#5 & #4 of the Top 10 Modern Reject Posts of 2012

I loved writing these two posts and have loved seeing how much people have shared them with their own spouses. It’s encouraging to know husbands and wives are interested in continuing to create and cultivate healthy, respectful, and fun marriages.

20 Ways to Love Your Husband Better

If you’ve been around here before, you probably know that I love, like luuuurve, my husband. Thing is, this shouldn’t be revelatory news. I mean, us wives should love our husbands.

But stuff happens. Life happens. Kids happen. Exhaustion happens. And before we know it, many of those lovey-dovey feelings fade into the background.

We become more like roommates than spouses. More like buddies than lovers. More like co-parents than two people crazy in love.

So what’s a wife to do?

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20 Ways to Love Your Husband Better

Last week, I shared a few ideas on how wives can love their husbands better. Well today, it’s the gentleman’s turn. That’s right fellas.

I know you husbands and even soon-to-be-husbands love your wives, but there are always ways in which we can show even greater love to our spouse.

Some of the things on this list are even things my husband does for me to show me just how much he cares. And I gotta say, I’ve got a great husband. So take heed.

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  1. Nicole, both links go the same place, to the “love your wife” post…thought you would want to know; gonna read them both since it links to the “husband” post internally. Loving this “Best of…”series, great chance to see all I missed earlier in the year.

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