If God Had a Tagline…?

My husband is a marketing guy. Some would even say a marketing genius. I’d agree. Since being married, he has opened my eyes to all that is marketing, from the good, to the bad, and the ugly.

Once, a commercial for a new car or a deluxe meal deal would  gloss over me, as I sat dazed in an advertising overload induced stupor, now I actually pay attention.

“Ooh, that’s bad,” I’ll catch myself saying. Or perhaps an ad will flash upon the screen that is so slick, so streamlined, and so sophisticated that I will be legitimately impressed by a group of random advertisers somewhere.

Really, it’s all in the tagline though, isn’t it? That is what we remember. Some of the greatest taglines in history have practically sold a product themselves. Words can mean so much and have so much impact.

What about one of the greatest taglines in history? Can this simple little phrase meant to sell shoes speak into our spiritual lives? You know the one I’m talking about?

“Just Do It.”

Oh, it is so good. Even after all these years. It signifies action. Movement. Pressing forward, not falling backward. Progress. A responsibility that lies within us. A need. A drive. No excuses. No regrets. No looking back.

Just do it…just do it, already.

Now, I know it sounds simple, perhaps even overly simple, but isn’t that what we need sometimes? I mean, we are the ones, not God, that make our faith, our church, our walk with Christ complicated and complex.

We add the “dos” and “don’ts,” the “musts” and “shouldn’ts.” We tell ourselves that what we have to offer isn’t good enough, or spiritual enough, or significant enough.

We hold ourselves back from what could be because of what might be. We slip so easily into legalism, or judgment, patterns, or bondage.

When sometimes all we really need is to just do it. Just quit griping, quit complaining, quit making excuses and just do it already.

This Christian life is not meant to be easy or perfect. Our salvation is a work in progress…done in fear and trembling. Yet, more than anything, there are times when we just put aside ourselves…we die to ourselves and do what it is God is asking us to do.

The thing we have been putting off, the thing we fear or feel intimidated by. The thing that will potentially cause division or strain on relationships. That thing that will, however, ultimately bring God glory.

That thing…that thing He is waiting for…our obedience. He wants us to just do it. Obey. Submit. Yield. Serve. Listen. Act. Go. Stay.

If God had a tagline, could it be “just do it,” and would we?

Whatever it is, are you willing? Are you ready? Will you just obey your Lord and just do it?

What has God been asking you to “just do”? What has been holding you back? How can you just do it already?

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3 thoughts on “If God Had a Tagline…?”

  1. “Marketing genius” might be a stretch, but I appreciate it. You know I love this post. “Just Do It” is a classic example of a tagline that serves the need. It boils things down and compels you. Though, to play the devil’s advocate, maybe God’s would be less focused on US and something more like Gatorade’s tagline. Instead of “Obey Your Thirst,” it might read, “Obey My Spirit.” Just a thought.

    Great post. Really punchy. I liked it.

  2. Love it. I so needed to hear this right now. I’ve been paralysed by fear for about two years on something, and God’s just been nudging me to “Just Do It” recently. I’d agree with Jonathan that it needs the caveat of obedience – maybe it should be “Just Do It: Obey My Spirit”!

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