Friday Findings: A Collection from Catalyst

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectOkay, so seriously guys…I’m exhausted. Catalyst is no joke. All day. A lot of speakers. A lot of worship. A lot of people. And for an introvert posing as an extrovert like me, I’m not gonna lie, it’s a bit overwhelming.

But, I’m having so much fun and more than that, I have Jesus (more) on my mind. I have been both impressed and relieved to hear every person who has stepped onto the main stage exalt and glorify Jesus’ name above all else.

Since today is Friday Findings, it follows that my list today is inspired by Catalyst. I hope you enjoy these links and discover some new voices in the Kingdom to follow and share.

Paul Angone. I’ve mentioned Paul before, but after having met him and spent time with him here at Catalyst, I have to (re)recommend his blog, All Groan Up. Paul is funny, humble, and passionate about helping 20 somethings navigate what he calls “emergent adulthood.” If this applies to you, please check him out. You’ll be glad you did.

The Giving Keys. I love simple and powerful ideas packaged well and The Giving Keys is just that. This non-profit hires the homeless to hand-stamp keys from all around the world with one word, meant to inspire. You pick your key and your word, wear your key as a necklace, and then find a person who needs that word, in which case you then give them your key. Cool, right? Oh, and then you go to their site and share the story. Genius. I even bought one myself (can you guess which word I chose?).

Christine Caine. Okay, now I know this lady probably isn’t new to many of you, but she’s fairly new to me. I had also never heard her speak before yesterday and she rocked me. I would dare call Christine Caine a modern-day prophetess who walks in authority and the Spirit. I am now going to read everything she has ever written, devour her blog, retweet her constantly, and basically become an uber-creepy stalker. Wanna join me?

Johnnyswim. I always complain that the Christian music scene is Yawwwwnnnn. Snooze. You get the idea…But, after hearing Johnnyswim perform at Catalyst, I’m starting to think that maybe I just don’t know how to find quality Christian music. This  singer/songwriter duo is the real deal. Lyrically and vocally beautiful  filled with the depth and love of Christ. I’m hooked. You can download their new EP for only $2.99 right now. Score.

Bloggers Galore. The highlight of the conference has definitly been the BloggerMeetup, where bloggers get to hang out together and commiserate about the sometimes discouraging but always inspiring job of, you guessed it, blogging. I got to see many of my blogging friends, including Sammy Adebiyi, Matt Appling, Sonny Lemons, Allison and Darrell Vesterfelt (the husband and wife duo behind Prodigal Magazine), JR Forateros and my oldest blogging peep, Moe Vivas.

But, I was also introduced to quite a few new bloggers who I encourage you to check out, including Jennifer Upton, who blogs about the healing process her marriage is currently enduring after adultery. Also, Stephanie May of The Lipstick Gospel, Kelly Marzka of View Along the Way, and Charlie of Charlie Says, who happens to write some pretty provocative stuff (like someone else I know. wink, wink).

Drop by their blogs and say hello to them. Tell ’em Nicole sent you (I’ve always wanted to say that).

So there you have it–my Catalyst collection. Now, it’s your turn. What have you got to share with me? Any recommendations for some good Christian music, too? Lay it on me.


9 thoughts on “Friday Findings: A Collection from Catalyst”

  1. Nicole,

    Such a good report! It is refreshing to read of your adventures in Christ.

    I wanted to purchase Johnnyswim’s “album”, but after reading his Twitter feed, wherein he plugged himself ceaselessly once he saw other tweets from Catalyst, it basically soured me to him. We should be desperate for our God, not for the attention of The Church. *meh*

    My brother just released another CD. I have one set aside to mail to you and Jonathan, but you could always get it/download it for free from his website. I’ll send Jonathan the address via email. This is the guy who writes worship music as effortlessly as some people breathe.

    Another Friday, here and soon to be gone.

  2. I know you’re rockin busy but if you have the chance go check out the Coke museum. Since we use to live so close we went often. It’s kinda cool as well as The Underground. Thanks for the heads up on the blogs.

  3. I really enjoy your Friday Findings! Thanks for the blog recommendations.

    I’m not sure what kind of music you like, but have you tried NewWorldSon? Salvation Station and their self titled CD are superb!
    I also enjoy the sounds of Jenny & Tyler.

    Have a fabulous Friday!

  4. Nicole, truly an honor to spend time with you and your husband at Catalyst. Awesome to meet people who you admire online, and then find they are awesome (possibly even awesome-er) offline as well.

  5. I must be transparent and tell you that a few tears just formed in my eyes seeing your mention of my and Tony’s story. I can honestly say it has zero to do with the building of a platform which is not my heart, but because there is such power in the telling, the sharing, the engaging. I adore you already after just meeting you. I look forward to the continued building of a friendship along the way.

  6. Jennifer (Spirit Glasses) is one of my favorites. She’s authentic, beautiful, and ceaselessly aims to glorify God with her story. Love that woman—so glad you got to meet her!

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