One thought on “Friday Findings on Modern Reject”

  1. Ahh, looks like I’ll be the first to “vent”. I’m from Georgia, and when I was younger, I worked for Chick-fil-a. I’ve been alarmed and shocked at the attack on this company, when there are so many companies out there not doing the right thing, not caring about it’s customers or employees, not being part of it’s communities…

    That being said, I’m now even more alarmed at posts popping up all over social media from fellow “Christians”. One today was a repost from “Nashville Tea Party” in which it discussed being happy that CFA stores would now be “clean because the dirty liberals would no longer be eating in them”.

    First of all, they use Chick-fil-a’s logo, which is horrible to do. Secondly, they are being reposted by people calling themselves Christians. Fellow Christians, PLEASE think before you post. Please. “Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, Mind, Soul and love your neighbor as yourself”… PLEASE put this commandment first, OVER and ABOVE a restaurant, a political party, anything!!

    Remember, every time you repost something like this, it hurts the very thing we are about, loving our neighbor. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with your neighbor all the time. But being hateful is not the way to care for someone.

    Sorry to go on and on about this. If I see many more posts on my FB page, I’ll have to put this up as a blog or note.

    I have many friends who are gay. Whether I’m ready to consider gay marriage or not doesn’t keep me from loving them. However, I’m realizing it might keep them from loving me. But I can deal with that. What I can’t deal with is fellow Christians killing others with their words. Once it’s out there, it’s out there.

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