Favorite (New) Things

Newness is all around me. My husband and I are in the midst of house church planting…something neither of us has done before. My husband has also been a full-time entrepreneur for the first time in our marriage this last year.

Oh, and we’re having a baby in 3 months. Babies are pretty new.

I have to say though, I like the newness. I love discovering new things and experiencing new things. I’m not just a creature of habit. So, with all things shiny and new in mind, here are 3 new things I have been loving…my Favorite (New) Things…

1. Pinterest. Have you heard of Pinterest yet? I read design blogs almost daily. I love perusing web pages filled with gorgeous homes and decor ideas. My house is constantly in a state of flux because I am always re-imagining its design.

Well, Pinterest is “a place to catalog the things you love.” Basically, people like yourself can “pin” items from the web that they find interesting, beautiful, cool, nifty. Then other people, like me, can view those “pinned” pages, as well.

It is genius and I like it so much more than Evernote, for instance. Pintesrest lets me keep track of all the things I find on the web and gives them a sweet little house to live in, so to speak.

If you are interested in becoming a “pinner,” try it out. But, be aware that entrance into the Pintesrest community takes about 2 to 3 weeks. Yeah, they are that cool.

2. Churchm.ag. Do you know Church Crunch, the blog dedicated to “exploring the intersection of web technology and the church?” The head chief is the talented and busy John Saddington (check out TentBlogger, too, if you are a blogger).

Well, ChurchCrunch is now ChurchMag and combines what was once multiple blogs discussing different aspects of technology/church into one collective blog. Genius.

Got a question about RSS, mobile apps, web design, or plug-ins? This site is a great resource that happens to be written with the church in mind.

3. Hulu. Okay, I know I may be a little late to the Hulu game, so sorry. I knew what it was…blah blah blah. I just didn’t need it. I had cable. That is, I had cable.

After saying sionara to my cable bill each month, Hulu has become my new BFF. We go shopping together, get mani/pedis, and swap clothes. It is a perfect relationship.  I can watch a gazillion TV shows at any time. I don’t. I’m really just obsessed with Castle. *ahem* no wise cracks please.

And for only $7 a month, she is a lot cheaper than the evil-money-sucking-cable-bill. Pleased? Why yes, yes I am.

Okay, so there you have it–my new list. What about you? What new interests, hobbies, TV shows, gadgets, websites, etc have been floating your boat lately? Share with me and maybe I’ll find yet another new love.

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11 thoughts on “Favorite (New) Things”

  1. I’ve fallen in love with Fleetwood Mac recently. They’re not new, but dang they’re good.

    Also, the Voice (an American Idol spin off) has sucked me in a bit. I like the format of the show and the premise so much more than a lot of the other competition shows.

    On a biblically related note, I’ve been reading 1 Kings, and Elijah blows my mind. Or I should say, God blows my mind. I’ve heard things about his life before, but reading about how much power God exercised through Him is insane.

    Those are my three new things.

  2. I love Castle too. I’ve gone w/o cable for 2 yrs now and have been hulu-ing ever since. For certain shows you can’t find on hulu (like cbs shows) you can use xfinity.com or imdb.com (I like imdb cuz you can also search actors and tv shows/movies and find out all the trivia related, etc.) People think they can’t adjust to hulu cuz of a small screen, but your mind doesn’t remember it any bigger or smaller than normal so it’s no biggie to me. (Of course I have a wee apartment, so…)

  3. Hulu, yes! It saves the day. And I kid you not, my gf and I just got done watching 30 Rock and, yes, Castle, on Hulu.

    My new things:
    1. iMovie. It’s not new for me, but I’ve been on a kick of learning more about how to use it, including using editing techniques, setting up stories via video, jump cutting, etc. Lots to learn. Lots of fun. (it’s the intro-level movie making app for the Mac)

    2. Angry Birds. I told my self I wouldn’t get hooked….#fail.

    3. Making lists with three things on them. Why not?


  4. New Interest:

    1. House church stuff. No, seriously. I won’t say I am ready or on the edge of starting one myself, but I can hear the gentle whispers and rustlings of one coming my way.

    This has literally forced me to do a “spiritual inventory” and a serious “spiritual enema” (sorry for that visual) to bring myself more in-line with the man Jesus wants me to be and the son my Father has called.

    My new interest.

  5. Like Donald, Mark and I have been interested in house churches. There are none in Sioux Falls, SD, at least none that I can find (how does one go about finding a house church?). We’ve also tossed around the idea of starting one of our own. We’ve been feeling God leading us into ministry for a few years now, unfortunately one such ministry failed this year and now waiting for God to tell us our next move has been our new thing.

    I’m also fairly new to Twitter. I recently figured out what hash tags are and how to use them. I also found out that perusing twitter and all the lovely links everyone posts is a great way to entertain myself when waiting for 20 or so minutes in my car- which is has been happening a lot lately.

    Oh boy, I was totally going to comment about technology and stuff but after reading Donald’s comment I felt inspired/led to divulge more. I was actually going to email both you, Nicole, and Donald about this for advice/prayer, but now I just posted it on your blog! Oops!

  6. My recent newbies are rediscovery of “oldies”

    1. Paper planner. I have finally given up on using the calendar function on my phone as a planner. I was missing out on too much stuff and really needed to see my weeks laid out in front of my.

    2. Online chess. Great web site called ItsYourTurn. I forgot what a “thinking man” game chess was. really is forcing me to exercise some brain muscles I haven’t used in a while.

  7. I *heart* CASTLE as well..did you see the season finale?! Cliffhanger….(ps..i also ditched my cable)
    1. I just got back into running to train for my first half-marathon in November. I love it!
    2. music & books…for me these go hand in hand. i have fallen in love again with Pearl Jam and Live. new books discovered as well
    3. food blogs because i love food and photography

  8. A little bit late over here, but I love Pinterest too! It’s been super helpful for planning my sister’s wedding. We post pics back and forth to each other. I’ve also tagged some fun house DIY project images too. Fun!

  9. Haha I just discovered Pinterest too! Come find me: http://pinterest.com/scottywotsits/
    It’s making me daydream with thoughts of “Can I just chuck the towel in on this whole ‘product design career’ malarky, and become a housewife who spends her life creating a beautiful home?” Need to find me a man first…

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