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So I’ve been thinking…should I continue with Favorite Things Fridays or kill it? I guess I could have taken a vote and just asked you guys, but I never got around to it.

All that to say, I’ve decided to continue Favorite Things Fridays except that from now on they won’t always be about one topic. Today, for instance, is the first of what will become many–5 Things I’m loving this week and those 5 Things will be anything from posts I’ve read on other blogs, to motherhood tips, to gear and gadgets I like.

Without further ado, today’s Favorite (5) Things…

1. Desktop wallpaper- I haven’t changed the wallpaper on my computer ever. It is the same image it has been since I first got this computer, one of the free images that’s included. Boring.¬† I decided I needed to make a change. Which leads me to The Fox is Black, who hosts the Desktop Wallpaper Project, a collaboration with graphic artists and illustrators to offer unique, funky, and even brilliant wallpaper for your computer.

I especially love this retro city image from illustrator Ben Newman:

2. Color Lovers- If you are anything like me, color is important in your life. I stress over paint samples and paint chips on my home’s walls. In deciding the colors to be used on Modern Reject, for instance, I was picky and particualr. My husband, who is in marketing and branding is also a lover of color and understands its necessity in branding efforts.

He introduced me to colorlovers.com, a virtual superstore of every imaginable color palette one could dream up. There are color palettes for home, decor, web design, fashion, crafts, business–you name it.

3. Yum Berry– I’m not sure if Yum Berry is available everywhere, but it is here in Scottsdale and let me say that this self-serve frozen yogurt spot has become my new obsession. Their chocolate flavor has helped squelch many a chocolate craving for half the calories. Thank you Yum Berry. I heart you.

4. Hello Bar- Modern Reject is set to undergo a small re-design in the very near future (more on that soon, so stay tuned). One element in the new design that is up for discussion is the wonder of the Hello Bar. It is a notification bar that would drop down on the top of this site. I know, I know, usually I find these things extremely  obnoxious, but this little guy is simple, streamlined, and customizable. We shall see if it makes its way to Modern Reject.

5. Pinterest- I know I’ve mentioned Pinterest before, but I’ve just got to do it again. I so love this site and their iPhone app. The hubster says I’m obsessed, well maybe I am, but I’m not worried. I’m pinning. (You can find my pins here. Follow me on Pinterest, as well.)

What have you been loving this week? What has been floating your boat, so to speak?

2 thoughts on “Favorite (5) Things”

  1. Ooooo! I’m quickly becoming a big fan of Color Lovers!! So fun!

    One of my favorite things this week is @thehpsecrets. I just started following them. It’s super nerdy, and I love it! I just finished reading the final Harry Potter book and watched (with much anticipation and some mild disappointment) the final movie. It’s one of those things that I think will always remind me of growing up. :)

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