What Three Verbs and Three Adjectives Best Describe You?

Today’s question for consideration is all about YOU. Because I mean, sheesh, enough about me already. I want to know more about you. So let’s hear it.

What three verbs and three adjectives best describe you?

Okay, go on. Lay your answers on me…

11 thoughts on “What Three Verbs and Three Adjectives Best Describe You?”

  1. I love — especially God, my family, and the body of Christ.
    I invest my time and knowledge and resources into men and women who wish to pursue Jesus.
    I listen to the Holy Spirit and to people who need an ear.


  2. I’m not sure how accurate these are, but this is how I perceive myself/ who I hope to be!

    Dream, serve, advocate

    Resolute, compassionate, redeemed

    (I stole the last one from Tammy, but it’s so fitting!)

  3. Adjectives: loyal, mischievous (in a good, playful way), introverted

    Verbs: listen, care, judging

    Although most people don’t realize that last one since I try to hide it by not acting on it. Thankfully, the grace of God is working in me to change my heart, but truth be told I judge way more than I should. You did say “best describe you” instead of “describe your best”, right? :-)

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