What is the Kingdom of God? Part 1

I’ve had the idea to wrote about the Kingdom of God since I started blogging, over 2 years ago. The post sat in my que, collecting dust, being passed over again and again for less heady, easier to swallow topics. I would¬†occasionally¬†glance at it, but quickly put it away because I felt tired just thinking about writing it.

But for some reason, in the last few days and weeks, the Lord has been showing me–reminding me really–that the concept of the Kingdom of God, while large in scope, should not feel elusive or overwhelming.

Because God is a God of Light and of revelation. He brings clarity and truth, not confusion. He is accesible and while yes, there are things pertaining to the Lord that will remain a mystery until we see Him face-to-face, I do not believe this is one of them.

Christians throw around the term the “Kingdom of God” quite often, but what do we really mean when we say that? What does scripture mean?

So, tomorrow, I’ll be writing about the Kingdom of God and how I have seen it revealed to me–and the revelation Jesus has brought me.

But, before then, I wanted to know your thoughts. Because like so many things I write, your comments, ideas, perspective, experience, and personal stories help shape and mold my own ideas. You feed me.

And so, I ask you…

What is the Kingdom of God, in your own words? How would you define it? I admit that not so long ago, I couldn’t have answered these questions and so if you find yourself in the same position, please know that it’s okay to say “I don’t know…but I want to find out.”

18 thoughts on “What is the Kingdom of God? Part 1”

  1. To me, the Kingdom of God is that elusive, invisible reality that contains the truth about everything in the universe. I am often drawn to echoes of its attributes (epicness, grace, salvation) in stories or in the world around me. It’s hard to define it, which in turn makes it awesome to me. As a result, I have a knee-jerk reaction to the idea of it being reduced to a category, a formula or to purely rational thinking.

  2. To me, the Kingdom of G-d is in the “already, not yet”. It is already here on earth, witnessed in the Church (and sometimes even in the church) and in Christians world-wide. You see it when people show unconditional love, forgiveness and grace. But it is not yet here in fullness. It will come in fullness when Christ returns and all the world is made right with Him.

    1. This is what I was going to say! Both “already” and “not yet.” I experience this is the tension I feel in both a satisfaction in my relationship with God, and a longing for more of Him. Christ is King already, and He is Lord of my life. I can rest in that. But there is much unrest for me too, when I see all the brokenness in the world. So, I have a longing for His return, and the day when ALL the world will know that He is King! The Kingdom of God seems so mysterious, but it’s also simple in a way. A kingdom has a king and subjects. So, if we are living as God’s subjects with Christ as King, we can experience the Kingdom of God.

  3. What is The Kingdom of our Father?


    It’s our eternal home, prepared by Him for us, to spend eternity with Him. It is not some mystical, spooky fantasy land that is waiting for us if we are good enough and one we go to when we die and escape this mortal coil. It is here, now, and we walk in it in The Spirit, paralleling our fleshly walks in The World.


  4. Great topic. Yes, so much talk of it, but words to define it succinctly don’t immediately flow easily. I suppose I think of it as a realm or reality wherein there is only light, no darkness or evil, and God’s original intent and design is unmarred and unhindered. This lies in contrast to the kingdoms of the world, which are subject to sin and defacement. We, as those who are in Christ, currently dwell within both realms, but one day the Kingdom of God will fully unite with earthly life, and the life in God’s Kingdom will be The Reality. Personally, I CAN’T WAIT!

  5. i’ve heard a it said as King’s Domain a lot in reference to the Kingdom of God. I’ve learned through others that the Kingdom of God is God’s Rule and Reign. So whenever God’s Kingdom is being manifested His rule and reign is being manifested. This looks like a lot of things. When we take care of the poor, we are releasing God’s rule and reign is being released among the poor. When the sick are are healed, the God’s rule and reign is being released onto bodies.

    This is why we pray “Your KINGDOM(RULE AND REIGN) come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” So the question is what does his rule and reign look like in heaven. And how can we partner with Him as His children by bring his Kingdom to Earth.

  6. A few months ago I would have been at a loss to answer this question. It is amazing how God continues to reveal things to us as we seek Him. It is here NOW, and this has been a huge eye opener for me as I begin to realize that I don’t have to wait any longer. His kingdom is not complete yet as we still deal with sin and its consequences. HOWEVER, we can LIVE now. So I choose to die to myself and let Christ be revealed through me to a lost world that desperately needs to see Christ. What does that look like? I believe it looks 180 degrees different than what we naturally expect. Our King came not to be served but to serve??? The meek shall inherit the earth??? The first will be last and the last shall be first??? Yep, in His kingdom and it now makes total sense.

  7. Jesus preached the kingdom (Mark 1:15) to a people who new what he was talking about from the Old Testament. The kingdom is found in the dominion of Adam and Eve (Gen. 1:26-28) and Israel (Exodus 19:4-6) called the “Image of God,” the ruling “Son” or dynasty of David who is also the “Son of God.” (2 Sam. 7:12-16) and the triumph and enthronement of the “Son of Man” over the beastly kingdoms of the earth (Daniel 7:13-14). Each of these titles is applied to Jesus in the New Testament. He is the King ironically crowned in the crucifixion (Mark 15:16-32) and exalted to God’s right hand (Acts 2:34-35; Psalms 110:1). The kingdom is thus the domain he rules. This is the community of saints which have now submitted to his rule (obeying Matthew 5:1-7:26 for example) but will eventually extend to all when he comes again.

  8. the ways I’ve tried to explain it to the 7 yr. old —-it’s here but not fully. the absence of all bad things…no more broken toys, no more broken earth. no more broken people, no more crying. It’s when God makes all things right between God & all people, all people & all people, all of creation & God & all people.

    Even then, he looks at me puzzled. =) It’s confusing for sure…and hard to even imagine, not a single tear. I’m often perplexed by the idea, comforted & fearful at the same time. Longing for it yet wondering what has to go down first.

    anyway, can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it!

  9. Scripture says it is “Peace, righteousness and joy in the Holy Spirit” and “It is not a matter of words but of Power”. I think it is also being like adam before eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, or like Jesus, where we simply cannot sin but everything we do will be perfectly within God’s Word and Love. I think it is also reflected in submission to His order for things, like the husband-wife order in scripture though we won’t be married eventually, but maybe also understanding that external things aren’t as important as internal and other things of order: so we know that a ripe banana is more important than a rotten one that is painted to look good. The internal fruits of love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, temperance come about within it thanks to His Holy Spirit. And His will for us is that we be always joyful, thankful and praying. We will have songs in our heart to God always and speak to each other in these much of the time, i think we will know about things and be able to discern anything at once without having things hidden, we will be thankful for everything in a way that glorifies God. Most importantly we will completely Love God and perfectly love each other in agape and phileo love, and without impurities, and it will never end. I think we will all be like children too, and have the love of God in the truth. I don’t think it will ever be boring.

  10. Nicole,

    I’ve been thinking about this post of yours today, as I tended to the business of being me, and I had a thought I’d like to share.

    Is there sin in The Kingdom? Yes, I said sin.

    I decided that there is. The sin in The Kingdom is what we try to bring into The Kingdom that doesn’t belong to our Father. In simpler terms, this sin is that thing, or things, we do in His Name that He has no part of whatsoever.

    Just a thought. Wanted to share.

  11. Jesus used the existing writings (Old Testament) to explain, teach and demonstrate the Kingdom of God to all those around him. His life was an expression of what the law and the prophets wrote about.
    He expanded his disciples understanding of what the reality of administering his Kingdom on this Earth meant; teaching the spirit of the law, healing people, providing direction for those confused, releasing people from spiritual bondage, teaching about and using the Gifts of the Spirit, and aiding people entering the spiritual Kingdom on Earth.
    We are ambassadors and servants/staff to expand the peace, joy and righteousness on Earth by word and demonstration.

  12. From my understanding, the Kingdom of God is God’s will on earth. His presence with us and His will done. Seeking it would entail telling someone of the Good News and practicing living out the Bible with God by our side.

    What has always been on my mind is the verse that says, “Seek, first, the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you,” because I’ve wanted the gift of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I still don’t have it.

    The reason I want it is so that I can have a clearer perspective of what God wants and so that I’ll be able to speak to the Youth with the boldness.

    This verse and what the Kingdom of God is like is on my mind a lot.

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