Friday Findings: Asexuals, Introverts, and Scantily Clad Women

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectHoly crap, it’s November. I’ve been excited it’s finally Fall and the holidays are around the corner. What are your favorite things about Fall?

Mine include raiding my kids Halloween stash, eating other people’s delicious seasonal baked goods, and consuming lots of turkey and cranberries. Yeah, it’s all food related. Don’t judge me.

Okay, so onto this week’s Friday Findings:

The people who brought us the Bible on our phones–YouVersion, now has a new Bible app for kids. The homeschooling mom in me is geeked out about this, in fact. Looks like it might pretty good instead of really cheesy like most Christian kid things.

Sonny wrote a great post called When We Were Asexual.” Don’t be fooled by the title either. It’s not what you think and it’s so good.

My husband is a go-getter. You know, one of those people who is full of ideas and then writes down goals and then achieves said goals. He even wrote a personal mission statement. I did not. But this post inspired me to maybe go ahead and write one anyway.

Can an Introvert Really Be a Pastor? The title of this post sort of got me all huffy. “Of course they can! For the millionth time–Introverts like people!” This guy has a different take and while I don’t agree with all of his points, it’s a valuable read.

Rapper Ja Rule Talks About How Hillsong Changed His Life. I wish he had just yelled “Jesus!” but I still love watching stuff like this. God can use any church, any pastor, any believer, any gathering to reach whomever He chooses.

These 20 Photos Are Going to Make You Cry (in a good way). They made me cry, but I’m a big baby so…

I wish this “Open Letter to Professional Church Staff Dudes” from Los really could be sent to churches everywhere. Brilliant.

Man, us moms get it so wrong sometimes. We are always hardest on ourselves, as these kids prove.

Have you guys seen BatDad yet? Because if not, you’re not living.

My favorite from the week. Warning: scantily clad women in lingerie. Totally purposeful and worth it though.

Thoughts? Reactions? Loves? Hates? Go!

8 thoughts on “Friday Findings: Asexuals, Introverts, and Scantily Clad Women”

    1. Me too. I cried. My 5 year old son snuggled up next to me when I was watching it, saw me teary-eyed, and said “I love you too, mom.” More tears.

      That video was a good reminder for me.

    1. You are so welcome, friend! After my blog hiatus, it’s been so good to be back and reading blogs that I enjoy like yours.

      And man, I hear ya on the rough day. Stay home parents unite! Good thing I have Halloween candy to sift through to make myself feel better.

  1. Nicole

    I sure like the 20 pictures you posted. They didn’t make me cry, like you, BUT they touch me because not one of the pictures is just a picture of one person. It’s one person’s love for another, caring for one another…it’s life. What saddens my heart is to think of anyone who IS alone. And then it gets me to thinking about how Jesus always, always care about the ONE soul. He talked with the one person like that one life mattered….and it does. :) :)

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