What 3 Words Describe Your Church?

Yesterday, I posed this question on Facebook: If you had to describe your church in 3 words what would you say?

I decided to answer the question too. I thought for a minute and then completely cheated and used two hyphenated words for a grand total of 5 words. I said:

My church: Spirit-filled, Christ-centered, and family.

But, if I have to play fair and really only use 3 words, I would say the 3 words that best decribe my church would be:

Jesus, Spirit, and family.

They sound like such simple words, don’t they? They aren’t hot-button Christian words. They aren’t new-fangled concepts or ideas.They can’t really be misconstrued (Oh, but people do try).

Jesus, Spirit, and family.

And sure, I could have said “organic,” but that word helps describes what our church looks like not Who it is about. We have no head pastor, other than Jesus Christ. As for the Spirit, I could have said “prophetic,” or “supernatural,” but again that word describes the result, not the Person responsible.

And lastly, I said “family,” which is really the only word I can use to describe how I feel about the people of my church. We are family. Through and through. One big, messy, beautiful, glorious, imperfect family.

As for the question on Facebook, I loved reading the answers from others and those answers varied wildly. People said things like authentic, community, artsy, hopegivers, missional. So, I thought I’d pose the question here, on the blog, too.

Mostly because I’m curious and a tad nosey. But, also because I think it would be edifying and fun to just read one another’s answers. Because Jesus is infinite and uncontainable. As a result, His church has many different expressions. So what’s yours?

If you had to describe your church in 3 words what would you say? AND WHY?

P.S. Be sure to check back tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel, to read the “How to Hear from God” post. It’s gonna be radical.