#8 of the Top 10 Modern Reject Posts of 2012

Usually, when I sit down to write something, when it’s all said and done I feel okay about it. Not great. Not rad. Just so-so. Rarely, in fact, do I ever finish a post and think to myself “Good one, Nicole.” After writing this post, though, I felt satisfied. Actually, it was probably one of my favorites of this year.

And, it seems, many of you felt the same. So, thank you. [sniffle, tear]

What God Will Never Ask You

It’s inevitable–we’re all going to die. There, I said it. And now that I’ve started off this post on a happy note…

Since we know we’re going to die, then it goes without saying, we will assuredly stand before God in that lovely little thing called Judgement.

Now, I’m not heaven-minded. I don’t tend to have what they call an “eternal perspective.” I’m pretty much a today-is-the-day-kind- of-girl. But I know that much of what consumes me, what consumes us ad nauseam, is not what the Lord is consumed with. He is consumed with love. Heck, He is an all consuming fire (Hebrew 12:29).

Yet, when we consider these things, and I mean really consider them, perhaps we would think of Judgement a bit differently. When we are standing before God and we are asked to give an account of our life, what will He ask us? I doubt He will pose many questions regarding the things we find so pressing today.

Now, I’m not entirely sure. I’m just taking a guess here, but I’m pretty sure…

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