My Favorite Posts You Haven’t Read

Sex sells. So does raising titillating and often uncomfortable questions it seems. At least, those are some of the things that “sell” on this blog.

A little while ago, I shared the Top 10 Posts of 2012 (So Far). The posts that comprised that list were a bit of a surprise to me. Sure, some are a given, but it seems that almost every time I write a post that I absolutely, completely love and feel proud of–only a few of you read it.

My favorites posts get less action and the posts that I am undoubtedly unsure of and feel insecure about usually do well. Go figure.

But, with all that in mind, I thought I’d share a few of My Favorite Posts You Haven’t Read (maybe you have read these because you are a hardcore “reject” and for that I thank you). I’m going all the way back to the archives from two years ago when I started this baby.

Here they are, in no particular order: Continue reading My Favorite Posts You Haven’t Read

Top 10 Ways to Not Be a Jerk

I’m just finishing up a little vacation with my family and as a result today’s post is from the archives. I hope you don’t mind and I hope you enjoy. P.S. If you want to be a total stalker (shhh, I won’t tell) find me on Instagram as “Modernreject” to see my vacation pics.

I’ve been a bit of a jerk lately. I mean, you may not have noticed. People around me may not have noticed much, but I have. And God has certainly noticed.

My jerkiness has been manifesting itself as pride. Ugh. I hate that word: pride. It is a word that haunts me. Before knowing Christ I was extremely prideful and not in that cocky semi-attractive way. I was prideful in that don’t even think about telling me what to do because I already know it all kind of way.

God has definitely broken me (like a wild stallion) of much of my pride. But, every once in a while, if I’m not careful, it starts to creep back up and finds its way into my relationship with the Lord. He has been patient with me, more than I deserve. I have realized I have been a bit of a jerk recently to those around me and especially to God, thanks to that unattractive yet persistent pride of mine.

Oh, pride is ugly. It is a turn-off. It can even control you but, here are some ways to not let pride take over. Here are 10 ways to not be a jerk: Continue reading Top 10 Ways to Not Be a Jerk

Friday Findings: Anxiety, Fallacies, and Rule Breakers

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectOkay, so you may have noticed that last Friday there were no Friday Findings to speak of…sorry about that. But, today, I’m here to make up for that fact with an extra awesome and extra long list of gems and goodies.

So much to see, so little time…

Wake Up for Your Kids. No post has convicted me as much as this post, in quite some time. I have been hearing the Lord gently directing me in this and then I stumbled upon this post. It was confirmation of the changes I need to make at home.

Logical Fallacies. If you are a theological, analytical, or heck, argumentative type, you’ll probably find this site hilarious. It helps you call people out on the most common logical fallacies. Genius. Not so grace-filled, but genius nonetheless.

Us and Our Anxiety. A well-stated and interesting read from the Huffington Post asking whether or not anxiety is simply a natural human emotion that we have begun to pathologize, due to our cultures obsession with “treatment.”

Oh, Dave. Save It. Are you a Dave Ramsey fan? I sure am. I took a Financial Freedom class in college and have never thought about money the same way since. This post, however, challenges much of Ramsey’s teachings and does so in a loving, truth-filled, and honoring way. A good read.

10 Steps to Sanctification. The Barna Group, A.K.A. the Christian research top-dogs, is soon-to-be-coming out with a book that suggests that each of us can trace our spiritual journey in 10 steps. Sound hokey? I’m not sure either, but I’m intrigued.

Mary, the Bondservant. Do you ever think about Mary? I do and quite often, in fact. I imagine the angel standing before her explaining that nothing, including the world, would ever be the same. Well, Rebecca at her blog The Upside Down World, wrote a lovely and compelling post about the mother of Jesus. One of my personal favorites this week.

Rule Breakers Unite. I’ve mentioned Alice Bradley here before. She is, without a doubt, one of my favorite blogger/writers/funny ladies. Calling her hilarious is an understatement and writing funny–consistently funny–is so hard to do, but, posts like this continue to make me laugh out loud.

Love me some Frank. If you’ve been around this blog more than once, you probably know that I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Frank Viola. So, it is easy for me to recommend anything he has written…and of all his 13 books, each one is priceless. That being said, his new book, Beyond Evangelical, is now available (I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy). Another of his books, Revive Us Again (one of my favorites) is also available for a discounted price. BONUS: It is a signed copy from Frank himself. Score.

Alright my friends, lay it on me…What caught your eye this week? What did you read that you just have to share? What did you read that made your skin crawl? What else is going on? Anything?

The Death and Resurrection of Marriage

Marriage is dying, but not in the way we might think.

I, for one, didn’t really care much about marriage when I was younger. I came from a divorced home, feeling separated from my father before I could even form a full memory of his face.

I watched both parents remarry and felt the pain and anger rage inside of me at the age of six, in knowing that despite my fantasy, my parents would never reunite.

I saw my parents new marriages be nothing like anything I ever wanted for myself–so much work, so much effort, so much sacrifice.

By the time I was 16, I was convinced that marriage and I didn’t mix. I wanted to roam free, be free, feel free. I didn’t need a man. I didn’t need a piece of paper to tell me that I loved someone. I was enough and that was enough.

And then that persistent Savior of mine grabbed my heart hard and fast and before I could catch my breath in order to scream out “No!” I was reconsidering what it meant to say “I do.” Continue reading The Death and Resurrection of Marriage

Why the Church Should Stop Using the Word “Missional”

You may already know that I have a bit of an aversion to Christian-ese and labels. I find that all too often, us Christians are so quick to throw around buzz-words and discuss the next hot-button issue, meanwhile abandoning the issues that really need discussing.

Yesterday, I asked some of my fellow Rejects on Facebook and Twitter to share with me a few of the buzz-words that they too are sick of hearing (as a side note, if you aren’t following me on Facebook or Twitter, what’s up with that? No worries, let’s just kiss and make up).

You all had some precious gems to add to the list of over-used Christian terms, things like:



“doing life”

“love on”


“social justice”

…and my personal favorite, “missional.”

I could spend an entire post writing about each of the terms listed, but “missional,” in particular, really gets under my skin…and for good reason. Continue reading Why the Church Should Stop Using the Word “Missional”

When God Did the Impossible

A lot has been happening within my church body. There have been huge moves of the Spirit and God displaying His power and providence in unexpected ways. (To catch a glimpse of what’s been going on, read this).

So much has been happening that I have had little time to share, simply because there hasn’t been time to keep up. Excitement and hope is springing up within me and all I want is to share it with all of you.

Then, the other day I read a post from Frank Viola, where he asked his readers to share stories–scratch that—testimonies of God’s power and faithfulness.

So, today I am totally, completely, %100 stealing that idea from Viola and asking you to do the same. I can’t share everything with all of you right now, but I can certainly be encouraged and lifted up by you sharing about God’s power in your own life. More than that, we can be edified by one another.

The Questions: What has God done in your own life, or those you know, that was a clear answer to prayer and His power displayed? Has He healed someone? Resurrected a marriage? Brought a clear answer to a seemingly hopeless situation?

When has God performed a miracle? Made the impossible possible? What is the story of God’s faithfulness that you stand upon? When He showed up for you in a big way….

May our testimonies be a witness to those yet to know the Lord and may our own faith be bolstered in reading one another’s answers.

How Important is Theology?

I know that as I begin this post, there may be a few individuals who might disagree with me and that’s okay.

Of course, despite what people often assume, I’m really not looking to pick a fight. This is just a question I have been mulling over lately:

How important is theology?

I am obviously no theologian, nor do I pretend to be, so please take this fact into consideration. Yet, I know many Christians who might, maybe, if backed into a corner, outright consider themselves to be theologians.

There is nothing wrong with this–thinking of yourself in those terms, I suppose. Yet, as of late, as my church body has begun living out what it truly means to make Jesus Christ the Head of our church, theology seems less and less important.

Here’s why… Continue reading How Important is Theology?

Friday Findings: Gays in Heaven, Hottie Girls, and The True Gospel

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectSo much has happened this week, I almost feel overwhelmed. Except that much of what has happened has been the moving of the Spirit and God doing big things (more to come on all of that).

Not to mention, there was so much awesome stuff in the ol’ blogoshpere this week–stuff I couldn’t wait to share with all of you.

So let’s get to it:

Will There Be Gays in Heaven? Craig Gross of XXX Church is the real deal. He seems to me to be one of the few really well-known, highly respected Christian figures who just gets it. What is “it?” Jesus. The article he wrote for CNN is a perfect example. Truth and grace, all over the place.

Little Girls and Hotties. Do you have daughters? If so, then you need to read this post from Karen Yates about modesty and our little girls. She asks us what the boundaries of modesty should be for our daughters and gives tons of practical examples. Good stuff.

Stop Trying to Imitate Christ. I introduced Jamal Jivanjee to you a while back. He has quickly become a powerful and edifying resource for me. This post from him is a prime example, filled with the richness and truth of Jesus and His Word. If you’ve ever struggled with trying to “act like Jesus” and failed, please read this.

The Circle Unbroken. Cathleen Falsani is one of my favorite Christian bloggers, although it’s rather unfair to call her a “blogger” because she is much much more. She is an author and writer first and foremost and this post from her tells you why. It is all of the beauty, simplicity, and loveliness of Jesus’ church and how it can look so different and yet still reflect Him.

The True Gospel. Not a single post this week got me as pumped and excited as this one. A taste: “Religious jargon will become fossils and equally nutritious. A new sweeping movement of the gospel couched in the terms of our culture and swept through communities by the Holy Spirit is coming.” Um, yes and yes!

An Inside Peek into my Church. If you desire to see and read what my church life is like, my friend Donald, has posted a letter essentially chronicling our church activity over the last month or so. Healing? Check. The Holy Spirit in abundance? Check. Prophesy? Check. God’s people being ignited? Check. Go on, I know you’re curious. (While you’re there, check out the rest of Donald’s blog. He speaks truth like no one I know and I love it!)

So there you have it. It’s quite a list this week, don’t you think. I have so much to chew on and pray through from these writings alone.

Now, it’s your turn. What events, experiences, or words  encouraged you, challenged you, or edified you this week? Or what angered you, convicted you, or compelled you to seek God?

P.S. Did you see the Modern Reject giveaway for the chance to win a Bible study series from the teaching power-house Kasey Van Norman? Don’t forget to enter to win and get the hook-up!

GIVEAWAY: Named by God

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Hi Rejects. Have you heard of Kasey Van Norman? If not, allow me tell you about her for one quick second…

Kasey is the vision, passion, and beauty behind Kasey Van Norman Ministries, where she ministers to people through her gift of teaching. This girl can teach, let me tell you. Not to mention, she is all about empowering others through, the Word and the Spirit, to find freedom in Christ (it’s like she’s my passion twin).

So when Kasey’s new book cam out and she graciously supplied me with some copies, and extra goodies for my readers, I was stoked.

Her new book, Named by God, is the story of her own path to freedom, yet told in a way that makes freedom in Christ available to anyone. If you think she comes off as just another female Bible teacher, you’d be wrong. Growing up, Kasey  suffered through  an eating disorder, sexual abuse, and cutting. As an adult, she experienced a miscarriage and the subsequent devastation it brings, as well being diagnosed with cancer.

She gets it. She understands our need for God’s grace, power, and healing.

All that to say, let’s get this giveaway started. Here’s what one lucky winner will receive: Continue reading GIVEAWAY: Named by God

Men and The Power of the Visual

Happy Wednesday. Today is the day we discuss men and women. Oh joy! As such, I wanted to share this video from Dennis Prager with you, titled Men and the Power of the Visual. I’ve addressed this topic before in one way or another. I find this issue to be one that far too many women seem to be ignorant towards, for whatever reason.

As for the video, it’s five minutes, but it is also very entertaining and goes by quickly. Please respond to the questions below after watching the video:

Do you agree or disagree with this video? Do you think the power of the visual affects men to that extent? Why or why not? If you are a woman, is this a surprise to you? Do you agree that, the male visual nature, is in part to blame for the amount of pornography produced?