Friday Findings: Pleasing God, Don’t Be You, and Sh*%theads

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectYes, I know you can hardly believe it…I’m not only writing, but I’m writing a Friday Findings post. I think it’s been about forever since I wrote one of these suckers.

I’ve missed them. I always read so much rad stuff that I want to share with you guys each week and hopefully I’ll be at it again.

So lets get the party started.

Jamal (and his wife) do it again. If you don’t follow, read, or subscribe to Jamal Jivanjee yet, do it! His blog produces so much conversation, prayer, thought, and revelation in my life. No joke. Jamal often does interviews on his blog. I was honored to do one, in fact. A few weeks ago, he interviewed his wife Brandie and it broke me wide open. Her answers were filled with such wisdom, truth, and beauty. I even shared some of what she said with my church family in our corporate gathering.

Stop Trying to Be You–Jesus. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–Sammy is the dude version of me. I love everything he writes. This was no exception. 

What Pleases God. I love the simplicity yet profundity of this post by Frank Viola. Be encouraged by this.

This is Why I Date Shitheads (When I date at All). I hope you’re not easily offended by language and such, because if you aren’t, you can enjoy the witty, pithy, wisdom and hilarity of my friend Chelsea Batten. Chelsea is a real writer, not a blogger like me. She is a master word-slinger and I’m jealous of her craft. Read it and enjoy. 

Have you seen this video yet? I posted this gem on my Modern Reject Facebook page (which you should so totally “Like” so we can be even more of BFF’s). If you missed it there, watch it here. Or watch it again, but grab Kleenex first. Can anyone say “snot-fest?”

And finally, a while ago Google Reader said bye-bye. If you used to subscribe to Modern Reject via RSS and haven’t found a new way to subscribe, here are a few recommendations. I personally have started using Bloglovin’ and I like it so far. You can find me here.

Or if feeds and technology aren’t your thing, you can add me to your inbox. I promise to be short and sweet (mostly). Just type your email address into that nifty little box at the top of the home page. And wait for a surprise from “The King”. Promise, it’s worth it.

Whew. Done.

And I loved every second of it. Get to reading already, but not before you tell me what you’ve been reading, loving, watching, and enjoying lately. Go!

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