Friday Findings: Gifts, Babies, and Plastic

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectEver have one of those weeks that somehow manages to feel painfully slow, and yet, way too fast, all at the same time? Well, that was my week. Monday, I started off with the stomach flu, which I was quite certain I was going to die from (or at the very least be transported to the E.R. for severe dehydration). Tuesday and Wednesday I spent recovering and then all of the sudden it was Friday.

Somewhere through the week, however, I had time to read and discover some pretty cool things–a lot, in fact, so let’s not waste any time.

First up…

Gift guides gloriousness. Okay, I don’t know about you, but I love me a good gift guide. I love perusing through gift ideas, making mental note when spying the perfect gift for an individual (and of course, the perfect gift for little old me doesn’t hurt either).

Well, the gift guide, Gifted Magazine, is about as glorious as it gets. It is thousands of lovely, creative, and unique gift ideas for men, women, and children. Need a gift for a burly man or an artistic man? They’ve got you covered. Have a temperamental teen in your life? No worries.

Also check out Design Sponge, who also happens to have ongoing themed gift ideas in the month of December, with everythign from gifts to the photographer to the librarian, to the tech geek. This one, encouraging you to skip the store, and give a sentimental gift is one of my faves.

Authentic is the New Plastic. The title alone is just too darn good. Do you know Ken Barba and his blog? Well, Ken wrote a post this week that blew my socks off and is perhaps one of my favorite reads in a long time. I’m actually a little miffed that I didn’t think to write it first. Why is authentic the new plastic? Go read and find out…

You Can’t Afford a Baby. Have you heard of Suze Orman, the financial adviser? She recently told a couple that they shouldn’t have a baby because they couldn’t afford the $700-1000 worth of expenses. My friend Karen, one of the most inspiring, Godly moms I know (or might ever know) wrote a blog post this week inspired by this advice, in defense of having more children. Karen has five kids herself and she addresses the fact that babies don’t need to be this astronomical cost, but rather a celebration of God’s gifts.

Alright, tell me what you found this week? Read anything worth sharing? Any good gift ideas fall into your lap? Bonus Question: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

7 thoughts on “Friday Findings: Gifts, Babies, and Plastic”

  1. I encourage everyone to buy unique handmade gifts this year, and support independent artisans instead of gigantic corporations. I am an independent artisan, so it could be that I’m slightly biased…. ;-) Artfire has simple gift guides here (for handmade and vintage items):

    As for Authentic is the New Plastic — it seems to me that the “authenticity” she is decrying is not true authenticity, but Christians trying to “out-real” each other to look appealing to the world. True authenticity is being honest about our shortcomings but also being honest about the fact that God doesn’t want us to wallow in them (even though — and because — He loves us in spite of them). Grace and truth, together.

  2. Ok, so… I haven’t been on here commenting in a while. Why you ask? (I know you’re curious) Well that answer’s simple.


    If you know anyone who likes video games, get them Skyrim and they’ll love you forever. Seriously, you two will meet in Heaven and they’ll be like, “OMG THANKS FOR BUYING SKYRIM ALL THOSE MANY YEARS AGO.” Then they’ll give you a cosmic high-five. That’s the only gift idea you need.

    Bonus Christmas Tradition: EAT ALL THE THINGS!

  3. Great finds Nicole! I especially loved the “authentic is the new plastic.” Thanks for sharing. Have you heard of Preston Yancey? I actually just discovered him yesterday. His blog is great, and this post rocked my face off. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    1. Hannah, I do know Preston. He and I were both contributors to the Confessions of a 20 Something series a few months ago, via Ally Spott’s blog. I will check out his post you linked to. Thanks for sharing!

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