#7 of the Top 10 Modern Reject Posts of 2012

This posts stands as the only one I have written about homosexuality. Some of you agreed with me and others thought that I should have come out with a clear and definitive stance on the issue of homosexuality.

And while it may sound like a cop-out, I haven’t felt like I’ve needed to do so. I obviously have an opinion and position on homosexuality, but not one that I’ve felt was necessary to articulate (at least not right now).  This post was what I felt the Spirit leading me to write and so I did.

Homosexuality and Where the Church Has Failed

I feel like I’ve backed myself into a corner. I feel like I’ve created a monster, wherein I casually debate hot-button or controversial issues on this blog, and thus people are expecting me to feed that monster. Truth be told, I don’t want to feed it. I want it to slither back into its cave and leave me alone.

But it’s not going anywhere.

I’ve debated in my mind over and over again about how, and if, I should address the issue of homosexuality and gay-marriage on this blog. I’ve had people write me and ask that I do. I have friends, whom I love, that daily struggle with this issue in personal and profound ways.

My knee-jerk reaction has been to write a divisive, controversial, button-pushing post on the subject, clearly articulating my views, and simultaneously pulverizing the opposition. I felt certain that if I did, it would cause a ruckus, but I felt ready for that response…or so I thought.

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2 thoughts on “#7 of the Top 10 Modern Reject Posts of 2012”

  1. Wow, Nicole, if THIS post only ranks &3, I can hardly wait to see the rest! Seems I missed a lot by only catching on to your blog three months ago!

    To your point – what a Christ-like way to respond to any issue…you could just insert a blank space where “homosexuality” is in the title, and allow each of us to fill in our own personal sinful shortcomings; it would be no less effective, no less radical, and no less true. The Holy Spirit has made you quite the amplifier for His heart…God bless you, dear, and thank you for your submission to Him.

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