My Physical Healing: Part 3

Today is the third and final installment of the 3 part series on my physical healing. If you haven’t read Part 1 and 2, catch up!

As I sat studying the list the Lord had just given me, I was certain that much of what I heard was simply made up. Right? It had to be. I had written down things that seemed completely ridiculous–comical even. I was sure that they didn’t even exist.

One such item I heard was “artichoke.” Yes, artichoke, as in the spiny delicious vegetables I like to drown in butter. And you know when you hear something from the Lord and He leaves you with an impression or a feeling? Where nothing was explicitly stated, but in general, you have a sense about something?

Well, this is often how I “hear” the Lord, although it is more like “feeling” the Lord. All that to say, I somehow knew that the word “artichoke” didn’t mean I supposed to just eat a bunch of them. I was supposed to take artichoke as a supplement.

I also knew this was the case because many of the other items on my God-given grocery list were vitamins or nutritional supplements of some kind.

Things like:



licorice root

milk thistle

It was still early in the morning as I read over the list. As soon as Jonathan was awake, I explained to him all that happened and how I now needed to head to the grocery store to buy the items.

Once at the store, I became a little nervous feeling certain once again that these grocery items didn’t actually exist.  I mean, I knew calcium did, for instance, but others not so much. As I made my way through the health food store, I found myself in one particular section of vitamins.

Two of the supplements the Lord had spoken were in the section for liver health. I suddenly remembered the night before and how people had felt compelled to pray for my blood, not knowing why. I grabbed two bottles and continued searching for the remaining pills.

I found calcium quickly but could not find anything labeled “phosphorus.” I finally asked a store clerk for help. He walked me over to the calcium and said “Calcium and phosphorus are taken together. They need each other” Huh?

I stood there a little dumbfounded. I didn’t know that. I wouldn’t have known that…but God did.

After a few more minutes of looking for the last items, I became a little embarrassed that I had heard “artichoke.” I must have heard wrong. I made that up. Doesn’t exist, I’m sure.

Without realizing however, I found my way back to the liver section. I glanced down and there in front of me, was a bottle labeled “Artichoke” and is said to “stimulate the flow of bile from the liver.” Gross? Yes. Completely awesome? Absolutely.

I almost cried standing there looking at that white plastic bottle of pills. God, You are Amazing! Really? You orchestrated an entire shopping trip, each item carefully chosen to aid and heal my body. No accidents, nothing out of place.

I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Jonathan the rest of the story, but that wasn’t the rest.

I decided to continue praying through each and every health decision. I asked the Lord when I should take the pills, how much I should take, and for how long.

He answered quickly and so I took my first doses that day. The total ended up being about 20 pills a day.

After one day of taking these supplements, I woke up the very next morning feeling completely different.

The pain that had been wracking my body, wearing on me, causing me to have more bad days than good, was about 60% reduced.

…60% after one day of taking these pills.

It was so noticeable, so freakishly different, that it can only be described as supernatural. And that is exactly what it was, nothing short of a miracle.

When I told my friend Carrington what had happened, the friend whose word for me had helped lead me to pray the prayer I long needed to pray–she responded by saying how awesome it was that the Lord didn’t simply give me a diagnosis, but rather He gave me a treatment.

God went straight to the heart–or the liver–of the matter. He didn’t start where we commonly think to start, at step 1. He started at step 2 because He’s God and He does stuff like that.

He has since revealed more to me about my health and led me to even further hope and healing. It has not been easy. The changes I have been required to make in my daily life feel like huge sacrifices. I’m a big baby about changing my diet and taking care of myself, for instance. I don’t like to do it…

But, God has led the way. He opened my spiritual eyes to see my own physical needs and in doing, brought Himself glory. At least that is my prayer, that as I walk through the physical healing He has for me, Christ is glorified…

And that you too, will be encouraged. That whatever is broken in you, hurting, stalled, stuck, painful, dying, or decaying would be resurrected by the One True and Living God…even if it is in the form of something as unexpected as a grocery list.

What do you need to ask God to heal TODAY? Ask Him, now. And ask that He would lead you to step 2, where life and freedom reside.

Thank you to each of you who has prayed for me, written me, and encouraged me in the last few months. Physical pain is so isolating so please know how much I covet your prayers and words of life. You bless me and I am thankful for this community and each and every one of you.

19 thoughts on “My Physical Healing: Part 3”

  1. Praise the Lord for your healing! It warms my heart to read that, and I mean it…it’s not just some cliche I’m writing.
    Someday I hope and pray I can have that kind of healing. In HIS time.

  2. Thank you for sharing your amazing story, Nicole. God knows just what we need — even something as simple and seemingly foolish as artichoke.

  3. this topic is a keen interest to me, and I’m sure that what The Lord has revealed to you is of course applicable to others. thanks for your openness, and willingness to share. prayin for you and yours.

  4. My Lord, Thank you for being honest and sharing. Thank you, and thank the lord, The lord deserves all the glory. We are the body of Christ and your story has just jolted many in the right direction looking towards Jesus Christ in a deeper way. The lord wants to get deeper in our lives and heal the parts that we let no one touch.

    I was reading all the posts related to this story to my brother last night. I read him part 1, I stopped because I thought that he didn’t want to hear anymore. He then looked at me and demanded that I keep on reading. I was touched all over again by your story, by the lord. Nicole, I have been experiencing health issues that needs to be healed for years and I can really relate. I now know what I need to do. The lord has spoken through you greatly to me.

    Thank you, and most importantly Thank the Lord. I am just not praying for, I am praying with you. We are in this together. Amen.

    Here is that I came across that I had to share with you

    (Just copy and paste the url)

    Sara Groves Less Like Scars:

    God Bless you! Also you are stronger than you think you are. ;-) -Writerscomposition

  5. Oh, man, this is so good. I loved the way you told the story and it gave such glory to God!! Tis makes me want to weep and worship! Our God is so alive and speaks to us! This was confirmation to me why I wanted to puraue herbalism and that it won’t be through my efforts but his. Arianne and I were just saying today that you can ask God for practical steps to even figure out house work or logistics with kids. He abides in us and we in Him and He has all the answers. This is such amazing testimony!!

  6. I have been waiting to read how God set you up for a blessing! :-) He really knows how to show us to BELIEVE & OBEY Him and His ways even though the things He whispers to us make no sense. But the funny thing is, that’s how He gets the glory. Supernatural events happening in a natural world. God is GOOD and I look forward to reading about the new journey that He is taking you on. It will be a testimony within itself! *Another set-up He has orchestrated for you….lol….GO GOD!*

  7. Praises to the Great Physician as He reveals His love in your restoration! And praise be His name for your obedience and faith…true testimonies to His grace!

  8. Thank you Nicole for sharing this amazing story. When you told about the pain you suffered from, many friends have prayed for you, and so did I. I don’t know you face-to-face, but I know we are connected in the Body of Christ. The way God answered all the prayers is just wonderful, amazing and encouraging.
    It is like a waterfall with bright, sparkling and refreshing water for a thirsty soul.
    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  9. Very exciting story!! God always shows up! Sometimes we don’t, but He does. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Wow! God is the GREAT HEALER! I love that He gave you a specific list. I love that you trusted and went shopping. Artichokes…who knew? Blessings to you in your continued healing. I’m joyfully anticipating the next chapter in this story!

  11. Wow, what an amazing and powerful testimony! Thank God that He still speaks to us personally and directly, and that He still heals! I will be sharing this story with friends for sure!

  12. Amazing testimony! That is wonderful to hear you were healed. It just shows that God knows everything to make our health, which we have from our nutrition. Biblical nutrition. Artichokes, huh?

  13. Praise God for giving you such a personal revelation! I’m glad you feel better. I think it’s really cool that you are making your physical health such a priority. I see so many Christians neglect and devalue things like nutrition and basic fitness, and I believe that breaks God’s heart. Our bodies are a temple, and taking care of them is a stewardship issue. What is super cool about your healing is that God is using both His intimate communication with you and your daily choices to follow His leading. I have experienced some healing spontaneously through prayer, but much of my healing has come slowly through consistent, daily, sometimes mundane choices. The slow healing through daily choices has created the most fruit in my life. I believe God is greatly glorified with every sacrificial act of obedience that you make. What an example for your children to look up to!

  14. I always think it’s amazing that we’re amazed the our Amazing Awesome Lord cares about us so intimately. He longs for us to simply run to Him, climb is His lap and present our boo boos for Him to kiss and make better. “Unless you come to ME like a little child….” says the scripture–well, isn’t that exactly what a little child does? A child believes that her parent can fix anything at any any time. Maybe our earthly parents can’t, but our Heavenly Abba certainly can.

    I am so thankful that He revealed this to you for very selfish reasons. Now you can write more. :)~

  15. Wow! The Physical Healing posts have been so encouraging to me. I am encouraged to increase my prayer life to get closer to God through your transparency and your prayer life. Thank you for your transparency and sharing God’s healing with you. I am so thankful that you are doing better and He provided clear answers for you. Praise God!

  16. thankx for this – i know i need to change what and how i eat …i am a diabetic T1, and God has told me to eat almost a ketogenic diet, which is hard, He then reminded me that what I eat will directly effect my relationship with Him…and it does – when I hold fast to what i know i should eat He speaks so much more clearly…

    bravo to you for your faithfulness

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