Favorite (Kinda Sorta) Things

I fully intended, like I do every Friday, to have yet another Favorite Things today. Alas, I have not been feeling well this week and opted to skip today’s usual installment.

I’ll be back Monday with some amazing, mind-blowing, thought-provoking post…just as soon as I figure out what that is.

So in lieu of a traditional Favorite Things post, here are some of highlights from my week. Won’t you share yours too? I’d love to hear how God surprised you this week.

My husband went on another business trip and usually I lay awake at night hearing bumps in the night when he is gone. This time, I slept great and woke up feeling pretty stinkin’ good.

My daughter cracks me up minute by minute and said to me the other day, “I’m feeling so old. I’m feeling like a mommy.” I laughed because I feel so young and she already thinks I’m ancient.

My Tuesday post, 5 Things I Hate about Blogging, turned into an “I heart Modern Reject” fest, which I was totally humbled by and totally blessed by and totally surprised by. Thanks again to those of you who encouraged me. If you haven’t and you’re interested read the comments here.

I found a really great pair of strappy, metallic sandals for 20 bucks. Score. Now, I’m just praying that my feet will not swell to the size of footballs this summer like they usually do when I’m “with child.”

Upon my husband’s arrival home from his business trip, my 2 1/2 year old son yelled, “Daddy! Daddy! I missssed you.” Go ahead, let me hear it….ahhhhh. So precious.

My dog, a 6 month old rescue puppy named Lolo, moved like a stealth ninja and ate my son’s poop from his potty seat before my husband could empty the darn thing. Disgusting? Yes! Best part? It happened on my husband’s watch, not mine.

I disciple 3 young women and met with all 3 of them this week, which is rare. I had such a great time. Whenever I feel inadequate about what to say or how to instruct, the Spirit shows up. Plus, I always leave feeling more blessed then they do, I think.

I’m reading Francis Chan’s Crazy Love right now and really digging it. I feel convicted to love Christ more intimately and yet am inspired by God’s majesty and grace.

So there are a few of my week’s highlights. Do you have any to share with me? What is God doing? What rocked this week?

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6 thoughts on “Favorite (Kinda Sorta) Things”

  1. I have a praise report. Nothing super big but reminded me that God is my provider…even in the little things. I signed up to volunteer at a barrel racing clinic 6 months ago. (I am a horse freak, sidenote: so glad you finally caved into the awesomeness that is Seabiscuit!) This clinc is at teh end of this month all the way out in litchfield park. I have been fretting for months how am going to be able to afford the gas to drive back and forth for 4 days! Today I got a job house sitting the week before the clinic and it pays enough for my gas! yay! Sounds silly I am sure, but I am humbled that God even pays close attention to the little things, I’m not saving lives but He shows up for me anyway! That’s my highlight!

    1. Kristin,

      I think that is not silly, but so GREAT! I love being reminded how much God cares about the small details of our life. We serve an intimate, personal, loving Father!

      Go Seabiscuit! GO!

  2. Well I certainly hope you feel better now that your husband is home to help out :)

    My mentor just asked me about reading Crazy Love this week. Funny. Are you enjoying it? I started reading Ann Voskamp’s 1000 gifts this week also. Gobbling up books lately and loving it. All part of the calm before the storm in church planting. Can’t wait to see what else God wants me to do.

    My husband has been super busy at work lately and it’s been rough, but this week was really great. We have enjoyed just hanging out after work and maximizing weekend time too.

    1. Heather,

      I know, I’m suppose to be reading a ton of other things right now too. My husband gave me a homework assignment even. :)

      Can’t wait to hear about your church planting adventure.

      Glad you enjoyed time with the hubby when you could. I know those days too.

  3. Well I’m a bit late on this one, but it means I can include a highlight from my weekend:
    I went on a weekend away with my university Christian Union to a cute little converted barn in the Kent countryside (southeast England) and it was just what I needed. I went for a couple of walks across the fields, and totally loved getting out into the fresh air and being able to see the stars again. (I love living in London but it’s great to get out into the countryside occasionally!)
    We had some really great times of teaching and worship, and God really challenged me on a few things. And it was so good just to chill out with my friends and enjoy their company. Thank you God!

    1. Rachel,

      It’s never to late to comment on a post by the way.

      And that sounds like a perfect weekend. Ahh…I can just imagine it.

      The English countryside is so marvelously beautiful. I’m glad you were able to relax, rest, and hear from the Lord.

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