Do You Know…?

Do you know…

You are forgiven…completely? Not-sorta-kinda-maybe-forgiven. Not partially, slightly forgiven, but completely forgiven. God does not remember your sin. He has forgotten them. Forever.

Do you know…

You are not a broken adult whom God has patched up and pieced back together? No. You are altogether new..a new creation breathed into being from nothingness. You are not a remodel, you are a reconstruction–the former demolished and the new rebuilt on the foundation of Jesus Christ?

Do you know…

You were not meant to be alone or feel alone–that God desires you to be in relationship, in and among family, in fellowship, feeling loved and giving His great love to others, daily sharing life with the saints?

Do you know…

That even when you feel desperately alone in your hurt, or pain, or confusion, or anger that Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, intercedes on your behalf…because He loves you profoundly and He calls you his own? You are never alone.

Do you know…

That if your church leaves you feeling anything less than accepted, important, integral, vital,  equipped, encouraged, supported, and loved that God weeps…and that He has more for you?

Do you know…

That “the testing of your faith produces perseverance?” So, go ahead and “let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

Do you know that…

The Father does not merely tolerate you, but rather that He delights in you.

Do you know…

God is bigger, brighter, and more powerful than your past, your sins, your regrets, your secrets, your shame, your guilt, your hopelessness, your addiction.

Do you know…

“…that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate you from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Do you know…

Every single day, all day long, God desires to speak to you and through you? The Holy Spirit is actively working, you only need to learn how to hear Him.

Do you know…

Despite how you may feel, despite what you’ve been told, despite the lies the enemy has crafted, you are restored, redeemed, beloved, righteous, holy, called, named, approved, accepted, sent, and worthy? YOU.

Do you know…

You cannot earn His love no matter how hard you try–that no amount of good deeds or kind acts, no amount of prayer, bible reading, singing songs, serving here, or giving there can make Him love you anymore? He loves you not for what you have or haven’t done but simply because of who you are–His child.

Which of these truths spoke the loudest to you and why? What new truth and new revelation of Jesus have you recently realized?

17 thoughts on “Do You Know…?”

  1. No amount of prayer, bible reading or anything thing else like that can make God love me less. He loves me because I am His child. Period. End of discussion. And I am so happy about that little revelation. <3

  2. His grace is sufficient. I’ve learned that I can confess my sins, and God is faithful to forgive and extend me the grace I don’t deserve. He doesn’t strike me down for missing the mark but He forgives me.

  3. Do I know?

    Well, if I didn’t, I surely do now. Thanks, Nicole, for speaking with our Father’s voice.

    I am known, and I know, indeed.

    Hopefully now others will see that my frustration and mild vitriol at their whining, helpless, victmhood blog postings and Twitter comments is warranted. Nothing is more offensive than a believer who refuses to receive wholeness in Christ in lieu of their self-imposed victimhood and weak-spirited ‘woe-is-me’ mantra. Tedious.

  4. This is exactly what God has been reminding me of this week, particularly the bit about being redeemed, approved and worthy, just because He made me. The bit about not being able to do anything to earn His love also spoke to me.
    Thanks for this, and for putting into words exactly what God has been trying to remind me this week.

  5. As my brother Florida Wayne sings:

    “When we spend too much time covered in the wounds of our lies, we begin to look like we are not even real.” Our doubts, self-lies, frustrations, and self-hatred will eventually scar us to the point that we are spiritually unrecognizable.

  6. My father just recently told me that he just tolerates me. So the fact that you just said “The Father does not merely tolerate you, but rather that He delights in you”. Made my night. I didn’t even realize that what he said affected me until I read that. Thank you!!

  7. Nicole,

    Have I ever mentioned to you that I absolutely love your blog? ;)

    Wow, truly ‘knowing’ these vital realities is a game changer. They are freedom. For me personally, the one that spoke the loudest to my heart this morning is this:

    “The Father does not merely tolerate you, but rather that He delights in you.”

    Wow, that truth never gets old to a former orphan. Thanks sister for this gift to the world.

    1. Oh, but how He delights in us as our Father! He even reveals His covenant to us when we delight in Him.

      He stands behind us with His hands on our shoulders, whispering encouragement. He stands to the side, observing us as we walk as sons of His in The World. He laughs with us, and fellowships with us, and He always takes the time to bind up our wounds when we need Him to do so.

      He corrects us, praises us (tells us He is happy with us), and is always available for late-night conversations over coffee or simply in the stillness of early morning. He has adopted us through The New Covenant and given us a permanent identity as sons.

      The Fatherhood of God and our sonship in Christ never gets old. It is as relevant today as it was when Jesus first spoke of it. As a former orphan myself (spiritually, not naturally), I cling to His Fatherhood and rest in His strength.

  8. When you said that God wanted (me) to hear this I thought “bah, no way” then I started reading and my heart started turning. Then I started reading more…and more…and more. All the way to the end. It’s not like they are new truth’s that I didn’t already know yet somehow in this moment they were new.
    I am going through a thing, a wretched thing right now yet God is ever, oh so EVER present. I so needed what you wrote to be reminded once more of just how present in this He is.

    Your words are amazing and I’m glad I found your blog!

  9. Really needed to be reminded of this today. Passing it on to my friend as well. Thanks. Side note: I was reading through some older posts, commented on one and used a phrase that was in your list of things you’re sick of hearing. I had to laugh out loud. Sorry about that…and the truth is, I never use that phrase; it just came to me.

  10. I have been so depressed for the past couple months. And guilty. And worthless feeling. I’ve even been dealing with self harm problems. I haven’t enjoyed things I used to enjoy anymore. I can’t pray anymore. I haven’t been going to church or getting out of the house much, except when I have to. I haven’t been seeing my friends. I haven’t been doing well in school. And I have felt so guilty for all of this, and because I hardly make a thought about God anymore. And when I read this I cried, because God is still watching me. And he still loves me. Even though I feel like I am worth nothing. Thank you.

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