Friday Findings: Evangelicals and Honey Bees, Dating is Dead, and Checklists

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectHappy Friday, although my Friday is more like “Meh Friday.” My family was struck with the stomach flu on Wednesday night. My husband and I awoke to 2:30 a.m. toddler barf. By the next day, all of us were feeling miserable. Ugh. But, today, I’m on the mend, just still not feeling %100.

I did, however, find some great reads this week that I can’t wait to share. Without further ado…My Friday Findings:

More on the Gay Debate. A piece from Relevant Magazine, that covers both sides of the argument. A fast, but thorough read.

The Disappearance of Bees…and Evangelicals. My husband directed me to this post from Jamal Jivangee’s blog. After reading his amazing post relating Christians to honey bees (it’s soooo good), I found myself reading another after another. Jamal is a member of an organic church, as am I and he has an entire section of his blog dedicated to organic church, if you’re interested.

A fresh voice on Christian dating. I discovered Cory Copeland’s blog, Mad to Love, a few weeks ago and subscribed right away.  Cory writes about many issues within the church (right now he’s running a series on, what else, the gay debate) but what I love about him is his fresh, honest, and funny approach on dating and relationships. Check out this post, called “Is Dating Dead?” for example. Great stuff.

God Doesn’t Use Checklists. This is a great post on how we judge ourselves and others, but what we really need is grace. Kristin, the author, writes: “I’m trying to make sense of the tangled mess that’s created when my relationship with God gets all confused with my relationship with Christians.”

Stalk me, why dontcha? Did you hear that the Internet phenom, Pinterest, just raised $120 million and received a $1.5 billion valuation? Yes, $1.5 billion! Some people foresee Pinterest surpassing Facebook. I highly doubt that, but I understand the prediction because I am a self-professed Pin-aholic. I love pinning. There, is said it and if you find yourself on Pinterest too, why not stalk me? We can be pinning friends. Oh, and if you’d really like a sneak peek into my life, find me on Instagram too, as @modernreject!

Mend Mark Giveaway Winner. And lastly, the winner of the Mend Mark t-shirt giveaway is Wendy Ramirez. Congrats Wendy!

So, what did you discover this week? Read anything amazing, challenging, funny, or lame? Share away!

One thought on “Friday Findings: Evangelicals and Honey Bees, Dating is Dead, and Checklists”

  1. I won? I WONNN!!! Yayayaya, I’m so happy. I didn’t think I was, since I don’t have a facebook or twitter. Thank you soo much!

    Btw, how do I claim my prize? ;)

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