That’s Why We Pray…

Does anyone else remember the all-too-catchy, soft rap song “That’s Why We Pray,” by MC Hammer? Don’t tell me you didn’t slide across your kitchen floor in your Hammer pants. Just me? Um, okay, this is awkward.

Anyway, I ran across this video the other day and I had to laugh. It’s pretty true, at least for me, some days.

Day in the Prayer Life of Joe Christian from The Summit Church on Vimeo.

Why is it that, for many of us, praying is hum-drum, squeezed in, get it over with, and perfunctory? Although, before I had children I prayed like “Joe Christian” all the time. But having no time to yourself and limited time to sit alone with God actually forced me to pray more. Go figure.

Because, the thing with prayer, I’ve found, is that you can do it almost anytime. I can pray while washing dishes. I can pray while cooking dinner. I can pray while feeding a baby in the middle of the night. It seems that as my life has become busier and more hectic, the more I have found ways to converse with God.

I also made a promise to myself that whenever I say I’m going to pray for something, I actually do (or I try very hard to do so). I never want to be the flaky Christian who says “Oh, I’ll be praying for you,” to someone only to walk away and never think twice about it. Once I committed to praying for the people God brings into my life, the more fruitful, fulfilling, and rich my prayer life became.

Sure, I still have some not so stellar days of talking (or should I say, not talking) to God–days where I resemble the guy in the video. But, I’m getting better, with each and every busy day.

So, how’s your prayer life? When do you find time to pray? When do you find you are the most distracted from talking to God?

Questions About Jesus

There is so much to know about Jesus, so much more than we could ever know. The scriptures, for all of their accounts and stories of Christ, only capture but a sliver of His Personhood.

He is infinite. He is immeasurable.

And yet, I so often wonder about Him, as a boy, as a young man, as the Lamb. I wonder about His humanity, instead of always trying to grapple with His divinity.

I imagine Him as a child hiding behind His mother’s skirt. I picture Him in fields, running alongside His brothers being soaked in the sunlight. I see Him laying down to bed, praying a prayer to His Father–a prayer filled with gratitude and intimacy.

Of course, while there is so much more to know of Him, we have to be content with the little details we hold now, knowing too that His work on the cross is neither tarnished nor undermined by our lack of details regarding His life.

Yet, still I wonder…

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Friday Findings: Being an Atheist, Napping, and Introverts

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectFriday, sweet Friday. I’m so glad you are here. Although, this weekend I’ll be flying as a solo parent, as my film-junkie of a husband will be traveling to California to attend an all day Oscar film marathon. That leaves me and the 3 wild monkeys alone all weekend. No, I’m not scured…Well, maybe just a little. Nothing some Beyonce “crazy music,” (as my daughter likes to call it) and some mint chip ice cream can’t solve (the ice cream is for me, not them, by the way).

So here’s to Friday and here’s what I loved around the web this week:

If I were an Atheist. What could lead you to atheism? This is a thoughtful and well-reasoned post.

10o Ways to be Kind to Your Child. Usually lists like this are so corny, or trite, or over-done that they fail to offer anything new. This post is not one of those. I even got a little weepy while reading it.

I happen to consider myself a professional napper. If you are anything like me, then you’ll enjoy this inforgraphic on Everything You Need to Know About Napping. So fun.

Are you familiar with this iPhone app? It appeals to my inner geek which loves all things retro.

Introverts get such a bad rap, especially in the church and especially in leadership. Carlos Whitaker, who is clearly not an introvert, went ahead and wrote about it anyway. This makes me happy.

My blogging friends the former Ally Spotts (now Ally Vestefelt) and her new hubby Darrell Vesterfelt are now the directors of Prodigal Magazine–a magazine for the everyday Christian. Try this post on for size, to get started. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m bi-racial which, while often doesn’t mean much of anything, occasionally this fact will throw me for a loop when it comes to understanding my identity. That’s why I so appreciated Tony Alicea’s post this week on your heritage and righteousness. So good.

Also, tomorrow is the last day I’ll be accepting submissions for the “I’m a Reject, Because…” series. If you’d like to share with others here on Modern Reject as to why you’re a reject, here’s your chance. Send me your post. 300-500 words. Hope to hear from you.

 Now it’s your turn. Share with me the cool, interesting, funny, inspiring, or challenging things you discovered this week.

Should Women Control Their Emotions?

From the time they are born, little boys are told repeatedly to suppress their male nature. Young men are told to not hit their sisters, to not throw rocks, punch walls, nose-dive from on top of dressers. They are told to behave, and act like gentlemen, when in fact, acting like a man to a little boy is really all about how much testosterone he can expend in a given hour.

Little boys are repeatedly told to control themselves and to channel sexual aggression into other more “constructive” areas, like sports. While girls, on the there hand, are coddled and told that it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel (everything), it’s okay to be in touch with every emotion they experience. In the era following feminism, as well as a culture obsessed with the discussion of feelings, little girls have grown up to think nothing less.

Women begin to believe that crying is customary–that our ability to conjure up tears at the drop of a hat, for say a police officer who caught us speeding a mere 10 miles over the speed limit, is a secret weapon we can employ when necessary. We begin to believe that our emotions are not only acceptable, but womanly. Heck, we think being emotional is our right.

The problem, however, is that while men are being told to suppress their natural instincts, women are being told the opposite. But, should women control their emotions? Continue reading Should Women Control Their Emotions?

Haters Welcome

Somewhere along the way, in our politically-correct, touchy-feely, walk on eggshells, be-tolerant culture, it stopped being okay to hate. The word “hate” has actually become a banned word. No, there hasn’t been an official ban on the word, but no one is walking around talking about the things they hate.

We can be opposed to something. Resist something. Object to something. Politely disagree with someone. But what we cannot do, what we are told is unconscionable, is hating anything, because hating something means we are operating in black and white. Right or wrong. Good or evil.

The problem, however, is less and less people believe in the idea of good and evil. Black and white makes them uncomfortable. Truth makes them squirm. The in-betweeness of gray, is a much more comfortable place to dwell–the uncertainty of life, as it were.

But, I believe in right and wrong, Light and darkness. Good and evil. I believe in God and God hates. Oh, we don’t like acknowledging that fact. We would rather run a thick, black, permanent marker over those passages of scripture.

But He does. God hates and well, then, so do I. Continue reading Haters Welcome

Friday Findings: Victoria’s Secret, Womanhood, and Rejects

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectIf you tried to waste spend some time on Modern Reject yesterday, you may have been disappointed to discover that she was down for part of the day. Sad face. I’m working on some server issues right now to hopefully remedy this problem in the future (P.S. anyone know of a brilliant WordPress developer?).

Anyhoo, how was your week? Mine went by quickly, which is always nice because I cherish my weekends. I did happen to come across some cool stuff this week. But let me warn you, it’s a hodge podge. I was all over the place…

Victoria’s Secret Model quits to honor God and her marriage. You read that right. I hope this little article gains momentum.

And the Worst Wife Award Goes To... by the hilarious and humble Bianca Juarez.

The Womanhood Project. Imagine a group of women, coming together, to write about one thing: the word “womanhood.” Well, I had the privilege of contributing to this project. It ranges from serious to sarcastic, humorous to heartfelt. I promise you’ll enjoy.

Interview with a Conservative Christian. I really enjoyed this interview via Rachel Held Evans blog. I think more and more, Conservative Christians are being given a bad wrap, especially those involved in politics on any level. I found this interview to be well-stated, articulate, and rational.

I’m a Reject Because… Last week, I asked, for any of those interested, to submit a blog post on why you are a reject. So far, I have received some great entries, but I want more! So, go ahead and tell me why you are a reject. I’ll be posting the pieces in March. The deadline is February 25th.

So there you have it, my picks for the week. What were your favorite things this week? An article, blog post, video? Share away!

Why You Should Get Married

While at a recent family dinner, gathered around a humongous table in an obnoxious dinosaur themed restaurant, I asked the question, “Why get married?”

People get married for all kinds of reasons. Some good, some bad. Some beneficial, some harmful.

The obvious answer to “why get married?” is because you’re in love and stuff. I’m a semi-romantic, if there is such a thing, but, really? Love? I think that’s one of the least appealing reasons to get married.

Here’s why: Marriage is about, at least in the beginning, growing up and living with someone on a day-to-day basis. It’s about getting along with someone and serving them even when you don’t feel like it. It’s about commitment and steadfastness.

Sounds boring and a little painful, huh? Well, maybe on some days. But most days love and the mushy gushy feelings of love, are not going to be what keeps you content, patient, or even together. Love is of course necessary. It is the underlying current but not the sole motivator.

I was wondering, why did I get married? I am not trying to sound like a Tyler Perry movie..I’m just asking. I mean, I loved Jonathan at the time. But I had been in love before and hadn’t gotten married then. I’d even dated someone that I wanted to marry before Jonathan but didn’t marry him.

I realized there were a few reasons I got married. Continue reading Why You Should Get Married

You Should Quit Reading This Blog…

So, it seems that every few months or so, I fall into a blog funk. These funks don’t usually last for long and before I know it, I’m back to feeling like my old blogging self. Over the weekend, however, I read a blog post by Josh, also known as The Minor Prophet.

He explained how he once followed blogs like mine and Rachel Held Evans, but how now, for some unexplained reason, he no longer cares. He cannot say for sure as to the reason why, but he is no longer interested in Evangelical blogs or even the idea of Evangelical Christianity, for that matter.

I spent the weekend mulling his thoughts over. My feelings weren’t hurt. I didn’t take it personally. The thing is, I kinda get it, because the thing is, I sorta feel the same way.

Which got me thinking, why do I write Modern Reject? And really, why does anyone read it, because I’m pretty sure you should quit reading this blog… Continue reading You Should Quit Reading This Blog…

My Favorite Blogs

I’m a blogger…or rather, I have a blog. A lot of people assume that I read tons of other Christian blogs and am up to date on all that is newsworthy. Truth be told, I’m not the best about reading other blogs. In fact, before I started Modern Reject, I really didn’t frequent many Christian blogs at all.

That has now changed, however. What was once me casually perusing the Internet, hopping from site to site, has now turned into a systematic Google reader filled with dozens of different blogs.

Although, I don’t just read Christian blogs. Go figure. I like a lot of other things. People often ask me what, or who I read, on a regular basis. So, I thought I’d share a sneak peak inside my Google reader. The following is a list of the blogs I read and their categories:

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