When God Did the Impossible

A lot has been happening within my church body. There have been huge moves of the Spirit and God displaying His power and providence in unexpected ways. (To catch a glimpse of what’s been going on, read this).

So much has been happening that I have had little time to share, simply because there hasn’t been time to keep up. Excitement and hope is springing up within me and all I want is to share it with all of you.

Then, the other day I read a post from Frank Viola, where he asked his readers to share stories–scratch that—testimonies of God’s power and faithfulness.

So, today I am totally, completely, %100 stealing that idea from Viola and asking you to do the same. I can’t share everything with all of you right now, but I can certainly be encouraged and lifted up by you sharing about God’s power in your own life. More than that, we can be edified by one another.

The Questions: What has God done in your own life, or those you know, that was a clear answer to prayer and His power displayed? Has He healed someone? Resurrected a marriage? Brought a clear answer to a seemingly hopeless situation?

When has God performed a miracle? Made the impossible possible? What is the story of God’s faithfulness that you stand upon? When He showed up for you in a big way….

May our testimonies be a witness to those yet to know the Lord and may our own faith be bolstered in reading one another’s answers.

13 thoughts on “When God Did the Impossible”

  1. Resurrected a marriage covenant?

    Right here.

    The enemy’s plans were cast aside after they had done damage to our covenant, but of course, our Father is in the healing/restoration/redeeming business and…well…the covenant I have with my bride of 8 years tastes as fresh and rich as it did when we first struck it.

    That, my friends, is the God I worship. :)

  2. A couple of years ago I struggled with what I now know was acute PTSD. For a period of about six months, I had panic attacks nearly everyday, most days multiple times a day, nightmares, difficulty eating and sleeping, and generally being a crazy person. I hated God through all that time, because I wrongly though He was putting pressure on me to go in a certain direction, and I thought the panic attacks were His way of demanding my obedience. Sounds silly, right? Now I understand that was a lie from the enemy, and I am overjoyed to say that I am free of those symptoms and learning to handle my situation in ways that are healthy and good. There were some consequences, though. My best friend for 19 years disagreed with how I felt God was leading me, and decided she had to cut off our friendship. I disagree with her decision, but at the same time, God has brought about good from it. There were days in the darkest part of my despair when I thought that was the way my life was going to be forever. I couldn’t see a way out. PRAISE GOD He opened a door so wide and gave me time to crawl through it! I see how my relationship with my friend had not been healthy for quite some time, and having distance showed me more about true friendship than if we had preserved our connection. He revealed Himself to me in a way that I wasn’t expecting, and it totally changed the way I thought about Him for the rest of my life. I’m healing from the loss of my friend and moving closer and closer to total forgiveness, while at the same time recognizing where I have had sin to confess and repent of. It may not seem like much to others, but this was no less than the biggest miracle I could have ever hoped for, that the despair would fly away, my heart would be healed, and my mind would be renewed. It is a miracle to me, and without God would have been impossible. I am my Beloved’s, and my Beloved is mine!

    1. hi heather your testimony has greatly encouraged me.indeed we serve a wonder working God who rejoices at our success and wellbeing.i thank God for using your situation for your good and HIS glory.i have been praying for God to hear my prayer and open the closed doors and i know He is faithful and i will be back here to attest to that.God bless you.

  3. That is indeed exciting. I look forward to hearing more details in the future. How many people are in your home church?

  4. Oh, and by the way, I told Jonathan I would keep his name and the names of others out of that email, but here you are blowing the lid off of it!! Does this mean I have to repost it with names in it, now? :)

  5. GREAT topic Nicole! I’ll be coming back here at the end of the day to read lots of testimonies of God’s power and goodness. One that came to mind right away was when I was about 18 years old and was in the Czech Republic as a summer intern for an English Camp ministry. God provided much more money than I needed through supporters to participate as an intern and I was so stoked to think maybe He was giving me a head start on being able to return again the following summer. Well, one day my team was traveling with our missionary in his van when we got into a wreck on the freeway. A couple amazing things happened here and the first was that no one was hurt. Air bags fired and everything and NOT A SCRATCH on any one of us. The van was another story. It was not going to run without repair. And that van was super important because it was the vehicle that was going to transport our team to the camps all summer. So, the van was taken to the repair shop where our missionary was presented with a hefty repair bill. Very discouraged, he let us know about the cost and wasn’t sure what to do. I remembered that there were extra funds in my account at the mission agency and would see how much was in there. I called the agency to find out the amount that was sitting in the account. Amazing thing #2: overage amount in my account- $2000. Total bill for van repair- $2000. Ha!! I love that God had everything taken care of and under control and a plan for that $$ that I couldn’t have imagined…to the penny. God had fully provided through His people before there was even a need! 13 years later, I’m still in awe of how God worked in that situation.

  6. Two weeks ago a lady from my church was snorkeling. She drowned and had to be airlifted to the capitol of my country where there is a major hospital.Two hours later, she was resuscitated. Last Sunday she stood and waved at our congregation as her story was told.
    DEAD FOR TWO HOURS and He brought her back with no apparent ill effects.
    Just God!

  7. God restored my cold, dead soul that was in the pit of depression. My prayers went something like, “God, I don’t know if you’re real anymore, and if you’re not these words are meaningless, but I hope you are. If you are, please do something, because I can do nothing…I feel nothing…I have nothing to live for…”

    It took months, but I can say with confidence that it was those desperate prayers to a God I wasn’t sure existed any longer, that have been answered and are restoring my soul into a more honest and authentic relationship with God than I knew I could have. Amen.

  8. There’s are so many in my life. Our church at one point prayed for two years for a little baby while still in the womb because she had so many problems with her lungs and heart. When she was born, the doctors told the parents that the child would mst likely not be able to eat solid food, talk, sit up, crawl or walk and would probably die within a a year, even with surgery. She went through many surgeries to repair the damages, some successful and some not. When God took her to heaven 18 months later, she was walking, running, talking and filling us all with joy at the miracles He had done.

  9. My grandmother was diagnosed with stage four abdominal cancer after she had her uterus removed. It became so severe that it permitted her colon, and her liver, and it actually burst through the incision from the surgery and appeared on the outside (something the doctor had never seen or even heard of). They were sure she would die of the cancer or die of the severe chemo it would require to kill it. She chose to do chemo, and hundreds of people prayed for her(her many friends and family, two or three churches, and many people who didn’t even know her) and within a year she has been cured. When the doctor brought her the news, he cried with her and her family because he was so sure she would die. God is the reason she lived. And he is amazing. She will even have an article written about her in a medical journal. But the most important thing is that she is here. Because God knew that we need that wonderful woman.

  10. I remember coming home from church hungry and water had gone. When sister had mental illness she found her pill throw them in the water supply that was store and the food. The next day in science class started to feel strange, I was sweating a lot and my legs just won’t stay close. Wondering what’s going on I left school at break time and went home. There my brother’s were, you not feeling well to. He give me some hot coco saying this will work. Within a couple of minutes he turn what’s wrong with your jaws, I look in the mirror and it was totally out of place twist. I began to crying and he was laughing, then become scared. My mom took me to the doctor, he ask do you know much she consume ? My mom didn’t know and the doctor said, he can’t treat me cause he don’t how I already have. Her hands were shaking and doctor a little more can kill her or send her crazy. Then he left mom said, pray. I remember saying to her how can I pray I hard can speak, you bearely can understand. The doctor return, I’ll give her this little piece and let see if it will work. Mom said, God understand pray though your heart. I was thinking how can he hear if I don’t used my mouth and God indeed hear my cry and deliver me. He made me brand new and my mom took the treatment share themy with my brother’s. God do the impossible just believe and you will receive.

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