What I Want vs. What I’ve Got

What I want…complete freedom

What I’ve got….days with fleeting feelings of freedom.

What I want…sleep.

What I’ve got…sleepless nights, awake in the dark.

What I want…to know Him intimately.

What I’ve got…a knowledge of Him that sometimes feels superficial, whether true or not.

What I want…salvation for my family.

What I’ve got…the hope that He wants the same thing.

What I want…a perfectly clean organized home.

What I’ve got…a semi-clean house, piles of laundry, dirty windows, lots of laughter.

What I want…to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

What I’ve got…the Holy Spirit indwelling in me always, but not always overflowing.

What I want…a healthy, loving, fun, rockin’ marriage.

What I’ve got…a healthy, loving, fun, rockin’ marriage.

What I want…to give generously and freely.

What I’ve got…a heart that still holds back.

What I want…to be willing to love others, no matter what.

What I’ve got…a willingness to love others who are easy to love.

What I want…to believe and know that my Father in Heaven is a good and loving dad.

What I’ve got…a heart that is beginning to believe that He is a daddy, but a heart that has far to go.

What I want…to feel confident as a mother.

What I’ve got…daily insecurities and uncertainties about how to raise my children and meet their needs.

What I want…for the pain to evaporate.

What I’ve got…a God who loves me and whose grace is sufficient even on the days when the pain seems too much.

What I want…to surrender fully.

What I’ve got…one finger still gripping the steering wheel, one corner of my heart still protected, one piece of my dreams still unspoken.

The obvious question: What do you want versus what you’ve got? How can you get there?