A Dream for the Church

I read this quote from Frank Viola, an author, speaker and church planter, and was left feeling inspired to do the same. Here is his dream for the church, followed by my own:

“I have a dream that Jesus Christ will one day be head of His Church again, not in pious rhetoric, but in reality.

I have a dream that one day the Church of Jesus Christ will rise up to her God-given calling and live out the true meaning of her identity–which is, the very heartthrob of God Almighty–the fiance of the King of all Kings.

I have a dream that groups of Christians everywhere will begin to flesh out the New Testament reality that the Church is a living organism and not an institutional organization.”

Frank Viola

Here are my dreams for the church…then please share yours…

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We are Starting a Church

When I met my husband, he told me during our engagement that he knew God had called him to start a church. I should have gone running. I mean, I had said these exact words on numerous occasions: “I never want to be a pastor’s wife.”

And here I am, along side my husband and a few family and friends, starting a church. My husband’s vision became my vision. God’s vision became our vision.

God has given us a different sort of vision for the church He has called us to start, however. We essentially aim to go back to basics… Continue reading We are Starting a Church