Favorite (Blog) Things

Favorite (Blog) Things

Do you remember when you first heard the word “blog’? I can vaguely remember. Someone was discussing politics (one of my favorite pastimes) and I kept hearing them refer to a particular blog. I didn’t want to ask. I had heard the word before but I wasn’t  sure what a “blog” actually was. Weeks later, I started hearing words like “blogosphere”. It was all very confusing.

Here I am, years later, with a blog of my own. I started Modern Reject reluctantly, but now I am fully invested. I love writing here every day and having conversations with all of you.

For those of you who might be new around here, every Friday I share my Favorite Things, which can really be anything that floats my boat. Since Modern Reject just launched with its sleek and pretty new design just last week, I thought, in honor of my new blog design, I would share my Favorite (Blog) Things. This list includes blogs I love to read, blogs I admire, blogging inspiration, and more. I hope you enjoy and, if you aren’t already blogging, maybe after reading this you will change your mind…

Blogs I read for pure joy. I love design and am constantly dreaming about the little things I’d like to add to my house or make with my hands. These blogs give me inspiration, ideas, vision, and show me how to actually make stuff. If I wasn’t writing Modern Reject, I would probably have a blog similar to one of these…



Young House Love

Ana White

The Style Files

My friends’ blogs. My first ever blogging friend was my girl Carrington at Organic Life Love. She gave me encouragement and support. She answered all my beginning blogger questions. She basically rocks. Carrington writes about creating a healthy home, healthy kids, and a healthy marriage. If you ever consider blogging, find a blogging friend. I found Carrington by accident, but it was a great accident.

My friend Karis has a hilarious blog, too, called Candid Motherhood. She is perhaps one of the funniest chicks I know and she brilliantly wraps motherhood up into comic prose. Also, my friend Karen has a blog, with perhaps one of my favorite names around, called Only Sometimes Clever. She is a thoughtful writer and mother of five who shares wisdom, wit, faith, and recipes.

P.S. I am also always on the hunt for new friends, so hit me up and we too could become blogging BFFs.

Favorite (Blog) Things

Blogging how-to-blogs. Since Modern Reject has only been around 5 months, I am constantly reading up on blogging best practices, as well as how to be an effective writer. There are a gazillion resources out there telling you how and what to blog but these are a few of my favorites:

Tent Blogger. This blog was recently launched by John Saddington, also known as Human 3rror. He is also the blogging dude behind ChurchCrunch and is involved with SoChurch (my husband’s company). He is a professional blogger and a Christian. Tent Blogger offers advice on why to start blogging, how to start blogging and more than that, how to make money by blogging. He gives readers challenges on how to improve their own blog, as well. I love that.

ProBlogger. This blog is a beast, in that, it is massive. There is so much information here, from how to build an audience, to blog design, to improving your writing. It is my go-to source for all things blog related.

Smashing Magazine. This blog has a whole slew of information that is beyond my level of comprehension, like coding. But beyond that, Smashing Magazine has some of the most gorgeous blogs on the Internet all lined up and ready for you to view. I spent many a night pouring over their pages as I was redesigning Modern Reject. The inspiration they provide is unparalleled. And if you just enjoy cool graphics and sweet design like I do, than you will want to check this site out.

Blogs that stimulate my brain. When I get a chance to just sit and read a blog, these blogs are always thought-provoking, challenging, stirring, or just plain ‘ole smart. They are secular and Christian blogs with some of my favorite political blogs thrown in, as well. This is a list of  smarty pants blogs:

The Resurgence


Q Blog

Hot Air

Michael Hyatt

As-cool-in-real-life-as-they-are-in-person bloggers. While attending the Catalyst Conference I had the opportunity to meet a few of my favorite bloggers. “Knowing” someone online is one thing, but actually meeting someone face-to-face can sometimes be disappointing. However, I was able to meet these three individuals in person, and let me say that they are even kinder, cooler, and more genuine in person. I already loved their blogs, but now I love them:

Bianca Juarez of In the Name of Love

Alece Ronzino of Grit and Glory

Scott Williams of Big is the New Small

The blogosphere is a whole big world with plenty of uncharted territory. I still don’t know exactly what I am doing but I am having fun while I figure it out. Blogs can provide so much to an individual’s life, whether it is your personal daily blog , a professional news blog, or anything in between. Blogging is definitely here to stay… so throw up your blog gang sign and get your blog on!

Have you ever considered blogging but have never made the jump? What has held you back? Are you currently blogging? I would love to hear about your blog and check it out. Add a link to your blog in the comments and tell me a little bit about yourself.

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26 thoughts on “Favorite (Blog) Things”

  1. I have recently (and we are talking in the last 2 weeks) started blogging. I have journal after journal I’ve intended to fill, but somehow never had the time. Between work and being in school, I’m at my computer all the time, so it just made sense to try the blog thing. (I explain more in my first post…there are only 6 so far, I think…)

    I mostly want to use it to explore the ways I think and feel about things, and how they lead me to the Lord. The cheaper, Christ-centered version of “finding yourself”…hence the name of the blog:


    I’m a newbie at blogging and don’t fully get the bells and whistles for setting it up,etc. So if you check it out and notice something missing..PLEASE tell me.


    1. Dee Dee Let me start by saying that I am no blogging expert by any stretch of the imagination. There are a couple things that I noticed though…

      First, what are you wanting to accomplish with your writing? Who are you trying to reach? Or is this just a personal blog, helping you sort through your daily life?

      Also, I would change your main image, only because a lot of people have that image. If you want to stand out then maybe try something different.

      And add some more info to your about page. When people stumble upon a new blog they who you are. My about page is one of my most read pages, along with 101 random facts about me. Michael Hyatt wrote a great post on up-ing your about page http://bit.ly/a7yUBN

      Your writing is pretty and very visual, since you are artistic. I like that. I found it to be welcoming and inviting in terms of content.

  2. Early 1994. A friend of mine got me into Myspace and said “why aren’t you blogging?” I started blogging and it’s been a roller-coaster ever since. My blog was far more active on Myspace because it was easier to control who did and didn’t read it (plus, you didn’t have to put a real name behind it). I’ve got a new one now called “A Laser Stun Production.” It’s basically me exposing the world for how stupid it is.


    1. Joey, First off, you are hilarious. I don’t know if you are writing just for yourself but more people should see your writing because it is good.

      I really loved the Concerning Job Interview Questions- so smart and witty.

    1. Ryan, I checked out your blog. I dig. I love the grunge look and feel too since that is sorta my style.

      Thanks for sharing. I hope to see more of you around these parts as well.

  3. Hey! Thanks for the shout out. I look forward to connecting in Fee-to-the-Nics. Wait, did I tell you I’m the ultimate nerd? If not, I just proved it.

    Also, hit me up with your designers info. I SO need a blog re-do! It’s feeling as flat as my hair in humid weather. Help.

    1. I had to read Fee-to-the-Nics twice, before I got it…but I got it. :) Umm and there is no shame, I am a nerd too just in disguise as a normal girl.

      My designer is Jon Ashcroft. His site is, no surprise, http://jonashcroft.com/. He mostly does print design but is moving more into web.

      P.S. I like your blog design, although you see it everyday, so I understand. It’s like a pair of shoes in the closet, still cute, still wearable but sometimes a girl just wants to buy a new pair. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! See you in AZ.

    1. Josh, I’m glad to know you are moving more into the serious direction with your blog. You have some great content. I stop by. Sorry I don’t comment. I’ll try and do that more. And you have such a great blog name!

      I’m still learning too. I’ve only been doing this for 5 months. Weird. It feels like 2 years. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

      Thanks for reading and supporting MR too. You rock!

  4. Great post, Nicole! You turned me on to some sweet blogs that I hadn’t had a chance to read yet. I really enjoy TentBlogger and In the Name of Love!

    P.S. Your site is pretty sweet as well! :)

  5. Hopefully sometime this weekend I can get a minute and go through your favorite sites! This is my absolute favorite thing- to get recommendations on sites- love it!

    Thank you for your sweet words, I adore you!

  6. I’ve been blogging for years at Comma Dot Comma but for the past several months the blog has become mainly a baby blog since all my family and most of my friends live far, far away from their only granddaughter/niece/child of friend. I want to change my theme– I have a friend who updates all that stuff for me and gives me server space, but I usually try not to bug him.

    1. I wish I had blogged as my children were born. It would be so wonderful to have a record of their first little experiences, and mine as well.

      I love your blog description:on the omphaloskepsis bandwagon. You have a unique wisdom and wit in your writing. I like it very much.

  7. I have always dreamed of travelling the world volunteering and blogging about it. Several things have kept us from actually doing it but I am not giving up on my dream.


    1. I could so see you doing that! Have you ever heard of the blog by Chris Guillebeau called The Art of Nonconformity: Unconventional Strategies for Life, work, and Travel? http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/

      It is an awesome blog (I should have added it to my list). He quit working to travel around the world and create change through volunteering. He tells people how to do the same and challenges the staus quo thinking of needing a 9 to 5, to live.

      Also check out Timoth Ferris’s site. He is author of the 4 Hour Work Week, and helps inspire and guide people to work less and pursue their lifelong dreams. http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/

      I will be one of your biggest fans and readers when you get there. It is an awesome dream, don’t give it up!

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    I come from milan, I was fortunate to find your website in digg
    Also I learn a lot in your topic really thank your very much i will come again

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