Daily 3some: Muggles, Mashup, and $

Welcome to the Daily 3some. On today’s menu: Hogwarts and muggles, MySpace wants to have Facebook’s baby, and some good ol’ racial tension. Yum.

Daily 3someMySpace (uh, who? oh yeah) announced profile data sharing and login information with Facebook. They even have “Like” buttons and friending. Is this the future of the company? Is this mashup enough to save MySpace? Probably not, and I’m okay with that. You?

Daily 3someHarry Potter 7 opened last night and thousands of geeked out muggles lined up at midnight, drooling at the mouth. I’m not that into  HP  (don’t shoot me) and not for any reason, really. Some Christians get in a tizzy over Harry and his pals, though. Should Christians watch, or turn away in disgust?

U.S. Senate to award black farmers a settlement reaching $1.1 billion, following an 11 year-old settlement. Black farmers say this money is “long overdue justice” and is needed to rectify claims of racial bias. I can’t comment fully, but I will say this: how about instead of a Black Farmers Association, or a Black Caucus, or a Black Pages (that’s real), there are just people, coming together for a common goal? Disagree?

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