My Week in Pictures

You may have noticed that I’ve been M.I.A. over the last week or so. Sure, I’ve been posting some, but not in mu usual fashion. Why, you ask? Don’t know exactly.

I’ve been tired (blame it on the baby in my belly). I’ve been distracted (blame it on the baby in my belly). I’ve been busy doing other things (yeah, you know…)

I’ve been watching my kids play in splash pools. Attempting to sleep in while kids climb into bed with me. Enjoying lazy morning breakfasts as a family. So, in order to catch you all up (in case you care)  on my life as of late, here is my week in pictures:

What have you been up to this week? What is currently keeping you busy? Catch me up too.

21 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures”

  1. I started attending a new small group from one of my churches. I went out to dinner with some folks also from that church. I think I figured out where my shin splints are coming from when I exercise. I signed my daughter up for a couple of day camps. I’m reading a couple of books – which is something I haven’t been able to do for a long time. I booked tickets to see a Sound of Music stage play with my daughter. After moving six months ago, I finally collapsed all of the boxes and put them back in storage. Oh, yeah, and I have a full-time job. It’s been a good week.

    1. Sheesh, you make me sound like a shlub! You certainly did have a good week.

      And why does unpacking the last box feel so good?

      P.S. grab me an extra ticket to Sound of Music, would ya? I’m jealous.

  2. Been doing my blogging, working, and trying to finish a cover of a Dylan song I’ve been working on with GarageBand (yes, on my Mac). I’ve also been playing too much Angry Birds and getting ready to finish a story I started writing a bit ago.

    That, and trying to save the world. You know, the usual.

    Time to put on my tights, red underwear, and cape. And no, it’s not my superhero outfit…. *wink wink*


    1. Cover of a Dylan song, huh? When will I get to hear the finished version?

      Angry Birds is the equivalent of a black hole–gone, sucked up, never to be heard from again.

      And I’m not even gonna ask about the tights….

      1. Well…I’m not very good, but I think it turned out ok. I’m going to load it on SoundCloud today. If you want a link, I can send you one to check it out. My gf liked it, but I’m not sure if she actually did or was just being nice. :)

  3. Most times, photos say so much more than words. Thanks for sharing Nicole. Love the family fun you are having. We just recently got good weather.

    1. Nicole,

      I’m with Moe on this one. These photos simply say what it would take 30 blogs to relay to us.

      Your smiles are genuine in these pictures. I am digging that!

      1. They are genuine. You’re right. We are a happy bunch, us Cottrells. Although pregnancy hormones have spurred on some crazy crying bouts, to which my husband and I both..well, laugh about.

  4. Well,
    I’ve been kinda busy this week. We finally finished unpacking our apartment.

    I started up a new blog which I’m REALLY excited about –

    And last night was one of the last nights I get to perform in a play I’m in. It’s closing weekend this weekend which is cool but sad at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing your family photos with us. I think family is a great excuse to be absent from the Internet.

    1. Kelly,
      Love the new blog! Congrats! What a cool concept. My husband is a self-proclaimed geek and I think he would enjoy it. I’ll pass it along.

      A play too!? You are like a Renaissance Man. Love it!

  5. it has been a crazy week over at our household with new summertime schedules and such. looking forward to getting a lot done this weekend. Your family is adorable:)

    1. Why is summer almost busier than the regular year? I’m about to be swamped and my kids aren’t even in school yet. Eek!

      Thank you for the compliment too. How is your little Emmy?

  6. I feel you. I had my last day at my job on last saturday, and somehow I’m busier…? Helping my friend with his tree care business, cleaning, organizing my church’s blog, cleaning, coordinating logistics for an engagement party, cleaning. My appartment looks amazing if you hadn’t guessed :) Enjoy your time off! Looks like you’re really investing in your family. So good.

  7. I’ve been mostly sleeping for the past week! I’m done with university for the year, so I’m loving the freedom and revelling in doing absolutely nothing. I’ve also been busy procrastinating – I’m moving back home in a couple of days, and packing up my room is firstly dull, and secondly sad. I don’t want to move out, I’ve had such a great year with my three housemates. They’re amazing girls and I’m really going to miss them.

  8. she’s great! getting super big. I just love babies. I am sure you are getting excited. you are due in September right? as for summer-I totally understand that Staples commercial where the parents are gliding through the store and that song “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” is playing. LOL! I don’t know why summer is crazy but it is. i guess its the feeling that anything could happen with the kids. They do so many different activities in such a small amount of time that gives each day a sense of urgency. IDK, all I can say is I can’t wait for school to start back up:)

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