My Life These Days…

The last few weeks I haven’t quite been myself. Well, maybe I have been, since I guess you’re almost always yourself. But what I mean is, I’ve been unmotivated, pretty stinkin’ tired, and uninterested in blogging with my usual passion and excitement (you may have noticed).

I’m sure it’s just a phase. I think. I hope anyway.

But, beyond feeling a little out of sorts, my days have been filled with laughing, screaming, impossibly wild, hopelessly wonderful, all-too-lovable children.

Life doesn’t get much better, even when life is sucking a bit.

Here’s what my life has looked like these days…

What has life been like for you these days? What have been the lows? What have been the highs?

Pssstt…most of the pictures from this post are from Instagram. You are more than welcome to follow me there (my user name is ncottrell), and just expect a steady stream of cuteness coming your way.

7 thoughts on “My Life These Days…”

  1. I’m not a mom (and those are some darned cute kids!), but I would imagine a good part of your lethargy is just from trying to keep up with those little ones! And that it’s a phase which, too, will pass….

  2. Your kids are so cute! They are just so adorable :-) I’m sure they just light up your face. Love these pictures…

    As for your question, I’m currently facing a new low. God is asking me to step up and take on a new project that seems to be a GIANT. But I seem to be telling God through my actions, “No thank You Lord, I’m cool – I already have so many projectes on my plate. Please, find yourself someone else to do it.” I am definitely being a Gideon and I need to snap out of it. Please keep my in your prayers if you remember and I’ll lift you up in prayer right now. And I’ll pray for those cute kids and your husband too :-)

  3. Cute kids. I remember when mine were that size. It was day before yesterday now they’re 15 and 13. We have been a little out of sorts. My wife’s recovery from her accident has progressed to the point we need to move to our next ministry location here in Paraguay. We have finally decided where but our car has been in the shop from a bus attack for a month. We need to get to that town and spy the land a little. Being stuck here in the house has been a downer on top of the restlessness we already feel for getting back at it. There is, however the excitement of a new town and new relationships to make.

  4. I love this, and I totally relate. I’m in the same phase of life. My kids are 1, 2, & 3, and motivation is hard to come by most days. It’s worth it though, and your kids are precious! Elisabeth Elliott once said that in those times that you’re really bogged down with life, just do the next right thing. I try to remember that, rather than worrying about the whole big picture, just change the next diaper, feed the next kid, read the next book, etc. :)

  5. I just saw this post with cute children and I had to click!

    Well, life these days for me include trying to have a baby, the prospect of moving to Germany with my husband, and learning day by day what it means to trust God (going through Exodus…oh those Israelites, kind of sound like me :) )

    I love your posts! I actually printed out two of them to include ways to your husband love and ways to show your wife love (sorry if the titles are incorrect). My husband actually tact the one of how to show your wife love onto one of his man cave walls. So cute!

  6. Life has been different. I am taking care of my two cousins for a while through foster parenting. I have a 5 year old daughter who enjoys them living with us (been 10 months now).
    My daughter and I looked at old camera videos of her today and I can’t believe how fast she grew!
    I absolutely love her and am blessed to have her.

    My lows are learning to deal with my cousins’ disobedience. I have no idea what my response should be but I am learning.
    Also, I am a single parent, divorced, and I have always wanted to go to college so I am taking college courses slowly. I want to move away someday, maybe when my daughter is older. Sometimes I just want to work, work, work and keep my mind busy so that I don’t have to mentally pick at every detail of my life.

    Highs are watching my daughter grow. She’s in preschool right now and since I am not working I can spend more time with her volunteering at her school. Her personality is so fun! She has a cute sense of humor. Love laughing with her throughout the day!

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