Prayer Request Day

It’s that time again. Time for me to ask all of you how I can be praying for you.

No, I’m not being nosy (well maybe just a tad bit nosy). I really like to know how I can pray for each of you, what God is doing, has done, and is yet to do in your lives.

I commit that for every one who leaves a comment sharing a prayer request, I will pray for your need. I love praying for you. It’s one small way for me to show my appreciation for the many ways you all continually bless me.

And if you would be so kind, I will share my prayer needs, and humbly ask you to pray for me, as well.

Here goes:

I’ve been having some doubt lately. Doubt about God’s goodness towards me. Doubt about His love for me. Doubt about whether or not I can keep going like I’ve been going (sorry for being vague on this one, but there is a post to soon follow).

Also, I tired and not like a little tired. I’m exhausted. I haven’t slept all the way through the night, uninterrupted in about 9 months. Most days I feel like a zombie at best.

So would you please pray for me? Pray for my questions. Pray for my faith and my hope to swell. And pray for rest, real rest, to find me.

Okay, now it’s your turn. How can I pray for YOU? You can be as specific or as vague as you’d like. But please feel comfortable. This is a community…and more than that, we’re family.

What do YOU need prayer for? I’m all ears…

25 thoughts on “Prayer Request Day”

  1. I am praying for you. I can’t wait to hear how God comes through for you. I would ask that you pray for my marriage. Pray that God would strengthen and heal the hurt places in that relationship. Also, for my energy level as a homeschool mom and wife. My husband and I are also getting ready to be completely out of debt except for our house and we are praying that we use our finances to His glory. Thank you for praying for my family.


    1. Heather, praying for your marriage and for the healing that come come from the Lord. Praying too too for your energy and the wisdom to use your finances to God’s glory!

  2. My life just feels stuck right now, in so many areas. Please pray that God will bring growth and change where there needs to be growth and change.

    Thanks! I’ll pray for you too.

  3. Of course I will pray for you!! You are such an inspiration!! And thank you for taking time out to pray for your followers. It is very generous of you and I do appreciate it!

    I just ended a serious relationship because of certain personal convictions, and I’ve been experiencing a lot of doubt surrounding this, too. Please pray that God continues giving me peace around this situation. I am doing my best to move forward but -as with any break up- I am hurting tremendously and go through extreme phases of sorrow and regret.

    I am using this break up as a segway into a new season of my life that I need God’s guidance in. I have not had any luck finding a stable job in the ballroom dance industry in Nashville. It has been on my heart to leave town and pursue dance in a larger city, but it wasn’t until this break up that I discovered actual colleges that train and certify ballroom dance instructors. Please pray that God helps me through all of the known and unknown challenges that come with facing a decision like this. Pray that He speaks to me and helps me make the right decision and that He helps me acquire the funds to follow through.

    And again, thank you!

    1. TD, I can so empathize. I suffered a break up that I was certain was the end of me. I felt emotionally sabotaged. But God is our perfect Father who knows just who we need and when we need them. If I hadn’t suffered such heartache, I wouldn’t have grown spiritually, which ultimately led me to my husband.

      Praying for you friend.

  4. I need prayer for discernment in my life right now. I’ve been at a seminary for 2 years this spring and I’m deeply unhappy here. I’ve been accepted at a different seminary closer to home, set to start in September and I’m just not sure if this is right. I’m also set to get married in August. I’m really trying to listen carefully for where my calling might be and I just don’t know. I feel lost.
    And of course I will pray for you.

    1. Joy, what an exciting time for you! Praying that God will direct your steps and also that you will trust Him as He leads, even if His leading isn’t obvious or immediate.

  5. really struggling with self-worth, in my marriage, and in finances. I’m in a rut in all areas and everything seems lifeless and empty. Oh yeah… I’m not hungry for God anymore.. I know I should be, and I wish I was, but I’m not. Makes it all the harder to seek Him for help in these areas. life feels like the cloudy chilly rainy days you get in spring. Except I don’t know if/when this will end. Spring always leads to summer. I’m tired of looking at my life and realizing that I’ve been asking for prayer about these things for a long time already.

    1. Hi. I don’t know you, but felt the desire to respond. How long have you been struggling in this way? Have you talked to a counselor or doctor at all? The only reason I ask is that the things you seem to be feeling/thinking are very similar to what I suffered through for months last year. It began as what seemed like typical struggles that spiraled into a deep depression, which began to affect me physically, not wanting to eat, get out of bed, not sleeping, etc. If you haven’t talked with a professional, I would certainly encourage you to. I’ll pray, as well.

    2. Andrew, I can so understand some of those feelings of worthlessness. Can I admonish you too though, that often when I’m not hungry for God, my self-worth hits a low. I have come to realize that I feel most content, fulfilled, and confident when I am in communion with the Lord. Go figure. I think that’s what He wants–us to find our self in Him.

      I am praying for you, in all of those areas and for your desire and hunger for God to exponentially grow, creating a fulfilled spirit in you.

  6. I am currently applying to be an Officer in the US Army. I have a pretty good shot, and I’ll find out this friday ( most likely, if not soon) whether I get in. I need discernment as this is a huge life decision. I need to make sure its a Christian and Godly decision and that I’m making the right now, so I pray and request prayers that God would show me the right path.

  7. I’m really really really sick today. Flu, fever, shakes, sweats, aches, shivers, sneezes, headache, sinus infection, bronchitis, wheezing, coughing green stuff, clogged face, and no sleep. And this morning I threw my back out sneezing and have cried like a baby off an on all day. Can’t remember a time I’ve been in so much pain. While I’m at home, my work is piling up at work, which makes resting hard.

    Please pray for complete healing for the infection and for my back. Pray specifically that God would protect my heart (physically) from the infection. Pray that miraculously someone is doing my work for me while I’m out, so that I can go in again not days and days behind. Pray for rest. Pray for protection from this illness for my husband and cat.

    1. Jinny, I know I didn’t respond yesterday, but I was praying for you yesterday. I hope you are already feeling better and I am continuing to pray for your complete healing.

  8. I love the idea that someone the other side of the world is praying for me! I will definitely pray for you too. I would like prayer for direction after June (when I finish my one year stint in youth work)- whether to stay in France or return to the UK, but whichever I choose, that I would find a job! I would prefer France, with a view to moving to America after 2-3 years here.

  9. My husband and I are separated after a tumultuous 10-year relationship. When I left, our marriage was so unhealthy that neither I nor my children could possibly stay. In the last month, however, the Holy Spirit has been drawing my husband and he has literally been transformed. Please pray that he will fully accept Christ as his savior and that he will become a Christ-follower. Thank you!

  10. Found out yesterday that my mom has cancer. Prayers are so appreciated during this scary time!

    Additionally, I hear you on doubting God’s goodness. Obviously, theologically, I *know* He’s good and His provision for me (or even what may seem like a lack of provision) is good. It’s just a struggle to deal with those pesky day-to-day *feelings* that would have me convinced it’s less-than-good.

  11. I will be praying for you Nicole…I struggle with doubt too. I try to remember this verse:

    “I would have despaired unless I had believed I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord, be strong and let your heart take courage. Yes wait on the Lord.”

    ~Psalm 27:10-11

    Prayer for me….a potential romantic relationship-that I don’t try to manipulate the situation and let the Lord do things on his timing rather on my own.

  12. I will pray for you.

    Two issues I ask for prayer concerning:

    My health. I have had some back troubles in the past, and they were well managed. I got a new job last November and sat in a bad chair that sent me in a downward spiral. My feet started burning, both of them. I had an epidural in Dec, which didn’t do anything, then another just in Feb, which I think helped a little. My feet still burn though. I have been praying for healing. I know the verses in the Bible about “I am the God that heals you” and how God provides, but right now I feel down because He doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I’m not sure what good is coming out of this. At my job, I have to go lie in my vehicle at lunch to get relief. The doctors say the problem isn’t in my back, from MRIs and such, but I know that it is. I just wonder why God isn’t allowing me to get help? Maybe He wants me to avoid unnecessary medical procedures, and that I will get better naturally.

    Second, my marriage. I haven’t gotten the support from my wife that I believe she should be giving me as I go through this medical problem. She thinks I don’t have a problem, and that I go to too many doctors, like I have an anxiety problem. Well, if she knew what I was feeling, she would be anxious too! I just wish she were more compassionate. A lot of times I feel like I have the traits more associated with women, while she has the traits usually tagged on men. Very unfair by the way. Anyway, thanks for asking about prayer, and I’m glad I checked your site today!

    1. Samuel, as someone who suffers with chronic pain, I empathize with your situation. I will be praying for complete ehaling and the discernment and word from the Lord that will lead you to the underlying problem. Have you considered an allergy? Food allergies can cause all kinds of pain and weird sensations in the body. I was in chronic pain, sick, on pain pills and decided to stop eating gluten and sugar. It helped me tremendously. I know it can be a huge life change, but perhaps worth praying about.

      I will also be praying for your wife’s heart and for her to have compassion and sympathy for your situation–that it would bring you closer together and not drive a wedge between you.

  13. I know it’s a day later since you wrote this, but I want you to know that I just prayed for you. Your request mirrors mine, during certain stages and moods of my life. I will also have those doubts, of God’s love and goodness towards me, especially when I “feel” tired, frustrated, overwhelmed with work. Also, I deal with chronic pain myself, and during the flare-ups I begin to feel the doubts. I noticed, however, that when I’m feeling that way, it’s when I open up to God and commune with him, that I then start feeling spiritually and emotionally stronger . . . and then those doubts begin to subside. That helps me enormously.

    Interestingly, with all that said, I actually have a different prayer request. Well, I should say that part of this prayer request was already answered! Before seeing your blog, my prayer request was that I find other people who believe in the power of prayer. I already have a few close friends who believe in prayer, and are continuously praying. But sadly, my experience with most Christians that I’ve met is that they really don’t believe or think prayers are effective. I’m a relatively new Christian, so this really surprised me over the years. So, my prayer request is that I continue to find other believers who believe in the power of prayer, and actually exercise this right that God so generously gave us.

    Thanks for already being an answer to this prayer, by demonstrating your own need for prayer and wanting to pray for others. Your blog was truly a blessing to me today. May God bless you too and help you find peace and rest, especially during the nights when you wake and cannot go back to sleep. May His love and presence surround and comfort you . . .

  14. Lord Jesus, I pray that I be granted divine mercy and favour as I am being subjected to trials, afflictions and accusations. Lord save me, heal me, deliver me, vindicate me, prosper and establish me and my family in Jesus name. AMEN!

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