My Physical Healing: Part 2

Today is the (belated) follow-up to last week’s post about my physical healing. If you missed last week’s post, part 1, here you go.

I had never felt so surrounded, covered, encompassed while others were praying for me before. And while I don’t remember all of what was prayed, I remember bits and pieces.

One person began praying for my blood. They then left the room and another person came in and they too began praying for my blood, not having heard the first prayer.

Another brother in my church began to pray for an impartation (or literally a “transfer”) of faith. He is full of faith, and me, not so much. He laid hands upon me and asked that God give me the same faith that he holds.

I cried more and yet felt full of God’s peace.

And then like that, the prayer was over. I sat still a bit emotionally overwhelmed by what I had shared and by how my church family and God had responded.

The remainder of the night went on as usual, filled with more ministry, food, and fellowship. While talking with my sister and friend Carrington, she said something that would forever change me. While casually talking with me about the prayer that I had just received, she said these words:

“Nicole, I want us [the church] to pray and ask God for a vision of what your complete healing looks like.”

I just sat there and let her words sink in.

A vision of my healing.

My spirit was stirred within me. What did that mean? What did that look like? Did I really want to ask or was I scared to know what God would say?

I went to bed that night with my mind still reeling. I slept lightly and awoke early.

I sat up in bed that morning and began to pray, anxious to seek Him, feeling led and full of faith. There in my bedroom, while my husband was still asleep next to me, in the quiet stillness of the morning, I prayed a prayer I had never before prayed.

There, in my warm sheets, I asked the question I had never before asked the Lord. In all of my years of pain, I had never thought these words, let alone submitted them to God.

And my friend’s words kept swirling in my mind…a vision for my healing. A vision. A picture. A portrait of health painted by God.

As the words escaped my lips, I knew what I was asking was no ordinary question:

I prayed…

“Lord, what can I do, in the physical, to help me be healed…?”

Almost before I finished the sentence, my mind was flooded with words. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. But, God was giving me a list.

Words were rapidly filling my mind. I grabbed my phone and quickly began typing down what I was hearing. A minute or two later and it was done. I looked at my list and saw that it was not just any list…it was a grocery list.

I had asked God what I could do to bring about physical healing and He had given me a grocery list.

And the items on this grocery list were nothing I could have expected…

Yup, I did it again. Sorry. But, be here on Thursday for Part 3. You won’t want to miss the conclusion of the story. Promise.