Friday Findings: Being an Atheist, Napping, and Introverts

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectFriday, sweet Friday. I’m so glad you are here. Although, this weekend I’ll be flying as a solo parent, as my film-junkie of a husband will be traveling to California to attend an all day Oscar film marathon. That leaves me and the 3 wild monkeys alone all weekend. No, I’m not scured…Well, maybe just a little. Nothing some Beyonce “crazy music,” (as my daughter likes to call it) and some mint chip ice cream can’t solve (the ice cream is for me, not them, by the way).

So here’s to Friday and here’s what I loved around the web this week:

If I were an Atheist. What could lead you to atheism? This is a thoughtful and well-reasoned post.

10o Ways to be Kind to Your Child. Usually lists like this are so corny, or trite, or over-done that they fail to offer anything new. This post is not one of those. I even got a little weepy while reading it.

I happen to consider myself a professional napper. If you are anything like me, then you’ll enjoy this inforgraphic on Everything You Need to Know About Napping. So fun.

Are you familiar with this iPhone app? It appeals to my inner geek which loves all things retro.

Introverts get such a bad rap, especially in the church and especially in leadership. Carlos Whitaker, who is clearly not an introvert, went ahead and wrote about it anyway. This makes me happy.

My blogging friends the former Ally Spotts (now Ally Vestefelt) and her new hubby Darrell Vesterfelt are now the directors of Prodigal Magazine–a magazine for the everyday Christian. Try this post on for size, to get started. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m bi-racial which, while often doesn’t mean much of anything, occasionally this fact will throw me for a loop when it comes to understanding my identity. That’s why I so appreciated Tony Alicea’s post this week on your heritage and righteousness. So good.

Also, tomorrow is the last day I’ll be accepting submissions for the “I’m a Reject, Because…” series. If you’d like to share with others here on Modern Reject as to why you’re a reject, here’s your chance. Send me your post. 300-500 words. Hope to hear from you.

┬áNow it’s your turn. Share with me the cool, interesting, funny, inspiring, or challenging things you discovered this week.

6 thoughts on “Friday Findings: Being an Atheist, Napping, and Introverts”

    1. Actually, now after reading the swim suit article, I know darn well they won’t like my stuff! My articles tend to ask questions like “Can God relate to human suffering?” or “Are women second-class citizens in the Kingdom of God?” I stopped asking “Can Christians wear two-piece swim suits?” long time ago!

      1. Travis in all fairness, even Jon Acuff has posts about two piece swimsuits.

        All that to say, Prodigal is looking for personal stories of faith, redemption, hope, etc. I’d start there. Plus, I know for a fact that they are looking for all kinds of perspectives.

        You have something to offer Travis!

  1. Have you heard of

    He (Adam McHugh) also came out with a book called “Introverts in the Church” — it validates how introverts were designed by God, shows how being an introvert is a good thing, and discusses how introverts can thrive in the Church — might be something you wanna check out if you haven’t already.

    Happy Friday, Nicole!

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