(Un)Favorite Things

(Un) Favorite Things

Today, as some of you may know is my 5 year wedding anniversary. And how would I happen to be spending today, you may ask, to celebrate? I am having oral surgery. That’s right, like any sane girl, I am getting knocked out, cut open, and then stitched up as a way to celebrate 5 years of love and bliss. So today’s Favorite Things Friday, is actually a list of some of the things that really are not my favorite–the things that bug me, irk me, or I find just plain ‘ole annoying. Here are my (Un)Favorite Things for Friday…Doing dishes. Yes, this is an obvious one, but I seriously hate doing dishes. I would have slipped a “no- dish washing” clause into my wedding vows if I could have.

Shaggy hair. One thing I absolutely love in life is the feeling of your hair right after a haircut. It is a glorious feeling. One thing I really dislike, however,is the shaggy haircut I was rocking just a day ago (see my video from yesterday). It is the haircut that is about two weeks over due for another haircut.¬†Even Brad Pitt looks bad with the shag. I rectified my shaggy ‘do yesterday, however, with a trip to the salon. <Sigh> I feel so much better.

(Un)Favorithe Things

Dentists. Since I am going to the oral surgeon today, dentists are on my mind. Who really likes the dentist? I feel so bad for them. They have to work extra hard to have people like them since they are naturally working from a deficit. No one likes to introduce themselves at a cocktail party as a “dentist”.

Laundry. As soon as I had children, somehow the amount of laundry exponentially grew to the laundry equivalent of that of a small village. Dirty clothes stalk me at home. They pile up on floors, hide behind bedroom doors and then jump out and bury me just as I am trying to leave the house. Laundry sucks.

Liberals. Yes, I said it. I don’t like Liberals. I don’t dislike them as people. I still love them as my neighbors because Jesus says I should. But obviously, politically and socially speaking, I disagree with them greatly. Their emotive and irrational thinking confounds me daily. I yell at the television, for instance, if ever I happen to see Keith Olberman’s face. If you ever want to see me riled up, turn on Olberman and watch the obscenities fly (not really, I mean, I love Jesus and have little kids, but I would so cuss at him if I could…)

(Un) Favorite Things

Waiting in line. If you happen to like waiting in line, introduce yourself to me. You may be the only person on the planet who does.

Anything lukewarm. This one happens to be a weird idiosyncrasy of mine. If I order food or a drink that is suppose to be hot, I like it to be scorching hot–burn-your-tongue and boil-your-skin hot. I have sent back food and asked for it to be “hotter.” Weird, I know, and a little high-maintenance, I admit it. Lukewarm food, however, leaves me feeling ill.

Lack of sleep. As a mom, lack of sleep, at least in the early years, is to be expected. I just happen to really love sleeping in general, though, and consider napping a passtime. I could nap everyday if people would let me, but alas, a 4 year-old and 2 year-old I know will have no such thing.

One uppers. You know these people. They one-up you in conversation. It seems like these folks should be an urban myth. No one really one-ups, but I know a few. I have seen this elusive yet annoying creature in the wild, up close, and personal. They are scary, and selfish, and completely unaware. Proceed with caution.

Gluten. Here’s the thing. I actually love gluten (have I ever mentioned my secret love affair with donuts?) but sadly, gluten does not love me back. I started eating gluten-free to help relieve my migraines and other mysterious symptoms. Much to my dismay, it actually helped. I was so sad to know that the things I love to eat actually make me sick. I haven’t totally given up gluten (although I should) because I just care way too much about cakes, cookies, and the like.

Kids without a nap. Enough said.

My list could go on and on (maybe that’s a bad thing). But I will restrain myself and instead turn the question over to you. Make me smile today as my cheek is swollen and the Percocet is kicking in. Share with me… What are some of your very (Un)Favorite Things? What stuff bugs you, annoys you, or drives you crazy? Go ahead, get it off your chest…

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  1. This was a hilarious post! I look forward to your Fav things posts. In addition to your 1-uppers I can’t stand interrupters. Just let someone finish their story for goodness sake. They too are not aware that they do this.

    Also can’t stand story-stealers. I caught one red-handed the other day. There she was just telling my story as if it were her own, getting laughs and everything. Unfortunately I could not call her out on it as she is my boss, president of my comany in fact. I just stood there dumbfounded. I felt so violated. Ha ha!

    1. Interrupters are so annoying and you know who are masters of interrupting? children. nothing like a 4 year old to break your stride.

      And dude, i was nodding my head as I was reading your comment about story-stealers. They are the worst! They may even be more elusive than one-uppers because they are essentially bold-faced lying. Love your comment!

  2. I have to check the “like” button on all of these! Well, except maybe the Gluten thing, but I’ll unlike it for you!

    I had to laugh at laundry exponentially growing… how does it do that? They are SUCH little people?

    I definitely know a few “one uppers”. No matter what you say, they know a better way, live a better way, or in general are just always better than you! Gotta Love that feeling when you end a conversation like that… lol Not.

    I also like my extremes…. If it’s supposed to be hot, Lukewarm isn’t acceptable… And when it’s supposed to be COLD? Must be COLD. This is why i ask for extra ice at starbucks. Hmmm, luke warm expresso? uck… must be HOT, meaning HOT or COLD, not mildy iced. hee hee

    Liberals… ahhhh you know me, we don’t have to go there. Love them as people but cannot quite grasp the mindset. Not even a little.

    Hmmm something to add to the list? Clutter. I HATE clutter yet live with it daily. Working, little kids, husbands, ME….. How to control it consistently? Boy have I tried, but this Demon always comes back… lurking around my household. I just LOVE when the counters are all clean and everything is fresh!

    One more “unfavorite” is when you explain to people something is important to you in your life and they continuously mock it or find it unimportant and are basically unsupportive. We’ll call it lack of listening and acceptance or choosing to always feel what you think is best for you is best for everyone.

    Enjoy the Percocet and have a fabulous day! Go crazy and add a little caffeine ;)

    1. I agree on the clutter! Hate it and try to weed it out of my house. Jonathan likes it less than me, so that helps.

      As for people mocking you about something important in your life…that is just plain uncool and mean. Get rid of those people. I love you!

  3. 1. Partasian politics. You get democrat or democrat-lite (GOP) these days, and not a third party with a chance in sight.

    2. Country music.
    3. Car insurance companies.
    4. Banks.
    5. Laundry (have to use a laundromat).
    6. Ironing.
    7. Being video-taped.
    8. People who think they know everything. They really annoy those of us that actually do. Highly intelligent people such as myself who actually do know everything never talk about it, because we know enough about the world to understand that we don’t know anything at all. As Solomon said “With much wisdom comes much sorrow.”
    9. First dates. They’re as bad as job interviews.
    10. Job interviews, they’re as bad as first dates.
    11. Women obsessing over half a dress size and starving themselves with 100 calorie packs (made of pure air) in order to lose two hole pounds. The nice thing about being a superficial male is that I can’t tell the difference between a size two and a size four (and I really don’t know what that means anyway).
    12. Public health bogeymen. In my lifetime, I’ve seen cigarettes, junk food, soda, and cell phones targeted. Meanwhile, my grandpa’s friends are all 90, eat 3 bacon sandwiches a day, and smoke like a chimney.

    1. Joey, thank you for making me laugh with your list. You brought a half-smile to my face (only half because i am still numb from my surgery)

      #8 is awesome, as is #9 & 10.Gosh it’s so true….

      And I am so down with bacon 3 times a day. It counts as a multi-vitamin in my world.

  4. Well, I bet my list is pretty obvious.
    1. Computers that don’t work.
    2. Internet companies who blame your computer even though you know dern well that it’s not the computer, it’s the network.
    3. Mental illness.
    4. Immature bratty boys who use their mental illness to walk out on their wife and children, and act like toddlers again.
    5. Being alone.
    6. Things that go bump in the night, terrifying me.
    7. having to get a job when I’d rather stay home with my kids.
    8. cell phone companies. Why do we agree to pay $100 a month for a cell when our house phone would cost us $30 for the same unlimited stuff? Is it worth it to be able to call anyone anytime?
    9. Reading the last book in a series and being sad
    10. Lack of sleep is a big one for me too
    11. migraines — had them for years now and no dr can fix it, no fun.
    12. drs. Why can they transplant a face and triple a breast size but not fix a migraine sufferer?
    13. Did I mention mental illness?

    1. I agree with so much of your list Ade.

      Bumps in the night are terrible. They always seem to happen
      the most when my husband is gone, of course.

      Doctors not being able to help people with migraines… Don’t get
      me started. U have wasted time and money. God has given me more
      help and direction than my neurologist.

      And as for #4, I hope that is not your current situation. I pray for you
      often. You really enter my mind regularly Ade.

      Thank you for sharing your list. Sometimes commiserating can be good

    1. Bradley, I know… I’m so sorry. I don’t dislike liberals, like I said. I just think so differently. Maybe saying I dislike Liberalism would be more appropriate. But we can still be friends, you and I. Let’s let our love of Christ, not our policy positions determine our friendship.

      I hope you don’t stop diggin MR though cuz I dig you!

      P.S. Despite all that, I may still try and convert you over to my side but only because I care so much! he he… ;)

  5. My pet peeve is people who drive slooooooow in the fasssssssssst lane. Come on….do you want me to cause an accident?

  6. Wait – one more – auto-renewal for things you thought you were only buying ONCE and then they pop up on your bank statement and tick you off.

    Oh, just thought of another one: calling into your bank, credit card, anywhere and hearing a litany of “options” when really all you want is a live person. Then, when you get the live person, English is NOT their native tongue and they just read from a script about some incentive you need to add. Nothing gets my blood pressure rising faster than this…..urgh!

    1. So with you on the slow drivers in the fast lane!

      And automated phone systems drive me crazy too. A recording can only help you so much. I prefer the days of customer service, not automated service via a machine.

      Great comments Pawla! Thanks for adding them!

  7. Hey Nicole, it’s been a long time!

    I recently started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (gluten/grain/dairy/sugar free), because I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I’ve been using almond flour and honey and have been able to make some AWEsome baked yummy goodness. Thus far it’s been a variety of muffins, bread, a cheesecake, homemade yogurt, pancakes and a few other things. But there are a lot of great options to try. If you are looking for something specific, I can see what I can come up with and send the recipe your way?

    And…I can’t believe you and Jon have been married five years already! Happy Anniversary! It doesn’t feel like your wedding was that long ago. I love your new tattoos, I’ve had a few friends do the same on their anniversaries, it’s a cute idea.

    How’s your mouth feeling? I need a root canal. :( Teeth problems are not fun!

    Glad to see you’re doing well otherwise!

    1. Hi Ashley!

      Long time indeed. I’m sorry about your diagnosis but I do know folks who have been able to keep Crohn’s well under control through a gluten free diet.

      I’m always on the look out for recipes, so thanks. I quit gluten about 8-9 months ago so I definitely went through the craving of breads. I then broke down and decided to start baking everything on my own.

      I know 5 years, feels like yesterday huh? I hope you are well and enjoying life away from AZ! I hope to see you around here more often too. Thanks for the comment and wishes!

    1. Erin,
      I have used Karen’s recipes before. Her not-good-for-you but gluten free biscuits are my favorite! Yum, yum.

      Karen actually helped me out a lot when I started. She is a great resource for all things gf. Thanks for thinking of me!

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