Back After these Messages…

So, I mentioned the other day that my precious Mac didn’t like me anymore. In fact, she quit…as in quit working. Turns out, my harddrive went kaput. And can I just say that it is quite difficult to be a blogger without a computer.

I’m actually typing this on my husband’s computer, which I have been sneakily stealing from him each evening in a desperate attempt to keep up. Sad to say, it isn’t exactly working.

I feel so disconnected (pun intended), but have realized just how much time I spend on-line. Which, has led me to enjoy my time away from the screen, connecting more with my kids, friends, and of course, the Lord.

Hopefully, my little baby will be back in my hands in a few short days–fixed and ready to go. Until then,┬áthank you for being patient with me while I am computer-less. Some days I might be around and others, maybe not so much, but know this…[insert Schwarzenegger] I’ll be back.

5 thoughts on “Back After these Messages…”

    1. “…real life happens offline.”

      YES! Of course, this might damage the agenda of Internet Jesus and the swarms of Twitter Evangelists, but, hey, this is the really real world far removed from electronica.

  1. It’s so hard to be without the things we are used to, however I really relate with your realization of how much time you spend online. It’s good for us to get those occasional reminders! We could all stand to step away from the world of technology once in a while.

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