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Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I am admittedly still coming down from my sweet potato high. Today, however, I am home with my bambinos, baking, and relaxing. The hubster, unfortunately, has to work today on this little thing he started.

On a holiday weekend, one of my favorite things to do is read–books, magazines, catalogs, and even my favorite blogs. If you are relaxing today and have a chance to catch up on some reading, I thought I’d share some of my favorite blog posts from other blogs over the last week or so. Make a leftover turkey sandwich,  put on your Snuggie, curl up with your laptop, and read away.

Here are my Favorite (Posts) for Friday…

Michael Hyatt, The Incarnational Principle of Leadership: Hyatt is CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing (all those Bibles and almost every christian book). He writes about “intentional leadership.” This post got Jonathan and I talking about our marriage. It is candid, honest, and so worthwhile.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, The Big “O”: I love love this post. I wish I had written it. I won’t spoil the surprise. Just read it and know that I want to be Jamie when I grow up.

Information is Beautiful, Peak Break-Up Time on Facebook: Are you in a dating relationship? Are you trying to avoid breaking up? Try this info graphic on for size. It is, as my 4 year old would say, “…ilarious.”

Rachel Held Evans, Did Anne Frank Go to Hell?: Okay, clearly this post is dealing with heady subject matter. I tend to disagree quite often with Rachel Held Evans, however, I still enjoy reading her. She is thoughtful, intelligent, and a great writer. This post is short, but the comments following the post are the real meat. If you enjoy a good theological debate, take a bite. You may need to chew on it for a bit, though.

Real Zest: This is a blog that I just stumbled upon last week. It’s called Real Zest: Women Who Think. I’m not sure what their whole gist is yet, but they write about relationships, family, parenting, and the like. There is some really good, fresh, and interesting content, though. I’m looking forward to reading more this weekend.

Candid Motherhood, Be Still: A Memoir: Karis is my friend, but I’m not recommending her post because of that. I’m asking that you read this post if you have ever felt alone, felt unsure, felt abandoned, felt hopeless, felt guilty, felt depressed, felt despair, felt that you needed God to show up in a big way. Just read it, please.

Unreasonable Faith, The Legend of Tokyo Rose: This is from one of the atheist blogs that I read. Every once in a while an atheist blog ruffles my feathers and I am made to feel on the offensive, but mostly they make me think. They challenge me to better understand my own faith. This post is eye-opening and thought provoking and draws comparisons (although not explicitly stated) to Christianity and its “storytelling.”

So there are my Favorite (Post) Things for Friday. I hope you find some great things to read among this list. If you do, please share with me in the comments.

Also, what are some of your favorite blogs to read? What gets you excited—politics, design, sports, fashion, theology, news? Share with me and I’ll hopefully find some great new stuff to read as well.

5 thoughts on “Favorite (Post) Things”

  1. So, being the exhausted bum that I am, I only read a few. And I’d like to say, first. It’s nice to see people who still love each other in this world, even if it’s a bit sad and sappy for me.
    And two, nice to know I go against the norm even in being dumped, since yours truly was ditched on the way home from out 7 day family vacation in August, which is the most off time there is.
    And Nicole, even though this has NOTHING to do with this subject, one day I’d love your take, from a Christian perspective, on what happens now, in terms of my quasi-relationship. If you’re not comfy posting about this, maybe I could email you?

  2. Blogs: Most of them I have in RSS feeds, and I won’t post the links here, because, well, I’m at work and don’t want to take the time. :)


    1. Modern Reject. Read it all the time!
    2. Relevant Magazine RSS feed. Lots of fun stories about faith and culture
    3. On the Square, from First Things magazine. It’s a Catholic magazine about faith and culture, too, but with deeper topics and more “reverence” than Relevant mag.
    4. Mashable. I get my tech fix from them.
    5. Tumblr: I follow a bunch of different “threads” on there, too many to mention.

    That’s the short list! :)


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