A Hospital Visit and the Result…

I spent much of yesterday laying in a hospital bed. I started having contractions, which I shouldn’t be having at 25 weeks of pregnancy.

I was never really nervous. I felt peace and knew God would allow everything to be okay…and He did. I did leave the hospital though, feeling ever grateful for the little things in life that we often take for granted:

A spouse who cares for us and serves us. A child who looks at us like we are the coolest thing that ever happened.  A friend’s self-sacrificing act. An unborn child protected by God. A life given in sacrifice.

I find it to be no coincidence either, that as I am feeling overwhelmed with all we have to be thankful for, it also happens to be Memorial Day weekend.

I’ve never understood how mega-retailers and small town shops alike, equate deep discounts and “slashing prices” on refrigerators with honoring those who have given their life in sacrifice. Maybe it’s just me..

Regardless, I am thankful for those who have fallen in the pursuit of freedom and service. I am grateful for the sacrifice made by so many families–sacrifices, that I admit, I am perhaps too selfish to make.

This Memorial Day weekend what are you thankful for? What little thing that often slips your attention is actually worthy of praise? Do you have any fallen soldiers or even veteran’s who you would like to honor? Please do so in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “A Hospital Visit and the Result…”

  1. Very glad to hear things went well, and that you’re no longer in the hospital!

    I am thankful for days when my health improves as opposed to regressing. I’m thankful that I am alive, vertical, and in motion.

    My father was a WWII veteran. He has been with the Lord for many years now, but I still remember his stories of serving as a medic on troop ships in the South Pacific. His one claim to fame was giving a hypodermic shot to a general. The guy insisted on having the shot in the behind instead of in his arm. Go figure.

    1. Ed,
      Gosh, our health is such an easy thing to take for granted. In the last few years I have experienced the most challenging times to my health, but it makes me even more grateful for “good days.”

      I love this too: “I’m thankful that I am alive, vertical, and in motion.” That about sums it up.

      So cool that your dad was a WWII veteran. So was my grandfather. I tried to soak up as many stories as I could. What a blessing that you have some stories from your father.

  2. I’m grateful for God’s hand of protection over my father, Lawren Osland, during WWII, specifically over his communications ship. Bombs from a Japanese kamikaze plane fell on either side of his ship, but he remained protected. I’m grateful for the protection of my father-in-law, Bob Hopkins, while the Marines battled the Japanese. His unit sustained a huge percentage of casualties, but he was spared. I’m proud of them both for serving with honor so that I could live in freedom.
    On a mundane note, I’m grateful for clean water (hot or cold!)flowing from the faucet every time I turn it on. So glad I don’t have to haul it up from some scummy river and boil it before using. That’s no small thing for which to be thankful.

    1. Jane,
      Wow, what powerful stories of God’s protection! I loved them. Thank you for sharing.

      As for water, i was thinking about this the other day as I poured my kids some cold, clean water. I thought of the millions of people on the planet who do not have this luxury. I felt guilty. I prayed and then I felt thankful.

      You are right–nothing too small to be thankful for.

  3. Nicole,

    I am so glad to hear that things are okay…I can honestly SO RELATE, as I have just been given permission to get off of full bed rest and “take it easy” for the remainder of my pregnancy. The past 6 weeks on bed rest have been really hard and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have the little freedoms now to get out and run an errand or two, or even fold some laundry. Sounds silly, but I don’t think we were made to just sit around and do nothing all the time (a few days to rest and recoup are great lol)…how boring and depressing. Anyway, make sure you DRINK TONS OF WATER…not sure if that is what caused your contractions, but I know that is what did it for me and caused the bleeding and preterm labor… Take it easy my friend and praying for an uneventful rest of your pregnancy!!

    1. Such exciting news Carlene! I can’t imagine how exciting an errand run must be right now. I don’t think I’d be able to survive bed rest. I’m glad you have some more freedom and baby is doing well.

      They thought i was dehydrated but after a bag and a half of IV fluid I was still contracting. I think I caught a stomach bug because I woke up feeling nauseous and just sick…then started contracting.

      Still having some today, but much less. And yes, I’m drinking lots of water just to be safe.

      Hope the next few weeks fly by for you!

  4. Wow, thankful for His protection in your situation. Right now, I have a brother in law who is about to be deployed (Navy). Praying his his safety and everything he is about to go through.

  5. I’m so glad everything was OK.

    As for me, I’m just thankful for my wife. We had our third anniversary on Tuesday and we’re amazed at the stuff we’ve had to go through already in those three years. I love her.

  6. Wow. Thankful that you and baby ok. Praising God for His amazing blessings in your lives and other bloggers’ lives this week. Our Lord is indeed awesome!

    I’m thankful that the dream I had last night is not true! It was a doozy!

    I’m also thankful for my faith, for God’s promises, and for His Word. And for Spring! I love Spring and it was a long winter in South Dakota!

  7. Wow, grateful y’all are OK.

    I’m thankful for a brother-in-law who is faithfully serving our country, and my sister.

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