When I Grow Up…

When I grow up I will…

Splurge on: vintage clothing and decor

Understand: quantum physics

Sleep: soundly

Read: the 100 greatest novels and the Wall Street Journal

Own: a Karmann Ghia

Collect: postcards

Eat: full fat everything and chocolate anything

Purchase: medical supplies for third world children

Rent: a villa in Italy every summer

Give: generously and often

Avoid: standing in lines

Destroy: the enemy’s plans

Retain: my childhood memories

Fear: God

Enjoy: my friendships

Laugh: constantly

Resemble: a girl I once knew

Drink: wine and coffee

Grasp: eternity

What will you do when you grow up?

post idea courtesy of Magic Molly

5 thoughts on “When I Grow Up…”

  1. “Understand: quantum physics” and “Grasp: eternity”?! Two pretty big ambitions there Nicole!

    A selection of my own thoughts:

    Read: more than I do right now, since books get squeezed out with constant university coursework

    Own: an Ariel Atom (Google it. Most amazing car I’ve ever seen)

    Collect: clothes from Karen Millen

    Retain: my innocence and purity, no matter whether single or married

    Fear: spiders. Always.

    Enjoy: love, life and laughter

    Resemble: the woman I want to become

    Drink: tea constantly (actually I already do that)

    That was harder than I thought! The more materialistic ones are much easier than the deep, thought-provoking ones…

  2. Splurge on: a carbon fiber or titanium bike
    Understand: women
    Own:my own log home
    Collect: old bicycles and restore them
    Eat: Stuff that isn’t necessarily healthy and all ice cream i can get my hands on.
    Purchase: Bibles for all 3rd world Christians
    Rent: a motor home so I can ride my bike cross country with friends and have a nice place to stay at night. My wife will drive.
    Give: Away at least 90% and live on the rest
    Avoid: worrying about finances
    Destroy: the enemy’s (Satan) weapons
    Retain: my health
    Fear: gotta go with God
    Enjoy: life with my wife and family
    Laugh: at life with abandon
    Resemble: the man I always wanted to become
    Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
    Grasp: the power of the Holy Spirit & the majesty of God’s grace.

    Gotta go with Rachel. this was harder than I thought but also revealing. I had to go back and seriously consider all the material things I did put down initially and say, “Is that really what you want?”

  3. Splurge on: Trips

    Understand: 3 languange

    Sleep: 8 hours a night

    Read: All of the bible (including those really long lists of names)

    Own: a scooter

    Collect: friends from different countries

    Eat: whatever i want

    Purchase: idk

    Rent: idk

    Give: until it hurts

    Avoid: accumulating too much stuff

    Destroy: idk

    Retain: my friends

    Fear: complacency

    Enjoy: each day like it were the last

    Laugh: constantly

    Resemble: someone who is taking care of the temple

    Drink: tea from around the world

    Grasp: the present is perfect

  4. Nicole, I love me some questionnaires! So much fun to simply be honest. (But in a non-threatening way! :))

    Splurge on: Journey Into Mystery #83

    Understand: Biblical Greek and Hebrew

    Sleep: When I want to!

    Read: The Scriptures in Greek and Hebrew (see “understand”, above)

    Own: My house (meaning PAID OFF)

    Collect: Albums/records

    Eat: Sashimi/sushi whenever I wish

    Purchase: Something of sentimental value for my bride

    Rent: A condo in Scottsdale, Arizona

    Give: And give some more

    Avoid: Stupidity

    Destroy: Strongholds of the enemy (as my Father directs and wills me to do, of course)

    Retain: My razor-sharp wit and excellent vocabulary

    Fear: Nothing but my Father

    Enjoy: Watching my daughters become women of relevance, strength, and substance

    Laugh: As often as possible, and at the most inappropriate times

    Resemble: The son my Father wants me to become

    Drink: Warm beer, cheap whiskey, and as much Pepsi as my body can handle

    Grasp: The mystery of The Trinity, and be able to explain it

    1. Donald,
      Love love your list. Especially “Enjoy: Watching my daughters become women of relevance, strength, and substance” and “Retain: My razor-sharp wit and excellent vocabulary”

      P.S. Scottsdale would love to have you!

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