorite (Deserted Island) Things

Well, hello. Friday is here again. Hallelujah! I love the weekends. Right now, I’m also enjoying the many comforts in life.

I am taking pleasure in the little things, like a Saturday afternoon nap, a delicious slice of (gluten-free) pizza, and a good book. Which has got me thinking. If I were stranded on a deserted island, what little pleasures would I most desire to have with me?

Yes, the old deserted island question. Let’s play. Favorite (Deserted Island) Things for Friday.

Basic rules: You can’t bring any people, a television or computer, or any type of transportation to fly or sail your lonesome self off the island. Here’s what I’d bring… Continue reading Favorite (Deserted Island) Things

Surrendering Your Desire for a Spouse

No, it’s not Wednesday, but today we are gonna talk about dating, marriage, and letting go. Today’s guest post is from the talented and insightful Darrell Vesterfelt. Darrell has appeared on Modern Reject before and I am so glad to have him back once again. Check out his blog This is Me Thinking, where he writes about blogging, the creative process, and its relationship to the church.

Being a single Christian might be one of the most confusing things I have ever had to do. There are so many voices speaking on the subject, telling me to ask more girls on dates or just wait until God shows me “The One.” In the midst of all the opinions I have a hard time figuring out which one is right.

The funny thing is a good portion of the opinions come from other single people. None of us have any idea what we’re doing.

One thing I have learned in the midst of this process in my own life is that I must surrender my desire for a wife to the Lord. But what does this even mean?

What does it mean to surrender my desire for a wife?

  • Does it mean I pretend I don’t have a desire for a future wife?
  • Does it mean I stop talking to girls?
  • Does it mean I date Jesus?

I don’t think it means any of those things. Continue reading Surrendering Your Desire for a Spouse

The God of Now

People usually fall into two different camps.  There are those who long for the past–who drift in reminiscing and nostalgia and can never seem to escape yesterday. And then there are those who look optimistically to the future–daydreaming of the things to come, never looking backwards, but also never feeling settled in the present.

I guess I am more of a look-to-the-future-type-girl. My life has always been marked by daydreaming and wondering about the “what if’s” and the “somedays.”

Yet, here I sit typing a blog I had never intended on starting, having a third baby I wasn’t sure I wanted, spending my days as a stay home mom–a position, at one time, I wholeheartedly resisted.

You would think daydreaming about tomorrow would be my solace, my sanity, my refuge. But the more I try to conjure up visions of the future, the more right now seems less appealing and less satisfying.

God is the Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and the End. But lately, He is wanting to impress upon me something more. There is another side to Him that I keep missing. Continue reading The God of Now

Top 5 Lies Christians Believe

Top 5 Lies Christians Believe

The apostle Paul wrote:

“For the time is coming when people will not endure soundteaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.” 2 Timothy 4:3-4

We are all susceptible to believing lies at any given time. The world is magical at presenting it’s counterfeit products as the genuine article. One would assume that because Christians are followers of the Truth, that we would be less susceptible to such lies.

The real truth however, is that Christians believe many lies. We sometimes don’t even realize that they are lies because they are wrapped up so nicely with what appears to be a “Bible bow”.

There are hundreds of lies Christians believe, either collectively or individually. I chose these 5 lies because I have personally seen them infiltrate the Church, the lives of my friends and family and my own life. Here are the Top 5 Lies Christians Believe (according to me): Continue reading Top 5 Lies Christians Believe

Unlocking the "Me" in Christianity

Today’s guest post comes from the ever-witty, insightful and Jesus-loving Moe of Beta Christian. I first came to meet Moe via Tumblr back in the day. His blog has since grown and become, I think, one of the smartest and most engaging Christian blogs around. I’m grateful to have him appearing on Modern Reject today. Enjoy.

Can you imagine a culture where you can just be yourself without being criticized or judged? A culture where you don’t have to spend so much time and energy trying to protect your reputation? Yeah, certainly not in this planet. And certainly not in the church.

People spend an insane amount of time building a reputation inside of the church. They don’t want to be on the outside part of it, so they work too hard trying to fit in. Just look around our gatherings and we can see people working very hard at it.

Spiritual Curriculum
Because of this pressure to be so spiritual, we make the mistake of concealing who we really are. We start identifying people based on what we see and we adapt our lives to fit in: Continue reading Unlocking the "Me" in Christianity

Free Sin Day

Free Sin Day

from the archives

Shortly after becoming a Christian, while sitting in church one Sunday morning, my pastor gave a sermon that helped shape my view about sin forever.

He asked us to imagine that God had declared a day, Free Sin Day (which he pointed out would of course never happen). On Free Sin Day, we believers could commit whatever sin we wanted with no consequences or repercussions. We were absolutely free to sin that day, no shame, no guilt, no worry.

My best friend who was sitting next to me looked over at me. She smiled. I smiled. We both knew exactly what the other one was thinking. I knew what sin she would commit and she knew what sin I would commit. Continue reading Free Sin Day

To My Daughter on Her 5th Birthday

Riley Grace, where do I start? Your birth five years ago marked my life. As my first born, you represent my introduction to motherhood–with all of its tears and confusion. You also represent the beginning of my life as a mom, something I will forever claim.

You, sweet daughter, are the life of the party–any party. And if there isn’t a party, you are determined to either find one or start one. You love people, more than perhaps anyone I know. Even as a baby, you would scan the room for other kids and then yell out in a sweet 9-month-old-voice, “Hi! Hi!”

Riley, you love life and you love being alive. Everyday is wonderful in your eyes and that makes my days more wonderful too.

You also love God, with your whole heart. Before you could even articulate your faith you could say “Jesus” and it seemed that even then you understood who you were speaking of.

God seems real to you in a way that I find both inspiring and intimidating. Continue reading To My Daughter on Her 5th Birthday

Favorite (5) Things

So, it’s Friday again and while I’m a little late posting today’s Favorite Things, I thought what the heck, I’ll do it anyway.

Here’s what I have been loving, enjoying, or obsessing about this week:

Gay men loving Jesus. Okay, if you missed Wednesday’s guest post by Matt Appling about sexual identity, stop what you’re doing and read it now. Be sure to read the comments too, especially one by Darylhb. He sums up the struggle and beauty of being same-sex attracted with such wisdom and grace, it makes my heart swell. Subsequently, I now have a blog post idea brewing on the issue.

Babies. Well, actually just one baby–my new son, Beckett. About 4 days ago, he decided to cry whenever he is awake, which means a lot of crying and desperately trying to get him back to sleep. I’m exhausted. Please pray for him…and me.

Gitzengirl. Choose Joy. That is the phrase of a young woman named Sara, who is suffering and now dying, from a painful and rare disease. She happens to be a blogger who has shared her story and struggle with thousands. She has chosen joy, despite her circumstances. She was recently (as in a few days ago) told that her body is failing her. Please, visit her blog, read her story, share her with others, and pray as Jesus ushers her home.

Speaking. I am currently preparing for a speaking engagement I was invited to attend. The big day is only a few short weeks away and let me tell you, I am so out of my league. I am trusting God for the results. I will give you more info as the day gets closer.

Acts. I recently began a study of the Book of Acts, along with about 50 other women. I am already dwelling on thoughts of the Holy Spirit and His presence. But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you. John 14:26 Thank you Lord for giving us the Helper, without whom this Christian life would seem impossible.

So where have your thoughts been this week? What have you been thinking about, dwelling on, praying for? Good or bad?

PSSSSSST- I also did an interview for Something Beautiful podcast this week. I talked about how I found Christ, why I blog, organic church, and finding real community–among other things. Check it out here!

Why There's No Such Thing as Sexual Identity

Today’s guest post comes from the marvelous Matt Appling, who is the brain behind the blog The Church of No People. I happen to adore Matt’s blog and wish that mine was as cool as his. Pretty much everything he writes I could steal and use on Modern Reject. It’s that good. So without further ado…

I owed Nicole a guest blog since she blogged for me over the summer. So she cashed in her “IOU one blog post” while she’s recuperating from having a baby.  That’s awesome.  Bravo.

And as I think about that, I think about one thing that exists in our culture, one problem that I think looms bigger than almost anything, one thing that every kid is going to have to deal with.  It also happens to be the reason we’re all here.


Geez, we’re obsessed with it.  And ashamed.  And grossed out.  And completely obsessed.  We really have a love-hate relationship with it.

And of all the things we do with sex, this is the one thing I think we mess up more than anything.

Sexual Identity

That phrase bugs the heck out of me.  When did we think of it? Continue reading Why There's No Such Thing as Sexual Identity

Where Were You?

Yesterday, our nation spent time remembering the tragedy that struck 10 years ago. We celebrated the lives lost and the lives saved. We reflected on what it means to be an American and why it is so important that we never forget the resolve and unity we experienced in the days, weeks, and months following the attack.

September 11th, 2001 marked each and every one of us, no matter how significant or how seemingly small our connection was to those who were lost.

Generations past have other collective experiences: A man walking on the moon, the assasination of John F. Kennedy…

But our generation has the quiet Tuesday morning, when 4 hijacked planes made the world stop. We are united not only by the loss, but also by the memory we hold. Each of us was somewhere when we first heard the news or watched the television as a plane flew into the World Trade Center.

I was boarding the early morning ferry departing from Martha’s Vineyard and headed back to Boston where I attended college. I was sitting in my seat listening to the woman a few rows behind me trying to make an airline reservation from Boston to Chicago.

She became increasingly frustrated as the airline employee told her she could not make such a reservation. All planes were grounded. The Sears Tower in Chicago was closed down…some kind of threat. It didn’t affect me.

Hours later after a bus trip following my ferry ride, I watched the bus driver drive past Logan Airport without making his usual stop. People on the bus started yelling. “Hey, that’s our stop!” Stop the bus!” But the driver calmly explained that the airport was closed. The entire airport.

We were finally allowed to exit the bus at one of the downtown subway stops. It was another hour before I made it home. Upon walking inside, everyone in the room was crowded around the television. I walked over to see what was going on and there it was…

…the image of a plane flying into the building. I froze. I started crying. What does this mean, I asked. What is happening?

Someone answered…We’re under attack.

Each of us remembers exactly where we were when we heard the news or saw the images on the T.V. screen. A coffee shop. Your home. Your workplace. Let’s remember where we were so that we might never forget.

Where were you on the morning of September 11th, 2001? What were you doing and how did you find out the tragic news? How did 9/11 change you?

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