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This was a record awesome week, (heck, so was the whole month of March) on Modern Reject, so thank you. I found myself extra busy this week, too, but I’ve decided to retire from blogging. That’s right, I’m packing my bags and moving on. I don’t want to leave you high and dry, so here are some additional blogs for you to read and love.

If you are looking for some Friday-I-don’t-feel-like-working-’cause-it’s-the-last-day-of-the-week-reading, or you’d like some leisurely weekend reading, here are my top picks from the week. There are some great blog posts, blogs I recently discovered, and more…My Favorite (Blog) Things for Friday…Oh, and April Fool’s. I’m not retiring, not yet anyway.

From Alece Ronzino of Grit and Glory, X Marks the Spot. Alece discusses the Biblical practice of building an altar when God shows up and does something big. She reminds us of why we need to do the same in our own lives.

Moe from Beta Christian has an ongoing series every Friday, The Usual Suspects, where he highlights an often forgotten, shady, or lesser-known character from the Bible. Sound boring? Um, it so is not. It’s actually fascinating and so insightful.

My friend Carrington wrote a The Basic Baby List–7 Necessary Items. Even though I’m having my 3rd bambina/o, I still learned something from this post. I was also convicted to just live simply in regards to this baby. I don’t need a decked-out nursery or a top-of-the-line stroller. My baby will need love, safety, and probably some milk. I can do that.

Donald Miller’s post, Ten Characteristics of a Disciple, was smart, clever, and unexpected.

The Ugly Truth by Bianca Juarez, is open, honest, and addresses an issue many women struggle with…and it’s funny, because it’s Bianca.

Finally, here are 3 blogs that are either new to me, or will hopefully be new to you, that I am really loving:

Madabella by Melissa Runcie is a beautiful blog filled with stories from her life as a mom, wife, and photographer. She is honest, filled with grace, and hopeful.

Unfettered Bloke by Nathan Duvall is a great Christian blog filled with thoughtful, challenging, and fresh topics. He recently wrote about the Pharisee in Me that I simply loved. Check him out.

Daily Leaps by Josh E. Merritt is a blog I just recently discovered and am excited to share with you guys. Josh has a real heart for the church and to see radical change within it. He loves God’s people and it shines through in his writing.

So get to clickin’. I hope you enjoy some of these posts and perhaps find a few new blogs to love.

Please share YOUR OWN BLOG or your favorite blog in the comments! I always love finding something new to read. Have a happy weekend.

27 thoughts on “Favorite (Blog) Things”

  1. Okay, you totally fooled me. I was like “How could she just say it so casually like that!!!” he he

    Thanks for adding me onto this great list!


  2. You know, you nearly gave me a heart attack. LOL I count on this blog to keep me sane!! :)
    Happy April Fool’s Day to you, hon.

  3. Oh my life, I can’t believe you did that to us Nicole!! You genuinely had me going until I started reading the comments… Heart attack over now!

  4. Ok Ok, I had to GASP for air when I first saw this. I thought Say it isn’t so and Wait a minute, Your way to young to “Retire” Haha. Great April Fools joke. You certainly got me. Blessings sweet lady..

  5. I was so sad when I read that first paragraph. You totally got me. It’s an honor to be included in you list, and I’m going to take a look at some of these other blogs.

  6. I love that link for baby essentials. I’m expecting my fourth and already have a big list of things I “need” (new bottles and such, since i have to formula feed), but it was heartening to see that the only thing I don’t have on that list is the car seat!

  7. Just started following modernreject.com, (actually, it is kind of my job. Scott Williams turned me on to it.) and have been pleased to find a blog i enjoy following.

    Here is a link to my blog http://pasceverbo.com though, it is some pretty boring stuff, (man, i really suck at this marketing stuff, don’t i?) but it’s things that are important to me, and i hope can bring some people encouragement, or a different perspective on things occasionally.

    For all those stalkers out there, I try to make it easy with my digital stream, so,…

    Yeah, keep up the awesome articles, and if i see something that i feel i can add to the conversation, i’ll throw my opinion in there

    1. Jonathan,
      Well thank you! I’m so glad your assigned reading is actually enjoyable.

      Yes, never call your ow blog boring. I checked it out and you write about some heady, serious, but very relevant stuff. Say that next time maybe. wink wink…

      Thanks for introducing yourself Jonathan. Looking forward to your contribution to the discussions here. Blessings.

  8. I’ve only recently found your blog but am glad I did. And glad to know that after only just discovering you, you’re not really going away!

  9. I love the blog world! I’m fascinated with babies and parenting lately, and I learned so much today. :) I read Carrington’s list of 7 Necessary Items (which was encouraging to me because we are currently living in a one bedroom condo that we have no hope of selling anytime soon, so it’s nice to see you can get by on less) and then from her blog I found Memphis Misfit Mamma and started reading about Babywise. That book has been recommented to me recently by two mothers; I had no idea there was any controversy. You know how when you’ve never heard of of something and someone introduces you to it, then you start hearing it all over the place. So it is with me and Babywise. Interesting to see that there is another perspective. I guess there is always another perspective. :) I guess when I find myself expecting one day, I’ll have to read them both. Informative day for me.

    1. I’m so glad you liked that post from my friend Carrington.

      Babywise, by the way, is the best. I used it with both of my kiddos and it was a lifesaver.

      Growing Kids God’s Way is the Christian version by the same authors, but it is hard to find these days.

  10. thank you for the unexpected shout-out, nicole. (and i love how many people you got with your april fools’ prank. my friend and i tried to scheme up some great pranks we could pull on her family, and then we never got around to any of them. so lame!)

  11. Well, as you know my blog is: http://theminorprophet.blogspot.com. So come by and check it out! :)

    I’ve been reading yours (of course), and have been checking regularly Rachel Held Evans blog, the Jesus Creed Blog, one called Glory to God in all Things, and then my friends blogs.

    One big help I’ve had, for those of you with an iPad or iPad2 is, Zite, a free app that creates a “magazine” for you based on your interests. I’ve been finding lots of cool stuff through that as well.

    I think that’s about it for now! Don’t retire! :P

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