Prism Conference and Special Offer

So last week, I announced that I am honored to be a part of Prism Conference, a one-day Spirit-led conference for women by women.

And I want to see YOU there.

If you live in the greater Phoenix area and have considered attending, here’s your chance to attend for a discounted price. I’m excited to offer all Modern Reject readers $5 off the price of admission. Which means you can attend, be filled, equipped, encouraged, and fed some really good food for only 35 bucks.

Here are the deets:

Hop over to this special “Reject” registration page. All the work is done for you and the discount has already been taken off. Oh joy! Just complete the registration process, show up June 29th, and be prepared to get slammed (by the Holy Spirit, of course). The end.

I really hope to see you there. If you registered, please message me or drop me a line so I know, and that way we can make sure to connect at the conference. Can’t wait.

You rock!

P.S. Coupon codes are limited, so be sure to move fast if you’re interested. 

6 thoughts on “Prism Conference and Special Offer”

  1. Good luck to you. Come to CA. We NEED you! Btw, I’m a conservative/constitutionalist who can see how our religious rights are being trampled on. This IS a civil rights issue/time. I’m praying for you and and thanking God for giving you the bravery to speak the truth in a time when NO ONE wants to hear it.

  2. Nicole,

    Take this for what it is worth, but when you have this conference, I believe you need to have everyone remove their shoes. (It’s just an inkling I have.)

    Oh, and by the way, Kirk Cameron just had an ad on TV that told me I needed to get The Geneva Bible, which apparently predates The King James Version, and is God’s Word. I’ll get one if it’s autographed.

  3. Nicole,

    Had a GREAT conversation today with your covenant hubby! I checked online, and round-trip tickets to AZ are about 550 bucks. Just sayin’. :)

    Also, I will be specifically praying for the husbands of the women who will be attending the Prism Conference. I will be asking The Lord to prepare their hearts to receive their wives when they return from Prism. I will be asking The Lord to show the men what a blessing it will be to have wives energized, focused, and committed to Him, and to embrace these blessings like they did when they first struck covenant.

    Talk with ya later, gator.

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