A Dream for the Church

I read this quote from Frank Viola, an author, speaker and church planter, and was left feeling inspired to do the same. Here is his dream for the church, followed by my own:

“I have a dream that Jesus Christ will one day be head of His Church again, not in pious rhetoric, but in reality.

I have a dream that one day the Church of Jesus Christ will rise up to her God-given calling and live out the true meaning of her identity–which is, the very heartthrob of God Almighty–the fiance of the King of all Kings.

I have a dream that groups of Christians everywhere will begin to flesh out the New Testament reality that the Church is a living organism and not an institutional organization.”

Frank Viola

Here are my dreams for the church…then please share yours…

I have a dream that the church will awaken to her true calling, the Bride of Christ.

I have a dream that the forgotten last words of Christ would take root in all believers’ hearts–go and make disciples–not just preach the Gospel, but disciple others to live in The Way and, thus, make more disciples–creating an exponential explosion of those added to the faith.

I have a dream that the forgotten will be remembered, the lonely will be comforted, the broken will be healed, the orphaned will be adopted and the needy will be fulfilled.

I have a dream that theological doctrine that currently divides brothers and sisters in the faith would be laid to rest and that our love of Christ and His blood alone would be all that binds us–letting nothing separate us.

I have a dream to see the Acts Church come alive, here and now, through each and every believer, letting the blind see, the deaf hear, the mute speak, and the dead rise– figuratively, spiritually, and literally speaking.

What’s your dream for the church? Nothing too small or too big…What do you envision for the Church? What do you hope to see change, grow, or materialize?

10 thoughts on “A Dream for the Church”

  1. I have a dream that the Church would begin to embrace being known for what we’re for, not what we’re against. Love and grace first – then change. Too often we look for change from the outside in. But real change comes from the inside out.

    1. Mike,

      Your comment makes me smile. I have spoken those exact words so many times. We are not the anti-democratic, pro-life, anti-gay, Republican-Christian party. People only know what we are against, not Who and what we are for. Love that!

      I checked out your blog too. Great stuff. You hit on things I’m always thinking about. I’m adding you to my reader. Blessings.

      1. Thanks for the add Nicole! I love your blog as well. I love your honesty and willingness to talk about some serious things with a no-nonsense attitude and a little humor.

  2. I think Larry Crabb sums it up pretty well:

    “In Western culture, the word church rarely calls to mind what I mean by community. More often, church means an organization with numerical and financial goals that have little to do with building real community. For their success, churches tend to require cooperation more than connection.”

    More connection. Less cooperation. My dream for the church is for people to walk in to a group of believers and say, “How does this even work? I have never seen THAT type of person hanging out with someone like THAT.” I want there to be less emphasis on programing and more emphasis on preparing, descipling, building up, investing, teaching, and sharing in one anothers’ pain. And I want there to be more disciples, and less people worried about getting “fed” on Sunday mornings.

    I want the church to not just say, but embrace the fact that people are messy, and that is something to engage in, not cover up or shirk away from. I want church to be less of a show. More of a discussion. Less of a performance. More of a time to be challenged.

    I want people to walk out and not say, “Wow, that pastor sure can preach,” but rather, “Wow, God is really alive and at work in me and in this body.” (For people to be in love with God, not the trendy people or bands that brokenly reflect his goodness)

    More than anything though, I want to want what God desires for His people. Because that probably isn’t perfectly represented here.

    1. This is perhaps one of the best things I have read in a while. I ate it up. I shared it with members of my house church.

      Thank you thank you Josh for sharing these words here.

      1. It’s really amazing to comment on a blog where not only when you contribute, you are actually a part of an on going conversation, but that you get encouraged. I don’t want this to become gushy or out of control, so I’ll end there. Thank for daring us to dream.

        1. Hey, I get gushy. I am just as encouraged, edified, and spurred on by what you comment.

          It does sound cliche, but I am after community here. I am beyond blessed to know that you feel like you are part of a conversation because the truth is…you are.

    1. Josh,

      I know this video and it is hilarious, but also sadly very true.

      I can’t remember, which is terrible, but I think I posted it on the blog a while back.

      Anyway, it really underscores the need for the church to be stripped down to refocus on Christ.

      Ugh. The task seems overwhelming at times, but bit by bit, person by person, prayer by prayer, I believe the Spirit is going to transform church as we know it!

  3. Sing it with me: And they’ll know we are Christians by:
    – our judgement and hatred of certain sins?
    – our need to be right ALL the time?
    – our pride and arrogance?
    (sorry, my frustrations are showing..)

    By our LOVE. My dream is that we would be known by our love.

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