What it’s Like to be Married to my Husband

A while back, my husband Jonathan, wrote a guest post called “What’s it Like to be Married to Me?” in which he described exactly what being married to me, Nicole, is really like.

Back then I had every intention of surprising Jonathan with a post of my own, telling the world what it’s like being married to him, as well. But, I got busy and I forgot. I dropped the ball and he never received the follow-up post he deserves.

This Saturday, however, happens to be our 6 year anniversary. Hooray! And I thought now would be a great time to tell him (and you, of course) what every day of married life with him feels like.

Grab some tissues. This might get mushy. Being married to my husband is like…

…being on a perpetual vacation. I mean it. The first word that came into my mind when I thought about my married life was “vacation.”

Now, I’m sure that not everyone would share my sentiment, but my own marriage is a relaxing, enjoyable, fun-filled adventure. The reason is solely because of Jonathan.

He does everything in his power, daily, to make me feel loved, encouraged, supported, and appreciated. Did you notice I said “daily?” Yes, we get busy and my husband is as busy, if not more, than any other man, but he never forgets to tell me (and show me) how much I am loved.

Married life with him is, as I mentioned, an adventure. I married an outgoing (to put it mildly), hilarious, energetic, entrepreneur. Being married to an entrepreneur is enough of an adventure, but then you add in the rest, and well…life is never boring.

On vacation, you also enjoy the sites and relax a little. My life is also filled with me watching Jonathan be a great dad to our 3 children. He is hands-on, totally involved, which allows me to rest when I am tired from baby-wrangling. We are a partnership, in the truest sense of the word.

Jonathan also happens to be my biggest fan. If it were not for his support and encouragement, Modern Reject as we know it, would have closed its doors a long time ago. When I often feel like quitting this blog, he spurs me on with shouts from the sidelines while waving a big “You’re #1″ foam finger high in the air.

Being married to Jonathan is also a daily reminder of God’s love. As I’ve said before, I have trouble trusting God at times. I have trouble believing God always has my best intentions in mind. But then I look at Jonathan…and I am ever reminded that God does not only love me, He’s crazy about me. How could He not be, when He gave me a gift as perfect and wonderful as my husband?

So yeah, married life between Jonathan and I is like living in a never-ending vacation. Yes, marriage can be work sometimes, but marrying a Godly, selfless, super-cool man sure does help.

What are your thoughts on marriage? Do you think marriage is great, meh, or you don’t know yet. If you’re not married, what do you imagine it to be like?