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Congratulations to Sami Jo on winning the giveaway!!

Hi Rejects. Have you heard of Kasey Van Norman? If not, allow me tell you about her for one quick second…

Kasey is the vision, passion, and beauty behind Kasey Van Norman Ministries, where she ministers to people through her gift of teaching. This girl can teach, let me tell you. Not to mention, she is all about empowering others through, the Word and the Spirit, to find freedom in Christ (it’s like she’s my passion twin).

So when Kasey’s new book cam out and she graciously supplied me with some copies, and extra goodies for my readers, I was stoked.

Her new book, Named by God, is the story of her own path to freedom, yet told in a way that makes freedom in Christ available to anyone. If you think she comes off as just another female Bible teacher, you’d be wrong. Growing up, Kasey  suffered through  an eating disorder, sexual abuse, and cutting. As an adult, she experienced a miscarriage and the subsequent devastation it brings, as well being diagnosed with cancer.

She gets it. She understands our need for God’s grace, power, and healing.

All that to say, let’s get this giveaway started. Here’s what one lucky winner will receive:

3 copies of Kasey’s book, Named by God.

3 copies of her accompanying Bible study, Named by God, a six-week study that teaches you how to let go of past hurts, experience God’s power now, and kindle afresh a new flame for God.

1 copy of the Named by God DVD. This is Kasey teaching and preaching and is the companion DVD to the Bible study. Sooo good.

3 “Redeemed” bracelets that also happen to be very similar to the gorgeous “Redeemed” tattoo Kasey rocks on her wrist. Love that.

This prize would make an awesome  gift to a woman’s Bible study or woman’s group. Or heck, this would allow you to start your own Bible study with friends.

How to win:

Leave a comment on this post saying “FREEDOM,” and tell me in a sentence or two where God has brought freedom to you and/or where you are still seeking His freedom.

Earn an extra entry by Tweeting this giveaway to your tweeps (Is that what they’re called? I never know).

Earn one more entry by hitting the “Like” button next to this post.

Earn another entry by going over to Kasey’s Facebook page and “liking” her.

Earn yet another extra entry by following Kasey on Twitter.

Please be sure to tell me if you’ve completed the additional entries in the comments below, by leaving a separate comment for each action. (I know that part is annoying, but it’s the fairest way for me to track entries).

The rules and stuff:

This giveaway is open to legal U.S. residents and can only be shipped within the 48 mainland states.

You must be at least 18 to enter and win.

The giveaway ends Monday the 16th at 9:00 p.m.

I’ll be using to select a winner and will post the results on Modern Reject.

Good luck! Hope you win! And if you do, you have to write me telling me about how you used this book and Bible study and what God did.

***************************************THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED************************************************

55 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Named by God”

  1. FREEDOM !!! the Lord is always @ work daily molding me but most recently He’s freed me from the shame I continued to try to bear on my own for the last 20-some years that came from being molested as a child & sexually abused as an adult … His freedom is amazing & I’m loving finally learning how to live in His love : )

  2. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God has freed me from so many things, but one that comes quickly to mind is being free to be the woman He’s created me to be! Not some other woman, not who other people think I should be and not even impossible images that I compare myself to. Just me.

  3. FREEDOM, that’s what you get when you accept God’s Grace! I let go of control, started trusting, sincerely and wholly took that grace from God, it flows straight to my heart, and it saved my marriage. Freedom is sweeeet, thanks to Jesus :-)

  4. FREEDOM. God has freed me from the guilt and shame of abuse and cutting. I’m still struggling with an eating disorder, but know that even in the darkest days, I have hope because of Christ.

  5. FREEDOM – Jesus has given me freedom from guilt and shame from past mistakes and hurts, and more than that he has completely redeemed those things and blessed me with an amazing husband who seeks the Lord with me everyday. His grace overwhelms me!


    Is it wrong that I heard Mel Gibson a la Braveheart in my head while I typed that?

    Thanks for the giveaway! Freedom has been a major theme in my life in the past couple of years, beginning with a total disintegration into acute PTSD, followed by a time of absolutely hating God, and finally realizing I had it wrong all along. I’ve learned how to deal with the trauma, learned how friendships in the Body truly work (spoiler alert: it’s incredibly messy), and learned that God doesn’t hold me up to a list of standards and expectations, thereby making me a “better” Christian when I meet them and backsliding when I don’t. In a word, it’s Him and not me. Whew! I’m totally late to that party, but it is an amazing freedom that I hope I never tire of.

    I’ve also liked her page, followed her Twitter feed, and retweeted the post. I would love to have this as an option for leading a study next semester. Thanks so much!

    1. @Heather,

      You said:
      “I’ve learned how to deal with the trauma, learned how friendships in the Body truly work (spoiler alert: it’s incredibly messy), and learned that God doesn’t hold me up to a list of standards and expectations, thereby making me a “better” Christian when I meet them and backsliding when I don’t.”

      May I simply tell you, as a complete stranger reading these comments, that I find those words dripping with maturity in Christ. Brilliant, Heather. Brilliant, true, and so freaking spot-on. (I’m applauding you right now, but you can’t see it) He really is an amazing Father, isn’t He?

  7. FREEDOM! Love me a good bible study. By His grace, I’m free from the chains of sin, the bondage that it brings and needing the attention of others to fill my emptiness and give me value and worth. Holla!

    And because I’m rockin’ this giveaway:
    – Liked Kasey’s FB Page AND Liked this post!

  8. FREEDOM: my identity lies in being a much-loved and much-forgiven child of God. I am not what others say I am. I am not the lies I feed myself. I am God’s and God’s alone.

  9. FREEDOM – I am FREE from others’ judgments and opinions about me; FREE from my own expectations of myself as well as my shortcomings; FREE from living the lie of what the world thinks is FREEDOM; because of the blood of Jesus, I am FREE.

  10. freedom. his freedom is oh SO good, isn’t it? He’s free’d me from despising myself. He’s free’d me from fear, from angst, from completely and utterly despising the idea of having any type of you know what kind of “relationship” with my husband because I. Was. Broken. He’s healed me and I ……. I’m free. Anyhow… that’s me :) Well — a little bit of me. I’m so jazzed to read this book and get into this Bible Study and share it with my friends! Thank you for the opportunity!

  11. Freedom!!!……I have been on this incredible journey of trying to figure out what GOD’s plan is for me. And to be very honest everyday is a challenge with the up’s and downs that me and my husband have been put through for the last 6 years our faith has been put through the test. But there is nothing more important to us than the Lord. So to say I am free… I would have to say not yet, but in time and with faith I know God is right by our sides and our freedom is to come.

  12. Freedom. The Lord has given me freedom from the lies about men and marriage so that I can enjoy and flurish.

  13. FREEDOM! God has given me freedom from being so hard on myself. Never was tough on others, but it was always so easy to beat myself up. Deliverance is bliss! (Although sometimes I feel the desire coming back and I just give it over to the Lord . . .)

  14. FREEDOM! Went to my Facebook page and Liked the post. Couldn’t get it to work otherwise. Don’t have a Twitter account.

  15. FREEDOM I was relocated to Texas in late 2005 with my five kids due to my husbands abuse and entered a battered women’s shelter broken, hopeless and did not believe that God loved me but now i am in a great church i know that i am loved by God I graduated from tarrant county college may 2010 now i am at university of north texas full time will graduate next may.God has shown me much love and favor. I am still looking to Jesus for healing concerning my husband because he died 3 months ago with so many things unresolved and our children are heartbroken and i am to but i Know God is able.

  16. FREEDOM…was freed from an addiction to pornography and romance novel. Where I’m still struggling for freedom: understanding and knowing my identity in Christ.

  17. FREEDOM has been found in the (for me) unlikely element of non-negotiable obedience to God. In following daily His written instruction, then asking for and acting upon wisdom from His Holy Spirit, there is freedom – the sweetest freedom – from worry, from fear, from guilt, from anxiety…what remains is peace in knowing that by obedience one has done all one can do, and that Jesus will “take it from here.”

    1. Carol Anne,

      I’m in love with your comments. Brilliant! Obedience is freedom in Christ, for surely as a son Himself, He was totally, 100% obedient to His Father, and He has since taken His place at the right hand of our Father. Nicely said!

  18. FREEDOM!! God has given me freedom through His grace. He has freed me from myself. He has freed me from material attachments. I live freely each day on His daily bread, literally! He has freed me from worry because I can count on Him for everything. His power gets me through uncertainties and His providence grants me what I need each day as sustenance physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that I can just walk with Him, hand in hand, to fulfill each purpose He has laid out for me. :)

  19. FREEDOM!!! As a new Christian (like 4 months new) I am continuing to learn about and experience the power of the Lord in my life. God has freed me from the false idol of myself and all my plans. God has freed me (and continues freeing me) from the expectation of others!

    I’d love to get the study materials so that I can start up a bible study group! Thanks!

    And I tweeted it!

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