Daily 3SOME: Royals and Pat Downs

If you missed Monday’s first ever Daily 3Some, it is a chance for me to share¬† news, facts, or titillating tidbits with all of you. You can then share your Daily 3SOME with me via Facebook or Twitter. Today’s Daily 3SOME dabbles in royalty, discrimination, and full body searches. Sounds good huh?

Daily 3SomePrince William finally popped the question to his girlfriend of 9 years. I watched an interview with the couple on CNN and apparently the two already “share a home.” I was amazed. What happened to integrity, respect, decorum, and proper English etiquette? I guess the Prince these days and his would-be-wife (the would-be-queen), sadly, look just like everyone else.

Daily 3 someA 13-year-old boy was told by his middle school, to remove an American flag he had displayed on his bike, after other students complained. The school superintendent cited “racial tensions” between Hispanic and white students as justification. Well, yesterday the boy received an escort to school like no other, with hundreds of people proudly flying American flags. Watch the video here.

Daily 3some“The TSA has achieved the final state of a government bureaucracy — total ineptitude combined with maximum waste of resources,” says American Thinker blog. Agreed. The current issue of the “pat-down” versus the full body scan is like watching an episode of The Soup. It’s funny and yet strangely unsettling. Americans complain about both methods, but then demand national security and public safety. My vote? Forget scans and pat-downs. Let’s profile. Israel does and has the safest airports in the world, despite millions wanting to kill them, daily.

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6 thoughts on “Daily 3SOME: Royals and Pat Downs”

  1. Royals: Every time I comlain about wasteful government spending, I remind myself of the British and I am thankful I don’t live in the commonwealth. The royals live in absolute wealth, serve no actual governmental purpose (the PM and Parliamentary system is similar to ours), and live on the taxpayer’s dollars.

    Kid with bike: This story is messed up, but as a teacher, I get sad when I hear this stuff because it paints a completely unrealistic picture of how most schools operate. We still say the pledge, we say the declaration of independence (a portion of it), and we are so busy cramming a weeks worth of reading into a day that we can’t possibly find time to read the “Communist Manifesto” or “Billy has Two Daddys” (or so Rush Limblow would like you to think).

    TSA: Airport security is pure theater, nothing more. People say “I’m not doing anything wrong, I have nothing to hide.” What I say is “I am doing nothing wrong, therefore I have a full right to privacy and constitutional protection against unwarranted search and seizure.” Besides, have you actually taken a good look at the goons who work for the TSA? Very low requirements and very poor pay. Most fast food employees make more money than the average TSA agent, and yet these uneducated screeners (the requirements are shockingly low to get a job with them) are our first and last line of defense against as supposed terror attack? Nevermind the fact that screening or not, the odds of dying in an aircraft are extremely slight. 1% of all civil aircraft flying will be involved in a fatal incident. 1%!!!!!!!! Do you know how many airplanes are flying right now? Now last I checked, Islam was invented a couple thousand years before 9/11. They’ve had a beef with infidels since the fall of Rome, but unlike what the paranoid media and supporters of airport security want you to believe, airplanes were not being hijacked left and right.

    In the meantime, My SUV gets good enough mileage, has AC, and I can pack all the fluids and peanuts I want. There’s not fat guy sleeping on me and no screaming babies. End of rant.

    1. I liked your rant Joey! And man, your points about people claiming to have nothing to hide and then demanding their constitutional rights, is awesome and so true. Don’t get me started on TSA employees either. That would be too many rants for one day!

  2. Prince William is a model of moral forbearance in comparison to most of the royals over the centuries. Let’s hope this union is a little less calamitous than that of his parents!

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