Prayer Request Friday

It’s that time again. Time for me to ask all of you how I can be praying for you.

No, I’m not being nosy (well maybe just a tad bit nosy). I really like to know how I can pray for each of you, what God is doing, has done, and is yet to do in your lives.

I commit that for every one who leaves a comment sharing a prayer request, I will pray for your need. I love praying for you. It’s one small way for me to show my appreciation for the many ways you all continually bless me.

And if you would be so kind, I will share my prayer needs, and humbly ask you to pray for me, as well.

Here goes:

The obvious one–I’m pregnant. I don’t like it. I mean I’m excited and all, but I’m just not one of those women who is in love with pregnancy. On top of that, I have a 2 and 4 year old pulling on my legs. About a week ago, I started having contractions for no apparent reason.

A few days later, I had some more. I think my body is telling me to just slow down. Plus, I would hate to be placed on bed rest. Nightmare scenario.

Also, my husband and I would covet your prayers for our new house church called The Foundation. God has already done so much, but would you please pray for the right people at the right time. We would also desire prayer for those involved to develop a commitment and passion for the church that is Spirit-led.

So there you have it. A couple of my own prayer requests. Now please, share yours. You can be as detailed or general as you’d like. Heck, comment anonymously if you’d like. I will be spending this week praying for each and every one of you.

17 thoughts on “Prayer Request Friday”

  1. Please pray for my family and husband. For some reason he has a wall up and will not surrender to the Lord. He is a believer but will not hand everything over to him and still holds onto his “old ways” that can cause turmoil between us. He has issues with bouts of depression and a week and a half ago got laid off work so now we will have the added stress of finances. I pray that his heart will soften and that he will surrender. I pray that his spirit stays positive in knowing that our God will not forsake us and things will happen in his time not ours. I pray that we stay afloat thru this time and that this will only strengthen us. Thank you for the prayers I appreciate it and will doing the same for you!

    1. Sonja,
      What beautiful words you wrote here, from the heart of a wife calling out to God on behalf of her husband. I will echo the prayers you expressed as I beseech God on your behalf, as well.

      Thank you for sharing.

    2. I ask God that Sonja and her husband, that
      God you would give them the strength to carry on.
      Lord watch over their fiances and help them to meet every bill and have food on the table.
      Take the depression away and fill it with your awesome love and peace that you are there watching over them. Thank you Lord that You are going to guide them in the right directions with jobs. Lord thank for what you are going to do. Amen

  2. You already pray for me and our situation but you can add, now he’s trying to contact us again — after the cops had to be called to keep us safe — AND, he has a new girlfriend (hello, you’re MARRIED!??!) who has a child. I guess I’m ridiculous to think that he wouldn’t date but it hurts me so much to see him with someone else. I’m trying to keep peace and let him see his kids, but since it has to be done with supervision due to his mental illness, I end up seeing things that make me lay awake until 2am bawling. My eyes are swollen nearly shut at this point. Please pray I do the right thing for us all in all ways.
    Um, and also, just for good news .. I decided to apply for college. I hope I’m strong enough to accomplish this as a single mom of 4, but I need a better income.

    1. Continuing to pray friend. Thank you for the update. I think and pray for you often and wonder how things are going…

      Praying for wisdom, discernment, grace, and steadfastness. SO exciting to hear about your decision to apply for college! You are certainly strong enough. God can and will be your source of strength. I will be praying that fact and promise is made evident to you, as well.

  3. Nicole, Please know that I will be praying for you and your baby and your family and your church.

    I am so blessed, and do not have significant immediate needs like lots of other folks do. My only real request is that God will help me discover and fulfill the plan that He has for my life. I am at a crossroads moment in my life, and I need Him to orchestrate my passage through that, and hopefully into whatever it is that I was put on this planet to accomplish.

    1. Ed,
      Thank you for your prayers for me and my family. They are so very appreciated.

      I will be praying for you as well that God will reveal His plan and purpose in your life. Also for you to have peace, contentment, and overwhelming joy as you wait and trust in HIm.

  4. Love this idea! Thanks for praying for us. I have a doctor appointment today at 2:30. Pray for peace and fabulous results! Our God heals!

      1. Appointment itself went well. Preliminary information is iffy, and prompted three more tests. Follow up appointment on Aug 11 to go over all results. No, that doesn’t feel like an eternity or anything. God is in control. Please continue to pray, for peace, and that God would provide discernment for the next steps either way.

  5. I lost my job in March and haven’t found a job. Every door I’ve tried to pry open slams shut again. We’re having moderate to severe financial problems because of it. But God’s been faithful so far. Pray for Him to show us what we need to learn during this time and His direction for us going forward. And if you want to throw up a prayer for our needs to be met that would be great too. :)

    I’ll be praying for your requests.

    1. Jason,
      I have prayed and will continue to do so.

      I was struck by your blog title today too as I was reading your prayer request. Faith like a mustard seed…faith in God’s goodness and provision.

  6. Nicole,

    Now this is a thoughtful and warm posting. It is ever pleasant to see when people will go to our Father for others.

    I will definitely keep The Foundation in my daily thoughts.

    I, myself, have no prayer requests. I prefer instead to eavesdrop and read the requests of others and throw my voice in with theirs!

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. If you could be praying for clarity of mind and spirit, that would be just lovely. I’m going through quite a time of transition (two really great room mates moved out, and my small group has disolved for the summer), and I have a lot on my plate in preparation for the fall since I’m starting my internship with my church early. I’ve been coping instead of living in intentional ways, and I don’t want to do that anymore. Thank you for your prayers!

  8. Hello my name is tammi,please pray for god to expand my territory for god to bless me with a finincial miracle to be able to support me and my kids,to find a job and a place for us to live in our desired location,i need a breakthrough in jesus name amen

  9. Dear god, in the name of jesus,pls take away all the production, quality, and labour problems from our ceramic factory-savannah.this factory is not doing well.pls bless this company so that it prospers and flourishes with your blessings.thankyou.

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