We Are Breaking Up, Tumblr…

For those of you who are new around here, you may not have known that I recently ended a brief but hot affair with Tumblr, choosing instead to spend time with my new love, WordPress.

I will be bringing over my top 10 (or so) favorite posts from my Tumblr account to the new Modern Reject site, here. But if you would like to read more and see more of my archives, feel free to peruse my Tumblr page anytime.

Thanks for stopping by…

Modern Reject

2 thoughts on “We Are Breaking Up, Tumblr…”

  1. I’m glad you are moving on. For the record, I saw Tumblr smoochin’ with other bloggers. WordPress looks good on you. Also, WordPress is always willing that you can change it’s wardrobe whenever you see fit… and it won’t get upset either. That’s how he rolls! :)

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