If You Could Win an Award for Anything, What Would it Be?

You know, I’m always up for discussion and conversation, so today I am posing one titillating, stirring, mind-bending (or if I’m being honest semi-mediocre) question for you to mull over and answer. Don’t leave me hanging.

If you could win an award for anything…anything at all, what would it be?

Okay, go on. Lay your answers on me…

16 thoughts on “If You Could Win an Award for Anything, What Would it Be?”

  1. I’d like the award for being “The Most Encouraging Parent.”

    I have this fear that I won’t encourage my children enough to be the true people God means for them to be. So, though I won’t always be the perfect parent, I hope I at least positively encourage my kiddos.

    1. Heather, what a great answer! Your response convicted me because I was only thinking in terms of earthly accolades and praise.

      I think the fact that you are aware of your limits as a mom, is exactly what makes you a good one. Your children are blessed to have you!

    1. Joy, I totally get what you’re saying. There is a spiritual discipline that describes this kind of service–blessing others in secret. I love the idea of it. Leaving a bag of groceries on a doorstep. Paying someone’s bill. Repairing a car without someone knowing. It’s like the invisible, but active hand of God.

      Here’s a link to a nice post about the act of secrecy and service. Hope you enjoy. http://www.watersedge.tv/disciplines_secrecysacrifice.htm

  2. I’d like to win an award for eating the most chicken wings in the state of Arizona


    I’d like to win an award for being the best older brother in the whole wide world.

    1. Brian, AWESOME! I love both of your answers. I wouldn’t want to watch you win the award for the first one, but I still think it’s awesome.

      And there is nothing like being a great big brother to those who look up to you. it is such an important role and responsibility. Sounds like your sibling(s) are blessed to have you!

  3. i’d sure like to make it all the way through this being exactly who i know i’m made to be – in spite of all adversity, odd looks, and cold shoulders from others. hoping for the ultimate prize, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

    1. Amamda, man you got me. I got a little verklempted from your comment. Again, I was thinking so earthly, so material when I posed the question. But you convicted me too. The ultimate prize is hearign our Lord say “well done.”

  4. Would love to reach a place where selfishness and “me” thinking never pops up again. Walk away with the award not even realizing that it’s for me or about me.

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