Big Announcement: For All the Ladies Out There

So a while back, one of my favorite people on the planet, Renee Ronika asked me if I’d like to be a part of something big. Something unique. Something that would impact the Kingdom in new ways. Something just for women.

I, of course, said “Heck yes! Where do I sign up?”

Now, here I am, along with a team of amazingly talented, bright, and Spirit-filled women launching the first ever:

Prism Conference.

Woo hoo!!

Now why the name “Prism” you ask? Doesn’t it sound all New-Age and mystical? Perhaps. But it is also…

Look, I’ve been to women’s conferences. I have sat and listened as I was told (only) about my role as a wife and mother. I’ve sat and listened to women, who I am certain, would be shocked and disgusted by my past. I’ve listened to painful, dreadfully horrific, women’s worship music complete with tambourines.

Now, I don’t say this to belittle all women’s conferences. I ackowledge the good they do and the impact they can have. But I also recognize that just as Christ is infinite, so are us women.

We are unique, multi-faceted, complex, all together beautiful. We, like a prism, are made to reflect Jesus in new and powerful ways. And sometimes, we need to be empowered to do so in new and powerful ways.

Enter in the 2013 Prism Conference.

Our founder and fearless leader Renee puts it this way:

“Some people—regardless of gender—feel bound to expectations set for them, especially in the Church, but Prism offers a new paradigm: people need to operate as Christ intended for them. To do this, we have to strip away all societal and cultural presuppositions and allow the Christ who created us to speak His identity over us.”

The 2013 Prism Conference will be held June 29th where women will discover their Motivational Gift and then be empowered by the Holy Spirit to operate in it.

Sound awesome? You’re right. It is! And I want you to be a part.
If you live in the metro Phoenix area (or heck, Arizona, for that matter) and would like to join us June 29th, visit: to learn more and purchase tickets

Seating is limited to 75, so don’t procrastinate, but do bring your friends and family

Also, even if you are unable to attend, show some love by Liking us on Facebook and Following us on Twitter. We’ll show the love right back!
P.S. I’ll be speaking at the conference and I’d love to meet you!

Okay, what is the best conference you have attended? What is the worst? Or are you anti-conference? Any tips for us?

9 thoughts on “Big Announcement: For All the Ladies Out There”

    1. Thanks Bianca. I so appreciate that!

      I might see you tonight at PhoenixOne. Our founder, Renee Klug will be there for sure. I told her she should fight the crowds and get your autograph.

      Praying that your words of truth fall on open hearts and ears tonight.

    2. I certainly hope to meet you tonight, Bianca, but I look forward to hearing what the Lord speaks through you, more so. My brother is Michael Bhatti of Phx1. If you and I don’t end up meeting, you can give him a high-five in my stead. ;) Blessings to you, in peace.

  1. This sounds wonderful! This isn’t the first time I’ve wished I lived in Phoenix… but I know the heat would be killing me right about now. XD

  2. Just a passing question: If indeed there is no gender in The Kingdom, (neither male nor female), then why would you pursue a specific meeting that focuses solely on women? (I fully grasp that we have equal worth but different roles within marriage. But does this apply as well to The Body of Christ, His Church? Are there seats for women and seats for men in His House, or can we sit together?) And please believe me when I say this is not asked to be snark-a-riffic or confrontational or accusatory! Surely not! But I am hoping you can answer this question. ;)

    Looking forward to your answer(s).

    1. Donald,
      It’s interesting because although Paul says that there is neither male nor female within the Body in Gal 3:28, we do not apply this idea to any other area of life or thinking. Heck, we certainly don’t apply it to the church, as we are told.

      Also, I don’t think what Paul wrote that somehow undermines sexuality. I think Paul is referring to a collective, supernatural unity that can be experienced when Christ is Head, as well as referring to the Oneness we share I Christ. I, personally, do not believe this verse to mean that gender is irrelevant.

      Also, I believe Paul is saying that women are spiritually equal to men. Thus the very idea of a conference geared towards equpping and empowering women very much speak to this idea of spiritual equality. To use a political analogy, equality (which I abhor in the political and social sphere) means the same opportunities available to all people–in this case men and women. (Men have plenty of conferences…and could show up to this one if they so desired).

      More than that, I also know based on experience, that there is something unique and quite palpable when a group of women are gathered. In the same way when only men are gathered…and yet, another beautiful expression of Christ can be had when both men and women gather.

      Lastly, I would say that those of us who are launching this conference are in no way only female focused. We have already discussed opening Prism up to men. Sometimes it’s just easier to start with chicks. ;)

      1. Nicole,

        I am presently working on a response (proper-like) to your above comments. When finished I shall zip back here and post it. I could easily just knock-off a knee-jerk reaction to what you said, but honestly you deserve better than that from me. :)

        Later, gator.

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